Cancer: The Cure is in Food/Hart dietary Procedure Plan

Excerpts from the above book by Col. Joe Hart

Published by Angels of Life – Publisher, 390 Ryan Rd., Pea Ridge. AR 72751

out of print now seeing Col Hart died about two years ago (most likely in his nineties)

Compiled by Clifford Besson


Safe Foods

Safe foods to eat to get good amounts of Oxalic Acid which is God’s Natural Chemotherapy for it is good for killing cancer, virus, bacteria, and vascular diseases. It is also one of the best coagulants, that is, it speeds up clotting of blood ( Monday, May 08, 1939). See the complete article at .


Fruits and Vegetables

Carrot, brewed tea, spinach, stewed rhubarb. Swiss chard, cocoa powder, green pepper, black pepper, Nescafe Instant Coffee, soybean crackers, pecan, roasted peanuts, parsley (fresh), mustard greens, chocolate (dark), boiled beetroot, grape juice, plums, beets, garlic, yams, black tea, peas, minestrone, chives, wheat germ, sprouts, Escarole, onion, walnuts, kale currants, peppers (red & yellow), radishes, amaranth, cassava, gooseberries, wheat bran, eggplant, watercress, snap beans, pokeweed, nuts & peanuts, dandelion greens, Concord Grapes, celery, strawberries, blackberries, orange peel, peas, endive, soy, currants, collard greens, green beans, okra, Brussels Sprouts, carob powder, leeks, sweet potatoes, lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, lemon peel, plums, cilantro, broccoli, summer squash, turnip greens.



Lamb; Chicken, turkey, or Beef Hot Dogs; Chicken thighs and drumsticks; Turkey; Beef, Chicken or Turkey sausage (check for citric acid content); Pastrami (6 ounce portion per week); Fish; Fatty Bacon (3 slices per week) (Note this is the only exception for pork).


Meat Alternatives

Soy Meat-Flavored and Cheese Products (not calcium enriched); Eggs; Peanut Butter; Nuts; Beans/Legumes


Not Safe: Avoid these Blockers

Avoid these Blockers which destroy the effectiveness of Oxalic Acid

1.    Citric Acid; 2. Free Calcium as in Cow Milk, Milk Products and Calcium Supplemented Foods; 3. Exposure to high levels of Electric Magnetic fields; 4. Foods high in Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) such as pork and white meat of chicken and turkey; 5. Alcohol


2.    Note there is an exception to the Citric Acid food warning for there are many cancer fighting factors in lemons (whole lemons with the rind, pulp, and seeds [suggestion first wash and then to add to many meals: freeze and then grind or scrape with food preparation tools and add to other foods or use food processors to make juice and cut up pulp of everything of the Lemons]. Similar use could be made of grapefruits and limes as well. Just don’t add actual citric acid to your meals or in the preparation of any of your foods.

(According to lemons are very good for treating cancer (their radio talk show on 17 April 2018).



If one gets sore kidneys from perhaps too much Oxalic Acid, take a 100 milligram tablet of vitamin B6 in a glass of water and the pain should go away.


My friend, Fred McClennon came down with prostrate cancer in the spring when he was 88 years old. Upon finding from the Dauphin and Brandon hospitals that he had cancer he went on the above diet. A year later there was no sign of cancer. He then went on to live till he was 94 years when he died of old age with kidney problems.


 Health Tips for Burns
by Clifford Besson

This is amazing knowledge for any of us but especially for those who have little kids to look after!

Impressive! Why did we never hear of this before??!! I've always just run it under the cold water tap.

A woman's experience with burns . . ..

Some time ago I was cooking some corn and stuck my fork in the boiling water to see if the corn was ready. I missed and my hand went into the boiling water.... A friend of mine, who was a Vietnam vet, came into the house, just as I was screaming, and asked me if I had some plain old flour... I pulled out a bag and he stuck my hand in it. He told me to keep my hand in the flour for 10 minutes which I did. He said that in Vietnam, there was a guy on fire and in their panic, they threw a bag of flour all over him to put the fire out...Well, it not only put the fire out, but he never even had a blister!!!!

