Cancer: The Cure is in Food
Medicine: Oxalic Acid, a New Coagulant
 A Corono Virus Called Covid-19
1. A Petition on Handling Covid-19 Better
2. Common Sense about Sunshine and Covid-19
3. Why So Much Nonsense about Covid-19
4. We Can't Breathe Expose and Fudged Case Numbers

Cancer: The Cure is in Food/Hart dietary Procedure Plan

Excerpts from the above book by Col. Joe Hart

Published by Angels of Life – Publisher, 390 Ryan Rd., Pea Ridge. AR 72751

out of print now seeing Col Hart died a few years ago in his eighties or nineties

Compiled by Clifford Besson


Safe Foods

Safe foods to eat to get good amounts of Oxalic Acid which is God’s Natural Chemotherapy for it is good for killing cancer, virus, bacteria, and vascular diseases. It is also one of the best coagulants, that is, it speeds up clotting of blood ( Monday, May 08, 1939). See the complete article at .


Fruits and Vegetables

Carrot, brewed tea, spinach, stewed rhubarb. Swiss chard, cocoa powder, green pepper, black pepper, Nescafe Instant Coffee, soybean crackers, pecan, roasted peanuts, parsley (fresh), mustard greens, chocolate (dark), boiled beetroot, grape juice, plums, beets, garlic, yams, black tea, peas, minestrone, chives, wheat germ, sprouts, Escarole, onion, walnuts, kale currants, peppers (red & yellow), radishes, amaranth, cassava, gooseberries, wheat bran, eggplant, watercress, snap beans, pokeweed, nuts & peanuts, dandelion greens, Concord Grapes, celery, strawberries, blackberries, orange peel, peas, endive, soy, currants, collard greens, green beans, okra, Brussels Sprouts, carob powder, leeks, sweet potatoes, lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, lemon peel, plums, cilantro, broccoli, summer squash, turnip greens.



Lamb; Chicken, turkey, or Beef Hot Dogs; Chicken thighs and drumsticks; Turkey; Beef, Chicken or Turkey sausage (check for citric acid content); Pastrami (6 ounce portion per week); Fish; Fatty Bacon (3 slices per week) (Note this is the only exception for pork).


Meat Alternatives

Soy Meat-Flavored and Cheese Products (not calcium enriched); Eggs; Peanut Butter; Nuts; Beans/Legumes


Not Safe: Avoid these Blockers

Avoid these Blockers which destroy the effectiveness of Oxalic Acid

1.    Citric Acid; 2. Free Calcium as in Cow Milk, Milk Products and Calcium Supplemented Foods; 3. Exposure to high levels of Electric Magnetic fields; 4. Foods high in Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) such as pork and white meat of chicken and turkey; 5. Alcohol


2.      Note there is an exception to the Citric Acid food warning for there are many cancer fighting factors in lemons (whole lemons with the rind, pulp, and seeds [suggestion first wash and then to add to many meals: freeze and then grind or scrape with food preparation tools and add to other foods or use food processors to make juice and cut up pulp of everything of the Lemons]. Similar use could be made of grapefruits and limes as well. Just don’t add actual citric acid to your meals or in the preparation of any of your foods.

(According to lemons are very good for treating cancer (their radio talk show on 17 April 2018).



If one gets sore kidneys from perhaps too much Oxalic Acid, take a 100 milligram tablet of vitamin B6 in a glass of water and the pain should go away.


My friend, Fred McClennon came down with prostrate cancer in the spring when he was 88 years old. Upon finding from the Dauphin and Brandon hospitals that he had cancer he went on the above diet. A year later there was no sign of cancer. He then went on to live till he was 94 years when he died of old age with kidney problems.


Medicine: Oxalic Acid, a New Coagulant from,9171,761233,00.html

New Coagulant

Monday, May 08, 1939

Last week Chemists Arthur Steinberg & William Redman Brown of Philadelphia's Kensington Hospital for Women proudly set out for Toronto to tell the American Physiological Society about their amazing new discovery: oxalic acid for rapid coagulation of blood. But when the young chemists got to Toronto, they were scientifically hissed & booed. Reason: oxalic acid, a common cleaning fluid and ink remover, is used by physicians in a derivative form to prevent coagulation of blood for transfusions. It was impossible, said the scoffing physiologists for an anticoagulant to produce coagulation.

