Our Members

Clifford Robert Besson

Brother Besson is our Director. He was encouraged by God, his friends of the Canadian League of Rights, and dire political circumstances, to start doing something to awaken the people of Winnipeg about what was going on behind the scenes politically.  So in January 1980, Mrs. Julie Manders and Cliff Besson, both of Winnipeg, started the Freedom Canada weekly community television program. After some years the name was changed to Truth and Light and Mrs. Manders and her husband Sid moved to British Columbia. Cliff then carried on the program alone but by 1986, with the help of other friends, the Truth and Light program developed into Truth and Light Ministries Inc. The above picture was taken about January or February 2011.

For about nineteen years, Cliff worked as a missionary amongst the natives in north-western Ontario at a number of Indian Reservations (I. R.) or First Nations and in native churches in places like Sioux Lookout, Balmertown, Savant Lake, Sandy Lake (I. R.), Whitefish Bay (I. R.), New Osnaburgh (I. R.), and one or more other places.

At times, Cliff has worked at the Lighthouse Mission in Winnipeg, gone door to door, given out Gospel tracts, prayed for the sick,  distributed food and other needed items to the poor, and lately, been working on some writing projects. He also has been ministering amongst the Metis and natives in the Camperville-Pine Creek First Nations area, especially at the First Apostolic Church in Camperville, Manitoba that was started by Pastor John Bone more than thirty years ago.

Reverend Wilhelm Janzen

Rev. Janzen is our Assistant Director who helped brother Cliff Besson keep the ministry going when he and brother Fred McClellan moved to Ethelbert, Manitoba. Cliff had been helping brother Janzen with his Interdenominational Revival Program Inc. (IRP Inc.) for about twenty years as their treasurer and park ministry director at Memorial Park, Winnipeg, while brother Janzen went over seas as a missionary to Africa, India, Pakistan, Cuba, and the Philippines.  Through his Gospel tract ministry, his evangelistic crusades, his training of converts and pastors, and his efforts at starting new churches, there are now possibly twenty churches that were started over seas, either directly or indirectly through his ministry for God and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Brother Janzen, used to sing and play his accordion at the Lighthouse Mission in Winnipeg, Manitoba and at some churches in Winnipeg. He is now, in September 2017, about eighty-five years old and lives in a Personal Care Home on Molson Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Brother Frederick Melville McClellan (deceased)

Our former treasurer

Brother Fred had been going to church since he had been a child, ever since someone started to bring him to a Sunday School at a United Church in Galt, Ontario. He started to read the Bible when he was about ten years old and had been reading and studying ever since. Fred went on to be with his Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus on 30 January 2011 at 6:20 p. m. at 94 years old. In May or June of 2005 he came down with prostrate cancer. After spending nearly three weeks in hospitals (Dauphin and Brandon), Fred was sent home to die but in answer to prayer, God had Henry Klassen of Boissevain Manitoba give Cliff Besson, his partner, a super diet against cancer and tumors. This diet checked the flow of blood and gradually killed the cancer cells while he followed the diet.

Mainly because of this diet, Fred was doing great. His doctor was quite surprised that he was doing so good, especially at his age.of 88 to about 92. For more information on this diet and for special recipes in order to stay cancer free, see our Health page for information on obtaining the book and diet plan of Colonel Joe Hart.

Brother Fred had been helping Cliff with his ministry in Ethelbert, in Camperville, and at Garland, Manitoba. He was one of our good prayer warriors and gospel tract distributors. God only knows how many have come to know Jesus through the hundreds of gospel tracts that he distributed in Dauphin, Ethelbert, and other towns and cities in Canada.

Our dear brother Fred passed away, cancer free but with kidney failure when he was about ninety-four and a half (94.5) years. In other words he died of old age when God decided his work was done on Earth;

Sister Anne

Our sister Anne and Cliff Besson met at a church in Dauphin a few years ago and they have been good friends ever since. Anne enjoys lively gospel singing and likes to visit the shut ins. A few years ago Anne and Cliff started Truth and Light’s New Testament Church which held services on Saturdays, the seventh day of the week, at 2 p. m. to 4 p. m. at the Chapel of the Dauphin Regional Hospital, Dauphin, Manitoba. This then we have discontinued these services.

Anne offered to be our treasurer shortly after Frederick McClellan passed away, and has been of great help setting up our church services, reads devotionals and has even helped to run our video camera.

Anne is also the proud mother of one daughter Jasmine and her son-in-law Jeff and her two grand-children Tristan, who will be four in April, 2011.and Tessa, who will be one in April, 2011. At the moment, she is single.

Photos of Clifford Besson and  Rev.Wilhelm Janzen at his former residence in Winnipeg.
on April 29, 2006.     Below is  Clifford Besson at Chapel at Dauphin Hospital in 2011 or 2012.
Clifford Besson at Chapel Clifford Besson at Camperville
Cliff Besson ministering in a Metis Apostolic church of Senior Pastor Gertie Bone (deceased Sept. 29, 2007) and Assistant Pastor Lorne Bone  (wife Alice Susan Bone) in Camperville, Manitoba. Church founded in 1968 by Pastor John Bone (deceased).   
Below is  Frederick McClellan on his 90th birthday on 7 August 2006 in Ethelbert, Manitoba. Fred passed away 30 Jan. 2011 at 94.


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