... Long story short, I put my hand in the bag of flour for 10 mins, pulled it out and did not even have a red mark or a blister and absolutely NO PAIN. Now, I keep a bag of flour in the fridge and every time I burn myself. *Cold flour feels even better than room temperature flour.

I use the flour and have never ONCE had I ever had even a red spot/burn mark, or a blister! I even burnt my tongue once, put the flour on it for about 10 minutes ... The pain was gone and no burn.

Try it . . . Experience a miracle! Keep a bag of flour in your fridge and you will be happy you did!

BTW, don't run your burn area under cold water first, just put it directly into the flour for 10 minutes. (This site says use cold water first) (So does this site)

I believe someone sent the above tip for burns via an email to me a few years ago. I think it is good advice but I would use whole wheat floor instead after cooling the burns with cold water for about twenty minutes or so.


Medicine: New Coagulant Monday, May 08, 1939

Last week Chemists Arthur Steinberg & William Redman Brown of Philadelphia's Kensington Hospital for Women proudly set out for Toronto to tell the American Physiological Society about their amazing new discovery: oxalic acid for rapid coagulation of blood. But when the young chemists got to Toronto, they were scientifically hissed & booed. Reason: oxalic acid, a common cleaning fluid and ink remover, is used by physicians in a derivative form to prevent coagulation of blood for transfusions. It was impossible, said the scoffing physiologists for an anticoagulant to produce coagulation.

Undaunted, Drs. Steinberg & Brown invited the meeting to the University of Toronto laboratories where they bled a rabbit. Without oxalic acid the rabbit's blood coagulated in ·two minutes, 29 seconds. With oxalic acid, the blood coagulated in one minute, 29 seconds. But still the skeptical scientists claimed that oxalic acid was poisonous. Dr. Brown promptly rolled up his sleeve, displayed an arm pockmarked from hundreds of injections, brandished a hypodermic needle. When no one volunteered to give him an injection of the acid, he gave himself a standard dose, thus convinced his timid colleagues that the acid was harmless. What he was unable to say, however, was why pure oxalic acid produced the opposite effect of the derivative form.

Several years ago Drs. Steinberg & Brown learned that oxalic acid is present in small. quantities in normal blood. ln the last three years they have injected standard, three-milligram doses of oxalic acid into the veins of almost 1,000 persons who suffered from excessive bleeding due to such varied conditions as hemophilia, gastric ulcers, childbirth, jaundice and kidney and lung infections. ln every case bleeding stopped within five minutes, the normal coagulating time, even though the patients had been bleeding as long as two hours. ln many cases bleeding ceased within 45 seconds of injection. Oxalic acid thus appeared likely to supplant snake venom, sterol (solid alcohol) and other makeshift coagulants, likely to save thousands of lives every year.

See the use of this ''New Coagulant" in the Hart Dietary Procedure Plan book to kill cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, treat vascular diseases and stop the bleeding in cancer patients. See http://www.!Health.html#anchor 36 or http://tlresearch.homestead. com/Heal th.html.

Note: milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, calcium fortified food products, too much vitamin B6 supplements or meat with same (pork, white meat of poultry), alcohol, citric acid, microwave cooking, and strong electric or magnetic fields destroy the benefits of oxalic acid at its ability to kill pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses and of speeding up the processes of coagulating blood that contacts air.

T & L Research, P. 0. Box 79, Ethelbert, Manitoba, Canada R0L 0T0 Phone 204-742-3770 or and see