Undaunted, Drs. Steinberg & Brown invited the meeting to the University of...

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (a Ph. d.) and naturopathic doctors are the better than the regular medical profession doctors as far as I am concerned but there are also some MDs that are very good, such as Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Cass Ingram. Any ways here is just an example of how backward the MDs are: a new coagulant was discovered in 1938 as mentioned in,9171,761233,00.html. But I am sure the MDs still do not acknowledge that.

Furthermore about the new coagulant, oxalic acid, Col. Joe Hart found that was the thing he was lacking in his diet when he came down with cancer. When he added that to his diet his cancer went away. He published a book about it: "Hart Dietary Procedure Plan" and I used this book to cure my 88 year old friend of prostrate cancer. A year later he was cured and he lived till he was 94 years old without cancer.

Col. Joe claims this oxalic acid kills viruses and he has a patent about it. The chemists listed in the Time magazine injected this acid into rabbits and then after some minutes he demonstrated to his audience of doctors how much more quickly the blood of the rabbits coagulated and stopped the bleeding. I used this same principal on another gentleman friend of mine in Health Science of Winnipeg. He was in the hospital for about seven or eight months because his wound kept bleeding. I therefore told my friend to quit eating and drinking food that kills oxalic acid. When he did, the blood coagulated and he was released from the hospital. The doctors did not know what was going on.


 A Corono Virus Called Covid-19
3. Why So Much Nonsense About Covid-19? see #nonsense

4. We Can't Breathe Expose and Fudged Case Numbers


1.   A Petition on Handling Covid-19 Much Better
Plus, the Latest Alternative News on this Subject


Have you ever heard lately of how many people got sick from the regular Flu and how many of them have died since December 2019 in comparison to how many have gotten sick and died from Covid-19, which came out of Wuhan, the high tech biological hub of Hubei, a province in China? Why not? What would it show? Did you hear of how many of the dead had serious underlying health symptoms? See this which revealed that the real death rate in Italy up to April 11, from Covid-19 alone is just 2.55% of the confirmed cases or even lower, like 1.63%.[1] If their doctors follow the suggestions below, it can even go lower than this.

Why are these things being hidden? What is the agenda? Whose agenda? Surely not the small business owners around here. They want business and jobs and their employees need to pay their rent, utilities, groceries, and other regular payments that need to be made. Why should the government be forced to pay all those bills in order to get their votes? Please read further.

I have also heard that doctors have been told to write that the cause of death was Covid-19 rather than of one or more other things like heart disease, while having this Covid-19 virus in their tissues. Why? In order to inflate the number of deaths of this new strain of a coronavirus disease. What about the crisis of millions of abortions every year?

Abortion as a term most commonly [used] and in the statistics presented here - refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy, while spontaneous abortions are usually termed miscarriages. According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

Current United States Data*

· Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2018: 61.8 million+

· 186 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)

· U.S. Abortions in 2017: ~862,320 (Guttmacher Institute)

· Abortions per day: 2362+ (GI)

· Abortions per hour: 98+ (GI) ( and on April 6, 2020 program).

While everyone is in a panic about the coronavirus (officially renamed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization), there's an even deadlier virus many people are forgetting about: the flu.

Flu Season

Flu season is hitting its stride right now in the US. So far, the CDC has estimated (based on weekly influenza surveillance data) that at least 12,000 people have died from influenza between Oct. 1, 2019 through Feb. 1, 2020, and the number of deaths may be as high as 30,000.

The CDC also estimates that up to 31 million Americans have caught the flu this season, with 210,000 to 370,000 flu sufferers hospitalized because of the virus. (

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza (Table 1). The number of influenza-associated illnesses that occurred last season was similar to the estimated number of influenza-associated illnesses during the 2012–2013 influenza season when an estimated 34 million people had symptomatic influenza illness6. (

The incubation period for influenza is 24 to 72 hours. Adults with influenza remain infectious for 3 to 5 days after onset of symptoms, and children may remain infectious for up to a week after onset.