And some of the latest Developments in the Science of Healing

1. Eat vegetables and fruit raw or crunchy as much as possible as heat kills vitamins and enzymes(1) and use the water that the food was soaked or cooked in for a soup base or for a beverage. Use soup flavouring bouillon cubes or powders to fortify the soup base.
2. Eat less processed meats and other highly processed foods like white bread and white flour products, in other words the way God prepared them is often the best way. Other processed foods to avoid is almost everything white or bleached, like white sugar, white salt, white rice. Try to eat things in their natural but clean state.
3. Canned salmon, mackerel, tuna, cod, and sardines are very good. Because of the possibility of mercury in fish though, especially the tuna, only have one serving of tuna a week (according to one scientist on television lately (May 2002)).
4. Do not buy or use milk as a beverage--use juice, vegetable or fruit juice drinks, herbal teas, coffee substitutes, and purified water, for many children over 4.5 years and adults are allergic to dairy products. Dr. John McDougall, M. D. says, "Milk may interfere with the body's immune system. Dairy foods have been implicated in the development of a cancer called Hodgkins' disease." And skin rashes such as dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea and hives. (All from a health magazine article).
5. Cut down on other dairy products, such as ice cream, cream, yogurt, and cheese. Butter though is a good source for vitamin A and therefore good to have, in fact it is said to be safer and healthier than the man-made bread spreads of margarine. We can often get enough calcium from meat and vegetables, unless we drink lots of diuretics like regular tea and coffee that will flush the calcium away. Note too, that the cows get their calcium from vegetables and grains. We should be able to too. Besides that, calcium is certainly not the only mineral we need. Some other important ones are iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and copper. We need actually about 92 essential nutrients.
6. After about ten years of intense farming in any area that does not get repeated flooding, as in a delta area like lower Egypt, much of the important trace elements or minerals get depleted so that the nutritional value of the food gets badly lowered. Unless we therefore fortify our health with good sources of trace elements, our bodies will break down in health. Therefore use kelp powder in a salt shaker and use it instead of salt. Do not sprinkle too heavy though. Celtic Sea Salt is another good product, especially the grayish type that they say is for animals. That is true but it is also the best for us human animals. It has lots of magnesium in it, which makes it a little bitter but much better for our nerves and other health needs.
7. If one has heart trouble, the Doctor Shutes of southern Ontario recommended that we should take at least 1225 i. u. of vitamin E per day. The cheaper vitamin E capsules are usually just as good as the most expensive but you have to take twice as much in order to get the same useable amount of vitamin E.
8. Another good beverage to take is tea of molasses, made up of one tablespoon of cooking or blackstrap molasses and a half-cup of boiling water. Drink it while hot for better digestion of this food supplement.(2)
9. It is also suggested that we drink eight to ten glasses of purified water that has been magnetized in a North Pole force field. This can be done through having magnets set up properly on your water pipes or through setting a none metallic water jug filled with water, on a large magnet with the North Pole facing up. These efforts then change the structure of minerals in the water from a scattered chaotic jagged system to minerals that are more streamlined. This can be seen with microscopes. They are then less likely to jam up or clog up things in the blood and lymphatic systems of our bodies. (Lyon Legacy International Product Catalog, 2001, page 24). It has also been found that cancer and apparently many other diseased organisms cannot exist in a strong North magnetic field (from Lew Lyon Radio program).
10. Eat eggs with soft yokes in order to get the live lecithin for better nerves and to help keep the cholesterol in circulation.(3) If one eats eggs with soft yokes, one can safely eat one or more a day without fear of cholesterol problems from eggs. Cooking the eggs to the point that the yoke becomes a solid kills the emulsifying lecithin that keeps cholesterol in solution. Another source for lecithin is soybeans.
11. Alfalfa and tea made from it is a good source for trace elements and minerals that are often not found in plants that have shallow roots. Sometimes the alfalfa roots will go down ten feet or more and therefore get minerals untouched by other plants that have been depleting the trace mineral supply in the top 30 centimeters of soil during the last hundred years or more.
12. Garlic and onions are also good for clearing up many ailments, especially garlic. If one has difficulty taking garlic or is afraid of offending others with the smell, one should try garlic capsules or tablets. For often in these, the odour producing part has been removed without loss of the great healing properties of the garlic. Check books in health food stores on these foods. Also buy a book on herbs and you will find that even the dandelion is good for you. Some spices have great healing properties as well.
13. For a good sweetener, use dark brown sugar or honey, none pasteurized if you can get it. Honey is a very beneficial food, as it has amino acids, vitamin B-complex, vitamins C, D, and E, plus some minerals. It is also a good antiseptic.
14. Do not use artificial sweeteners that contain Aspartame, otherwise you will probably get Aspartame Disease, according to researcher Dr. James Tabor, Ph.D. Aspartame also goes by the names of NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.
In Australia, it is banned. This surprised an American handicapped man who had to use a wheel chair. He went down there for about two weeks about one or two years ago. While there he was upset that he could not get his favourite diet drinks. He then had to drink other kinds of drinks without Aspartame. During those two weeks, he discovered he did not need the wheel chair after-all. Apparently the Aspartame made him a cripple.
According to Dr. Tabor, when Aspartame gets warmer than 86° F., the methanol or wood alcohol breaks down to formaldehyde and then to formic acid (the same poison found in the sting of fire ants). This then causes metabolic acidosis. This methanol toxicity causes similar symptoms as MS. Many people have therefore been diagnosed wrongly and then die from it. Other symptoms of Aspartame Disease are as follows: "fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss." (from a flyer distributed by The Wolfe Clinic).
15. Hydrogen peroxide is great for killing infections such as Athlete's Foot problem and cold sores. See books at health food stores on taking it internally to burn and kill cancers, aids, and other types of diseases. Ozone works similarly, because of its extra oxygen atom which wants to react and oxidize anything that it might touch, such as iron to rust.(4)
16. A good book on looking after your own ailments is The Biochemic Handbook. This book is on the amazing most prominent salts of our tissues of our body, such as brain tissue, skin tissue, nerves, bones, etc. It is about twelve of the most prominent ones such as calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, etc.(5) It is almost unbelievable as to how many ailments are affected by imbalances of just these twelve salts. A few examples are acne, hang nails, twitching, sneezing, poor circulation, pneumonia, and sleeplessness. Just work out what salts are out of balance, take the correct ones and the correct amount and almost always your troubles go away within minutes to days. Do not take too much though or they may prolong the trouble and may cause other problems associated with the same salt.
17. Note that if in doubt about anything mentioned in this research paper, please check with a doctor (preferably with a Naturopathic physician), health books or call us. Make a good change for the better for at least ten (10) days or more but compare your health daily. Note the story in Daniel 1:12ff of the Holy Bible, for possibly the first recorded food experiment in history and of its amazing results. It shows the difference between eating fancy food and drink such as the rich food and drinks of the kings or of royalty, compared to eating just pulse [actually the word in the Hebrew means seeds, meaning vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, but most likely seeds of grains] and plain water. Six weeks may be necessary to see any good improvements in cases whereby one has been chronically sick for weeks or months or longer. Differences in food quality and in one's own preparation of the food and supplements and in the original state of ones poor health, will all be factors in the speed and course of your recovery or improvement. From our own experimentation and of hearing the results of others though and from the literature we have studied over the last forty-three years or so, there should be definite improvements in a matter of just a few days, weeks or less.
18. Just a few days ago, we were reminded about how very vital that enzymes are for good health and for proper digestion. Enzymes act as catalysts and are proteins but proteins get destroyed by heat and break down as with meat proteins when they are cooked. So this is another reason for eating most of our food raw. To help with this, get a juicer to extract the raw juice and then eat the broken up pulp as is or add it to your other foods or use a food blender to cut up the raw food to small particles, that will be easy to chew and digest. Be careful of eating raw meat, whether from land or water, for parasites and their eggs may be in the food. Cooking the meat though, till it is well done should kill the parasites.
19. Take about two tablespoons of cod liver oil per day for vitamins A and D and for its good fish oils that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids.