In some people, especially young children and those over 65 years of age or people with other systemic illnesses (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory illnesses) influenza can be very severe, requiring hospitalization. People with these risk factors should receive immunization against influenza each year. The death rate for influenza in Canada is 500 to 1500 cases per year. (

CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 39 million flu illnesses, 400,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths from flu. [Data Cumulative since
September 29, 2019] [from 31 March 2020]

Disinformation versus True News

How come there is no panic from the above noted cases of the common flu and the large number of deaths of 24,000? Some days ago, I wrote about the greatly exaggerated claims of how dreadful the Covid-19 virus was in comparison to the common flu which changes every year. I realize though that most readers do not know me and may not have taken my comments seriously enough and have not acted on my advice nor shared them with others. Most do not know that over forty years ago I was on TV exposing lies and disinformation until I was gagged in 1983. I never did quit doing research on socialism, communism, Islam, NWO, the super-rich, the creation of money and the banking cartel (see, the medical system and their cartel on health and nutrition (see I therefore must say though that the information below is not all of my invention but of research of others as found mostly on,,,,, and If you will check out these sites, you will see that the comments above and below are all valid.

Who Can You Trust?

Note that I was just told these below stupid comments from a retired professor who is very ignorant of what really is going on in the world: “You’ve just cited [referring to the above patriotic web sites] 3 of the most vile, hateful, contemptible, narcissistic people on the face of the earth. They believe in nothing . . ., except themselves and those like them, and how to scam money off of everyone else.”

Real Patriotic Independent News

I have been into the world of alternative news, of independent journalism, of health and nutrition, and of researching for the truth for over sixty years. I am a regular listener and viewer of those web sites and of some others. Those comments that that retired professor made, were his opinions from lies he heard from ignorant biased reporting from regular leftist news media, which you have been probably hooked on too. Those above listed sites though, give alternative media opinions that tell the real news as accurately as they can, though they sometimes make mistakes, but they own up to their mistakes, apologize and try to do better next time, just like myself. Most of those programs are run by Christian business people, though they are not the starchy holy ghost people you might find in some churches. These guys and gals are real people who get upset at times because of the lies that are being told about them and their efforts to help their nation to be free from the leftist Democrats, the globalists, pedophiles, and communist. They are patriots, who are all for their President Donald Trump and so am I. The products that those sites sell, are A One, as far as I have heard. I have purchased some of their products now and then and they are good and priced reasonably, and sometimes priced unusually low.

The bulk of the world's work force is under the age of 50 and are at extremely low risk of dying from COVID-19. Why are so many jurisdictions not allowing these people to go outside...let alone not allowing them to work?
It makes no sense to shut down entire countries and to destroy the world's economy over the coronavirus.
What the Hell is REALLY going on here?
We are smack in the middle of a hybrid war, with disinformation flying on all sides and nobody knows what's truly going on, as the global economic shutdown is on track to create 35 million unemployed Americans in two weeks.
Spiro Skouras is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski to analyze new revelations regarding what the US Government knew and when they knew it.
New information directly contradicts what the media and the government have been telling the people from the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Is the "China Virus" really from China?
In addition, Spiro and Helen cover the growing level of unrest in the US as people are beginning to resist the mandated lockdowns.
Will there be an event to further justify the lockdowns as the public signals they have about had enough? This question and many more are addressed in this must see interview.
Running Time 44 mins:  click the link below the picture
New Info Contradicts Official Outbreak Timeline As People Begin To Resist Lockdowns

By Spiro Skouras In this exclusive interview Spiro is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski. The two discuss and analyze new revelations regarding what the US… Activism April 12, 2020 (

Just Out of Nature?

It is commonly thought and stated that Covid-19 just came out of nature and is not man made. Most people though, have not checked out sites like the site good enough, nor the following site:

Covid-19 as Man-made

Regarding the man-made bioweapon of Covid-19 prank: it appears it was to make fools of our politicians in order to destroy our economies, reduce our populations, and push poisonous vaccinations on us by the pharmaceutical industry or by the medical profession. Yesterday, I asked a neighbor who was passing by, going to the post office, “What do you think of this Covid-19 situation?” “B ll sh t” he said. I do not think he is the only one who thinks this. Do not be surprised if some businesses go bankrupt and then get bought out by some of the rich who were behind this Covid-19 and the public hysteria about it.

Abstract on Evidence of Covid-19 Being Man Made

We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity/similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus.

Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag [due to pressure very likely from touchy relationships between India and China] Prashant Pradhan, Ashutosh Kumar Pandey, Akhilesh Mishra, Parul Gupta, Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Manoj Balakrishnan Menon, James Gomes, Perumal Vivekanandan, Bishwajit Kundu doi:

RT @ARanganathan72: Oh my god. Indian scientists have just found HIV (AIDS) virus-like insertions in the 2019-nCov virus that are not found…


A Mr. Jeff Nyquist, a guest on the Infor Wars program on March 31, 2020 said something like this: “Last September, I noticed all the Chinese students were apparently told to head back to China, rather than get education in American colleges.”

Dangerous Factors in Wuhan and in Italy

One of the factors as to why there was such a terrible outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, China was that it was also the first large city to be equipped with 5G powered cell phone towers. There are numerous reports of the harmful effects of 5G to our brains and other cells. Here is one good site on their dangers: Here is another on the correlation between 5G in Wuhan and in Lombardy, in northern Italy Another factor may have been the mandatory vaccines which started in China on 1 December 2019. ( One other cause for the outbreak in Wuhan was that the air pollution was terrible. (Jon Rappoport on on March 25, 2020.).

One of the main problems in Italy was with their thousands of Chinese workers who were going back and forth to China, spreading the disease amongst a greatly aging population. See this on deceptive statistics: “. . .the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases. Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.” “The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5 [!!!]. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.” (

Other Dangerous Factors were Just Discovered for All Over the World

A retired schoolteacher just sent this to me on Sunday, 29 March 2020:

Just got this from Cornell: FYI [for your information]: Information from Vienna’s laboratory studying COVID-19 say vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen/Advil in their system so do not take it!! Those who recovered did not take ibuprofen so if you have symptoms, take Paracetamol [Acetaminophen (for those in North America)] only!!! Looks like this virus [of Covid-19] thrives on ibuprofen so don’t do it and tell everyone you can!!!

Please pass this information on to everyone in each family. I don’t want to miss anyone so share as much as you can. Or copy and paste!

I just spoke with my friend who is a nurse at VGH (Vancouver) and they just learnt that Advil makes the virus 10x worse. Tylenol ONLY for the time being. She said Advil kickstarts the virus into pneumonia.

No Advil . . . . No Advil or any NSAIDS!!! [Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs like Aspirin, Motrin, and Advil]

What was the Practice with the Sick in Ancient Times?

Please note that the Bible practice was to only quarantine the sick by expelling them outside their communities. But those with leprosy were allowed into the villages to get food or other necessities but they were to warn the healthy that they were sick and to keep a safe distance away from them (Le. 12; 13:4, 46; 14:8; Nu. 5:2, 31:19; 2 K. 15:2; Lu. 17:12). So, with regards to this Coronavirus, Covid-19, those that are sick should be the ones with respiratory masks and keeping about six or more feet away from the general public. It should not be necessary for all of us to be quarantined and having to wear masks.

The present quarantine of all of us will definitely slow down the spread of the disease but we should follow the practice of Taiwan and find all who have been coming from infected people or areas and get them to be quarantined for two or three weeks, not all of us. Once this is done, the rest of us should be much safer. The practices in Singapore and Hong Kong were similar and almost as good. See The main differences from America is that these countries were better prepared because of their experiences with SARS.

The Practice in Hong Kong

From the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America. (5 March 2020)

Researchers from Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong reported that zero healthcare workers contracted COVID-19 and no hospital-acquired infections were identified after the first six weeks of the outbreak, even as the health system tested 1,275 suspected cases and treated 42 active confirmed cases of COVID-19. Eleven healthcare workers, out of 413 involved in treating confirmed cases, had unprotected exposure and were quarantined for 14 days. None became ill.

"Appropriate hospital infection control measures can prevent healthcare-associated transmission of the coronavirus," study authors said. "Vigilance in hand-hygiene practice, wearing of surgical masks in the hospital, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment in patient care, especially when performing aerosol-generating procedures, are the key infection control measures to prevent hospital transmission of the virus."

The researchers also conducted an experiment taking air samples from close to the mouth of a patient with a moderate level of viral load of coronavirus. The virus was not detected in any of the tests, whether the patient was breathing normally, breathing heavily, speaking or coughing, and tests of the objects around the room detected the virus in just one location, on a window bench.