20. Other important nutrients are Zinc for proper skin tissue functions on the inside and outside of the body and Niacin for proper nerve functions.
21. As it has been found lately that many diseases like cancer, A.I.D.S., diabetes, and fibromyalgia syndrome are caused by parasites of one kind or another or by pollution or through the combination of the two problems, use herbal parasite removers and cleansers as needed, like Essiac. These tend to clean out the pollution and any pathogens or parasites that may be living in your body. You could also use our Electronic Pathogenic Destroyer (commonly called a zapper). Machines like these use nine volts or more with electronic gadgetry that shuts the direct current off and on rapidly (about ten times to 30,000 times a second). They will often kill every parasite in the body when the machine is used properly and for the proper length of time. It is important though that you follow the directions that should come with your machine. Sometimes they will miss some microbes within tooth cavities. (See web sites below and Dr. H. R. Clark's below mentioned books)
22. Avoid vaccinations, they are one of the major causes of getting pathogens or pollution of heavy metals like mercury and of getting mycoplasma and other disease causing agents. (See for further details and books like Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System by Dr. Viera Scheibner, Ph.D. also see and
23. Avoid getting pharmaceuticals from the regular drug companies as they often include regular toxins or poisons like Arsenic, Strychnine, Mercury, and Lead. Some of them also have poisons from Cuttlefish, Red Starfish, snakes, spiders, or lizards (see our New Approach to Health Care: Not Pharma-care by Ostap Korecki, D. Naturopathic Medicine, D. Homeopathic Medicine, D. Acupuncture, and D. Radionic Medicine).
24. Use Miracle II Soap and use Miracle II Neutralizer to avoid the fat used to make regular soap and to provide many minerals and nutrients that are missing from our many processed and other foods today. Miracle II Soap contains no animal fats that leave an awful scum on bathtubs, on sinks, and on the pores of our skin. It cleans and heals like no other soap. Many users of these Miracle II products (also Moisturizing Soap, Neutralizer Gel, Skin Moisturizer, Laundry Ball, and Thai Deodorant Stone), that have been prepared with prayer, seem to get miraculous healings, even of cancer, acne, AIDS, aches and pains, common colds, and allergies.
The Miracle II soap formula appeared as a vision from God on Clayton Tedeton's bedroom wall at 1:00 AM, about twenty years ago. This was sometime after he promised God that he would do anything for God, if God healed him of his crippling automobile accident injuries that made him a wheel chair invalid for the previous nine months. He also wanted to be kept healthy enough so that he could finish raising his children. The next morning after watching a TV evangelist say, "There is a man out there that God is going to heal." he arose from his bed healed of all his injuries. Miracle I was this healing. Miracle II was the soap formula.
The Miracle II products also seem to be the only products to effectively treat the Gulf War Syndrome rash, affecting thousands of veterans of that war. Miracle II products are apparently a great help at fighting and killing the newly invented germ warfare agent called mycoplasma which is infecting millions of people now in North America. This agent is said to be the main cause of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (See and
25. For those people with the above mentioned problems consider this. Dr. H. R. Clark has also been successful with killing mycoplasma and organisms causing cancer, Fibromyalgia and diabetes. Generally, for almost any problem, she would first try to detect the presence of the parasites, pathogens, and other pollution, such as solvents, with either a microscope, using slides of body fluids or parts; or with a frequency generator; or with a new electronic invention called a Syncrometer. Then upon identifying the foreign pathogens, she then would kill them electronically with a frequency generator or with the above mentioned Electronic Pathogenic Destroyer. After the treatment, she would use her electronic equipment to see if the organisms were still alive. If so, then further treatment would be made or parasite cleansers or other cleansers for the kidneys or liver would be prescribed. She has found though, that bacteria, parasites, and viruses can most often be killed in minutes and not days or weeks as with the use of antibiotics (inside of the cover of The Cure for All Diseases (Copyrighted 1995). Her books are published by ProMotion Publishing, 3368F Governor Drive Suite 144, San Diego, CA 92122; Phone (800) 231-1776
26. Take a colloidal silver mixture now and then to kill up to 650 or more harmful organisms, without any side effects or toxicity to the body. This was a common health remedy until about 1935, when apparently this knowledge and use of it, was hurting the profits too much of the pharmaceutical industry.
27. A new discovery lately has been that of phytochemicals and glyconutrients. These discoveries prove the necessity of eating foods close to their natural state (raw and fresh) and with good variety. The glyconutrients refer to eight different sugars or carbohydrates that are essential for proper communications between cells. When anyone of them is deficient, there will likely be pain and discomfort. Our most plentiful sugar, that of sucrose is not one of them.
28. Clean out your colon now and then of any clogged up body wastes, which are breeding grounds for pathogens and parasites. They may be excreting toxins into your blood stream. Clean your colon with safe herbal purgatives or magnesium oxides. See your local health food store or call us.
29. It is important to eat and drink things that will keep our blood at a proper alkaline pH, that of about 7.35 to 7.45, as all diseases thrive in an acidic environment. By taking one or more teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of purified water with each meal, when one is sick, can help speed up recovery from many ailments. This is because, through digestion, the vinegar makes the body fluids more alkaline. The cider vinegar also supplies the body with numerous elements, such as phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, and silicon plus trace minerals. Cider vinegar has been found good for obesity, menstruation, hemorrhages, cuts, wounds; improving eyesight, hearing, and mental vigour; sore throat, coughing, acute laryngitis, asthma, etc. See books on apple cider vinegar, such as Cider Vinegar by Cyril Scott.
30. Apple Cider vinegar is also a good remedy for Athlete's Foot fungus problems. But because that area can be quite painful, try this type of a treatment: just dilute it and then extend the time of the treatment. This method works great: prepare a solution in a basin of one part water and one part cider vinegar (50% water + 50% vinegar). Then place both of your feet in it for about twenty minutes to a half-hour. After this just dry your feet carefully then pour the left over solution into your shoes and swish it around in each shoe and then you can throw it out. Just put your shoes out in the fresh air to dry and it will be as if you never had the problem. You should not have any more problems of Athlete's Foot, until you get your feet re-infected at perhaps a swimming pool, beach, or through wearing someone else's shoes that has that problem. This author used this method about twenty years or so ago and has not had the problem since.
31. Another important thing is the use of magnets to heal injuries or even cure diseases. It is important to know how to use them though. The North side heals while the South side may make things worse.
32. If possible, grow your own vegetables and fruit in case there is a famine. Try to even grow some food indoors.
33. Exercise, get fresh air and sunshine. Abstain from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Then there will be less likelihood of sexually transmitted disease plus more likelihood of happiness and harmony in marriage.
34. Some researchers say that tomato and its by-products, like ketchup are one of the major causes of arthritis and of osteoarthritis. It is said that the nightshade vegetables of peppers, white potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes have solanine, a substance to which many people are sensitive. It interferes with the enzymes within the muscles so that pain and discomfort result. (Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C., second edition, 1997, page 142).(6)
35. According to a report by Ralph Nader in the USA Today, January 13,199l magazine, we should also try to stay out of hospitals as much as possible. He found that in one year, 300,000 Americans were killed in hospitals as a result of medical negligence. As Canada has about one-tenth the population, we probably had 30,000 in the same year die from the same medical negligence. That is probably why the doctors say that they are PRACTICING medicine. They also have been found to die at an average age of 58 years while the rest of us die at 75.5 years ("Dead Doctors Don't Lie" cassette tape by Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D.). This is probably because they are following the lie that "You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups." (Urgent Health Report: A Dire Warning! by Dr. Wallach). It is about time then, that we get alternative health care professionals under our medical-care programs to provide us with, very likely, safer and less costly treatments.