"The descriptive study employed unique environmental and air samples with the results suggesting that environmental transmission may play less of a role than person to person transmission in disease propagation," said Gonzalo Bearman, MD, professor of medicine and chair of the Division of Infectious Disease at Virginia Commonwealth University, who reviewed but was not involved in the study. (

Are Not Churches Essential?

Another thing that has been happening with this over-all quarantine is that the government has been telling Christians to not go to their churches, prayer meetings, or even Bible studies, even if none of the congregation have been from out of the country during the last two or more weeks, nor have contacted anyone with the Covid-19 virus, nor are even sick with a cold. This means the government is playing God and God does not like competition. His wrath may really come on any government that tells His people not to assemble when He told them to do so. As you can see from the Scriptures below, it is during their assembling together that they were encouraged to be better citizens, pray for one another, experience healing and even having Jesus in spirit with them. WHY STOP THAT? Because of the benefits of Christian churches, millions of us who used to be one or more of these problems: liars, crooks, alcoholics, perverts, abusers, molesters, fornicators, pedophiles are now sane and good citizens. Christian churches are essential for a sane safe society. Without continual fellowshipping with like believers, some of us may back slide and become a nuisance and pain to society again.

Hebrews 10:24 Let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good works, 25 not forsaking our own assembling together, as the custom of some is, but exhorting one another; and so much the more, as you see the Day approaching. Acts 2:42 They continued steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and prayer. Matthew 18:19 Again, assuredly I tell you, that if two of you will agree on earth concerning anything that they will ask, it will be done for them by my Father who is in heaven. 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them." John 20:19 When therefore it was evening, on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were locked where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, "Peace be to you." James 5:14 Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the assembly, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, 15 and the prayer of faith will heal him who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. If he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.16 Confess your offenses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective. (WEB)

When Is the Government Right?

From what I just read above and the fact that only the sick should be under quarantine rules, the orders from the government are anti-Christian and should not be observed by true believers according to the advice found in the Holy Bible. Where the government advice or orders are sensible about insisting that people who just got over the disease or just came from a badly infected area or from someone who just had Covid-19, be quarantined from the church gatherings for two weeks, then those orders should be observed by Christians. In other words, the government should only be obeyed if its orders are like the Bible rules about quarantines, which are sensible, loving and good for the general public and for Bible Christianity, not rules just for leftist unbelievers.

Disobedience in Bible Times

Daniel and his companions, as mentioned in the Bible never obeyed their government orders when those orders were against the orders and commands of God (Daniel chapter 3 and 6). Same with the disciples of Jesus in Jerusalem, when they were told by the ruling class of their day “. . . not to speak at all nor to teach in the name of Jesus (Acts 4:18) and similarly in Acts 5:18, 28-42. Even the Jews, Muslims, and other religious groups should be allowed to have their worship places open and attended, provided they obey the similar precautions mentioned above.


So, government leaders, please stop this nonsense of shutting down our society. For the moment, with the government ordering so much shut down of society, “It is more pain than a plague.” (Lawyer Robert Barnes of Texas on American Countdown [])/. Covid-19 has been proven to not be fatal for the healthy and the young who have been getting adequate Vitamin D3, C, B complex, zinc, iodine, and sea food once or more times a week and do not have compromised health issues. Consider the fact that medical doctors are not always right and do not want to be blamed if anyone dies upon admitting there is not much danger with Covid-19 and the stopping of the over-all quarantine. But they don’t care if their recommendations or advice kills our economy and causes depression, anxiety, and suicide amongst the unemployed and owners of businesses that fail. See “UK Teen Commits Suicide Over Coronavirus Self-Isolation: Unable to cope with her world closing in.” Paul Joseph Watson | - March 26, 2020 . How long will it take for this to happen in our country too, because there are no means of employment and purpose in one’s life?

At the bottom of this above article it mentioned about an intensive care nurse who was working on coronavirus patients also of having committed suicide. ( of UK for Mar. 26, 2020).

We though, not having our regular jobs, want our liberty to work and worship where and as we please, without government interference. All you church people who love God, do something, pray hard, in Jesus’ name, to have God stop and kill this Covid-19 virus outbreak by the end of this coming Passover week, and end the need of this constant quarantine by big brother. I want to go to church. How about you?