36. Another important thing to be careful about is to never get dental amalgam fillings, for they are 50% mercury and mercury is a poison. It does not get "locked" into the amalgam filling. Mercury vapour escapes and goes into the air of your mouth, which at times goes to the lungs and then into your blood. Autopsy studies of humans prove that dental amalgam mercury builds up in other parts of the body. It damages the brain and nervous system; glands such as the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid; lungs and the heart; hormones; and enzymes. It is said to be one of the causes of MS (Dr. H. R. Clark, The Cure For All Diseases, p. 206) and of depression (Clark, op. cit. p. 261) These dangerous fillings produce electric currents in the mouth. The American Dental Association, OSHA, and the EPA have declared any left over dental scrap amalgam to be a toxic hazard to their dental personnel, their dental office, and to their environment! Mercury even evaporates at 34° Fahrenheit (1° Celsius) and of course even more so at body temperature. (Defense Against Mystery Syndromes: Revealing the Mystery of "Silver" Fillings by DAMS, 207 10th Avenue NW, Altoona IA 50009-1356).
37. Besides the liquid and evaporating mercury in the metal fillings there are sometimes other poisons as well. According to the findings of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. in her above mentioned book, she found these poisons: thallium (pp. 37,70,111,134,417); tellurium (pp. 68,78); platinum (p. 68); nickel (pp. 122,145,222,418); europium, tantalum, and gadolinium (p. 140); palladium (p. 141); cerium (p. 145); indium (p. 162); gold (it accumulates in the pancreas, p. 226); and germanium (p. 417).
38. Try to have all metal fillings replaced with composite or all non-metal plastic fillings, because everything corrodes and seeps and that means the amalgams must do so too (Clark, p.416).
39. One other interesting comment that Dr. Clark mentioned is that we only [really] have two maladies and disturbances! Those things that climb or crawl into us and secondly, those toxins like unnatural chemicals that we unintentionally consume or inhale (p. 589). Because of this keep your fingers out of your mouth (Clark, p. 397) and beware of what you eat and drink.
40. We have available, special research reports on the Secret Causes and Cures of Cancer and one on cures for Parkinson's Disease. Phone or write for these or inquire if we have a report on your health problem or some other problem or see your local Naturopathic Physician or Herbalist, or other alternative health care professionals. Inquire about other products that we have mentioned here, we may have just what you need.
41. See the Holy Bible as well for good advice for eating right and living well. For incurable diseases or injuries, try prayer through Jesus Christ's name or call Believers to your side to help you. We mentioned above of one passage of a food experiment in the Bible. There are many other passages on healing or of divine health such as at Exodus 15:26 "…I will put none of these diseases upon thee … for I am Yahweh that heals thee." See also Deuteronomy 7:15; Psalm 103:3; Proverbs 4:20-22 Verse 22:"[God's words are] life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh." Proverbs 16:24; Isaiah 53:5; Jeremiah 30:17; Nahum 1:9,12,13; Hosea 6:1; Luke 4:18; James 5:16; and Revelation 22:2.
42. Most importantly, get to know the maker of our bodies and of our world. This you can do through prayer and studying the Holy Bible, especially the 1769 Authorized Version (A. V., commonly and erroneously called the 1611 King James Version) or Lamsa's Holy Bible from the Aramaic manuscripts, which is about as powerful and as complete as the Authorized Version Bible.
Almost all other versions are from the watered down or shortened composites of manuscripts made up from ancient artifacts that the Vatican likes and prefers. Even the New International Version (N. I. V.) is one of these abbreviated Bible versions (missing about 3,600 words in comparison to the A. V.). These abbreviated Bibles are missing the equivalency of words included in the A. V. that make up all the words from Matthew 1 to chapter 8:1 in the A. V. The N. I. V. is also one of the worst. See the book New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger and Evaluating Versions of the New Testament by Everett W. Fowler.
   The Webster Bible is a very good version though, as it was a grammatically corrected and up-dated-word Bible version of the A. V., that started to become quite popular in the 1800s. It would have likely replaced the A. V. but the devil had the British and American Revised Versions published.
   The Revised Version and the American Revised Version Bibles used manuscripts prepared by the Drs. Westcott and Hort, when they came to translating the New Testament. These doctors hated the Received Greek Text that was used for the A. V. These learned men were also members that founded an investigation society into the occult, called "The Ghostly Guild." (The Thinking, Theories, and Theology of Drs. Westcott & Hort by Cecil J. Carter, page 1). They used a number of defective watered down manuscripts, such as the Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, and a few kindred documents. They then tricked the translators into believing that these defective inferior manuscripts were better than the Received or Majority Texts. These were used for the A. V. Their new eclectic or composite text though, is similar to what the United Bible Societies promote today (The Divine Original by Trinitarian Bible Society) and is similar to or exactly what the Vatican likes for their translations of the Bible.