Successes in Treating the Sick

I heard that doctors have successfully treated this same disease of Covid-19 with drugs like Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine for malaria, HIV, and Ebola. ( Those drugs for treating malaria are cheap antiviral medicines which “forces zinc into your cells, to stop the virus from getting into your mitochondria and that means it protects your DNA. LA Doc Touts Hydroxychloroquine-Zinc Combo: Patients ‘Basically Symptom Free’ In Hours. It means that it protects you against the replication [of the virus].” There is a danger of taking too much though, as it could damage the kidneys [and liver] (YouAreFreeTv, quoted in ).

Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C. Identical amounts of the powerful antioxidant are then re-administered three or four times a day, he said. The regimen is based on experimental treatments administered to people with the coronavirus in Shanghai, China, Weber said. “The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said. “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.” . . . .The vitamin C is administered in addition to such medicines as the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, the antibiotic azithromycin, various biologics and blood thinners, A clinical trial on the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C on coronavirus patients began Feb. 14 at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the pandemic. (New York Post on March 24, 2020)

For the rest of this above story, which was mentioned on, see .

More Treatments that Worked Plus Others that May

Stem cell treatment and treatments with the oil of Oraganol, according to Dr. Cass Ingram ( have also been remarkably effective, as well as antibiotics. Canada Dry Tonic Water that has Quinine in it, should also be effective for malaria. Quinine was effective to keep the British army and navy from getting malaria for hundreds of years. They got the idea from the Dutch. For dangers of too much see Food supplements are also recommended, such as Vitamins D3 (Dr. Mark Stengler reviews a large trial demonstrating that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of acute respiratory tract infections. []), E, and C along with L-lysine (an amino acid), zinc, nitric oxide, Iodine, and sea food in order to get very important trace minerals, without which we will be sick. That Lysine is (1) essential for collagen production (2) Supports mitochondrial energy production (3) Helps to reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex virus (4) Pure, fermented L-Lysine – nothing else. See for more information.

It is also important to cut down on dairy products, as they destroy oxalic acid, which has been used in treatments of cancer, viruses, bacteria, and vascular diseases (Col. Joe Hart’s Hart Dietary Procedure Plan: Cancer: The Cure is in Food: Oxalic Acid. Oxalic acid also speeds up coagulation of blood (Time Magazine of Monday, May. 08, 1939). Two websites on other unhealthy problems with milk are and The Kaufmann Diet could also help (

Please also see this website for nutritional ways to help the body to defeat the symptoms of Covid-19 and many other sicknesses: and to for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email’s talk on Immune and Economic Health Solution to the #Coronavirus problem. He gives the protocols of how to treat four groups or classifications of people to bring healing to patients of Covid-19. He sent these instructions in a letter to President Trump on March 23, 2020.

Mr. David Knight on his Friday morning Internet show at about 9:40 a. m. on and also on mentioned of one doctor and perhaps his team, treated three hundred fifty (350) patients, all who had Covid-19 as outpatients. They were all given hydroxychloroquine, the antibiotic azithromycin, and zinc. Not one died and they all recovered their health, within about two weeks.

Other suggestions that was suggested by Eddie Fatakhov, M. D., is make yourself healthier by taking zinc, multi-vitamins, increasing humidity in rooms to about 35% and use a special wave length of ultra-violet lighting (that does not penetrate our skin) to kill the viruses in the air and on surfaces. See for Health Ranger Mike Adams and his interview with the above doctor on the (fourth hour of 1 April 2020).

Another website on alternative treatments for Coronavirus is called State of the Nation is

I was impressed to check out how the coenzyme Q10 could be of help at treating this disease:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that your body produces naturally. Your cells use CoQ10 for growth and maintenance. Levels of CoQ10 in your body decrease as you age. CoQ10 levels have also been found to be lower in people with certain conditions, such as heart disease.. . . . Heart conditions. CoQ10 has been shown to improve symptoms of congestive heart failure. Although findings are mixed, CoQ10 might help reduce blood pressure. Some research also suggests that when combined with other nutrients, CoQ10 might aid recovery in people who've had bypass and heart valve surgeries.. . . Statin-induced myopathy. Some research suggests that CoQ10 might help ease muscle weakness sometimes associated with taking statins.  Migraines. Some research suggests that CoQ10 might decrease the frequency of these headaches.  Physical performance. Because CoQ10 is involved in energy production, it's believed that this supplement might improve your physical performance. (