43. One more important thing, go to a Bible-believing-preaching church where Jesus the Christ (Messiah) is lifted up and the people are lovers of God and of His words as found in the Holy Bible.(7)
44. For about one year I was supplementing my porridge or cereal with one teaspoon of Kelp powder a day but about two months ago I discovered that I had high blood pressure. I really did not notice any ill effects of the high blood pressure but to be on the safe side I cut down on my intake of Kelp powder to just one teaspoon a meal once a week. In about a week after cutting down on the kelp intake and cutting down on sea salt and regular salt my blood pressure stays aroung the regular normal range. I was taking the kelp to get the rich minerals and trace minerals from sea foods which are often unobtainable in most land based foods. (writing this on 2 September 2019)
1. According to one medical doctor of Sweden, it is best that we eat about 80% of our food raw in order to keep from getting cancer or to get cancer to leave our bodies and to stay away. This she found personally after coming down with breast cancer. After she went on a 100% raw food diet the cancer went away. When she went on 50% raw food diet the pain, lump, and cancer seemed to come back. She tried different percentages of raw food until she came across a certain amount, which kept the cancer, pain, and lump away for good. It was somewhere between 70-80%, so to be on the safe side, we therefore suggest you try 80%, especially if you presently have cancer, in order to be assured of success at defeating it while trying other health remedies.
2. Then observe if and when your eyesight, hearing, and hair colour improves. With regard to one's hair, you may notice that the white or grayness will disappear and your original hair colour will come back but with a reddish tinge. With regard to arthritis, bursitis, and many other ailments due to lack of minerals and vitamins, they too should disappear because the strong molasses, suggested above, are certainly good sources for vitamin B complex (except for one of them) and for minerals. Molasses is from the lifeblood of the sugar cane plant. According to Dr. Joel D. Wallach, it would be the copper in the molasses that stops one's hair from getting gray (his audio tape of 1994 on "Dead Doctors Don't Lie").
3. There is said to be a health danger though, of eating raw or not fully cooked eggs, if the chickens are not 100% healthy. But this writer though has eaten soft yoked cooked eggs for years and has apparently never got sick from them. Just make sure that the yokes are washed good before breaking open any eggs. The outside is most likely the area for germs or bacteria not inside of them. This is according to the findings of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark , Ph.D., N.D., who wrote The Cure for All Diseases; The Cure for All Cancers; The Cure for HIV and AIDS; and The Cure for the Most Advanced Cancers. The Cure for All Cancers was only written after she was able to cure one hundred patients of all types of cancer.
4. A simple illustration to show how hydrogen peroxide and ozone appears to work in the body to kill viruses, such as the AIDS virus of HIV and other anaerobic micro-organisms is as follows. Suppose we wanted to send some micro-robots with flame-throwers or torches to burn up any bad viruses and other bad organisms such as cancers. While fortunately for us, God has arranged it that most, if not all of these unwanted micro-organisms are sensitive to oxygen, that is, they thrive better when there is no oxygen or just a little. So with these little robots but in these particular cases, we would outfit them with oxygen tanks to give a blast of oxygen which would burn or oxidize the unwanted organisms that are sensitive to oxygen. They would shoot their blasts of oxygen weapons virtually anywhere in the blood stream and in other parts of the body and kill all our unwanted enemies until their fuel runs out. This would be with hardly any danger to the good parts of our bodies, provided of course the power of their oxygen blasters are restricted or limited to safe limits.
Through experimentation by some researchers over the years, it has been found that a safe amount to take is a solution of 99.5% water and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide. This is of course not much but can be very effective and make one quite alert while the solution goes about killing unwanted germs and viruses. Higher percentages can be used safely if injected into the blood stream or into a diseased organism.
6. In the case of this author, it was simply the use of too much tomatoes or ketchup that would cause the arthritis pain to come about or to come back.
7. This whole article was prepared by Truth and Light Ministries, Inc. and was last modified MAY  24, 2017.  C:\MyFiles\TipsHealth6.doc
On 2 September 2019 this was revised.


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