CoQ10 Is Fuel for Your Heart

Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day to get its job done and is fueled by CoQ10, which is why so many scientific studies[1] have shown that it confers powerful support for your entire cardiovascular system. When your heart has the high levels of CoQ10 it needs, it works like a charm. You see, your mitochondria (the cells' energy factories) need CoQ10 to generate ATP energy to keep your heart cells functioning and healthy.*

But when levels get too low, your heart strains to do its job, and ultimately your entire body suffers.[2]

By Age 50, Your CoQ10 Levels Start to Rapidly Decline. Statins and Other Drugs Accelerate the Depletion of CoQ10. [By Joshua Corn
Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now, Natural Health Newsletter] (

Games that Some People Play

In February or March 1976 (over 44 years ago), while working up north at a hydroelectric dam site, one of the security guards told me of a prank he pulled on a certain warehouse company. He had a pest extermination business and tried to get some customers by going around with perhaps flyers and his business cards. At one place, he asked to use their washroom. On going into the room, he opened a medicine bottle with some live bad bugs in it and sprinkled them on to the floor. He left and then thanked them for the use of their washroom and left one of his business cards. He may have done this with some other businesses as well.

Question the Motives

This incident got me alerted to question the motives of all people, of companies, and of governments. Especially if things just do not seem right. There may be alternative bad reasons for changes, of kindness, of suggestions, of denying health products to come into our countries or to be made here (Miracle II Soap, Neutralizer, and their other products), of X- raying certain health products, like herbs and spices, which kills some of the active medicines in them, and of denying producers of products to tell right on their product labels what the product is for (e. g. a smoking deterrent, or remedies for lung problems, hangovers, drug and other addictions such as pangamic acid, possibly erroneously called Vitamin B15). This is said to be very good for athletes. Some good websites on this pangamic acid are and

Why the Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want this Alternative Remedy?

From reading the 1965 edition of the 240 page text book from Moscow, which I have on this Vitamin B15 remedy and the above websites, any use of this said vitamin or food supplement would be of great use for victims of Covid-19. But it would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry and all their concoctions of drugs that would not be needed, if this Pangamic Acid was truly known and used by the medical profession. No wonder the food and drug controllers in Canada do not want it to be known and used in Canada. This food supplement, of course, is not the only answer for Covid-19 but it should improve and speed up the recovery, if supplemented with other vitamins like B complex, C, D3, zinc and iodine, along with the other above-mentioned food supplements and drugs.

Are There Financial Interests in Pharmaceutical Companies?

From learning from what my friend told me, people working in governmental health departments having a financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry must have put a stop to okaying or authorizing the importation and sales of this food supplement of Pangamic Acid in Canada. Similarly in the United States of America, people against the use of or in encouraging its use in prescriptions for patients must also be in a similar compromising position and should be fired and sued for causing unnecessary pain and suffering of patients that could have been helped by this tremendous supplement.

Are Democrats Teamed Up with China?

We have heard of the American Democrats trying to impeach President Trump with one made up story after another and then suddenly this problem occurs with this enemy called Covid-19, coming from Wuhan Communist China. Communism is still the enemy of all free societies and it appears from what the Democrats have been doing, they are working in concert with them. As seen from above, China has obviously created this Covid-19 as a weapon against us, to decrease the population of the world and ruin our economies. This is criminal and a biological warfare.

Could This be an Excuse for a One World Order?

From the extra ordinary way, the governments of the world have decided to handle this pneumonia-like disease, it is being used to also give them stricter government controls for martial law and to unite the whole world under the rich globalists of the Bilderberg group and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation for depopulation of the world. Please see this exposé by DAVID ICKE: “If You Think You Can Handle the Truth, HERE IT IS!”

Some Officials or Politicians are Against Recovery

Some of these officials or politicians (1) are against testing patients for the virus (2) are for preventing certain drugs that have their patents expired, from being used to treat patients and (3) are also preventing doctors from prescribing vitamins and minerals (4) are hoping to save millions of dollars in pension benefits when the old die off early, (5) are against the recommending of changes in diet to help patients recover faster or prevent them from getting Covid-19. These actions are wrong and should be stopped. Charges should be made against such officials, because people will likely be dying at a greater rate. If people have the virus and do not know it, they will likely spread the disease to someone else who may not be as well as them and may die shortly after getting the disease.

Big Profits for the Bankers

Another thing that has become obvious is that private banking systems that loan money at interest to the government and any industries or people suffering from this Covid-19 disease and crisis are going to make millions in interest, getting exceedingly rich through this emergency. This should not be so and does not necessarily have to be. The Canadian North American Act provides for the Canadian government to create its own money without interest through its own Bank of Canada for all its necessary federal, provincial, and municipal government expenses. It could set up a network of other government offices that could be used if needed or make use of local credit unions, charging only service fees to cover operating at cost for these government loans. This would be much better than the present situation of giving millions of dollars to private companies and would help reduce inflation caused by the need to be constantly paying interest.

Banker Friends of Politicians Making a Killing

Over a hundred years ago our Canadian government must have been duped by some bankers friends to hand over the creation of money for government use to themselves, so they could have a monopoly at banking over the whole country. It is about time that this was stopped and the creation of money for government expenses be returned to our government.

President Trump has had a similar problem in his country, but he just took measures against the profiteering of the private Federal Reserve on the backs of its customers, the citizens of the United States of America by getting a zero interest loan for money to fight Covid-19. For a possible answer for these situations see sites like,,, the Island of Guernsey Monetary Experiment at,, and (the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island). Mr. Griffin, said on lately that the banking system is a cartel and the Federal Reserve is a scam for legalized plunder.

Why Not Bring Back Manufacturing to our Own Country?

We have heard of many defective Chinese goods and that almost all medicines, drugs, and health care products are made overseas. Many of our products are made by the Chinese and they are enemies of freedom and of capitalism. How come they are making us look so stupid? We are giving them millions of dollars of our businesses, so they can profit with their government capitalism or facism. That leaves thousands of us having to be content with service jobs in restaurants, service stations, caretaker and cleaning jobs and other menial tasks. Then look what happens when we have a national crisis like we are having now. We cannot be relying on other countries supplying our needs of food, pharmaceuticals, masks, respirators, computers, phones, cameras, and numerous other essential products when a crisis happens as we are in now. We should be making our own things with quality workmanship, not with shoddy slave labour oversea. Some of their Chinese products only work once and never again.

Why Consider Vaccines?

If the above treatments and supplements have been working successfully with Covid-19, why spend millions for a vaccine for a virus that breaks down and mutates to something less dangerous in a matter of weeks or months? “The results suggest the virus isn't mutating into a more dangerous version. In fact, it's possible newer mutations are making the virus less deadly.” ( ). Alex Jones of said today that the Corona Virus has now forty variants. Mr. Jon Rappoport ( reported on today that two days ago the UK Department of Health lowered the risk factor of getting or dying from Covid-19. The Russia government said last night on March 25, 2020, that there is no longer a threat of great danger getting Covid-19 and their quarantine need is over (Alex Jones on ).

Statistics Can Lie

The David Knight Show ( and ) revealed that the deaths from this same Covid-19, have been greatly exaggerated. The death rates are less than the regular yearly flu, which changes every year. The deaths are usually of those who were elderly and who had pre-existing health problems, like a fifty-year-old man who died lately but he had leukemia.

Why don’t we treat this existing disease in a similar way as to how we treat the regular flu, SARS, and Ebola? Why kill our economy with a cure that is worse than this viral disease? Right now, the cure is worse than the problem.

I just checked on the Global News website for news on this novel coronavirus disease. It says that of 11,050 confirmed cases, 130 deaths, and 1,670 have recovered. That means that at this moment, only 130/11050 = 0.0117 or 1.17 % while the regular flu deaths have been said to be about the same, at 1% [by the end of the flu season]. See

No Fear for the Healthy

Those who are old or young and have poor health should take special care of themselves, as this Covid-19 could be deadly to them but not to the rest of us who are in good health in mind and in body. It has been found that less than 1 to 5 % of the population that gets the disease have died from it, depending on the area, as to whether there were many 5G cell phone towers or not, and whether there were pre-existing health conditions like the proportion of the elderly to the young ( The main thing to be careful about is not taking good care of your health. Try eating a variety of healthy natural unprocessed foods. Most of them should be raw. Cut down on fast foods and sweets. Get exercise, sunlight and fresh air. Get an air purifier for the home or work as well. A system with ultraviolet light that kills viruses like Sun light does.

Swedish Experiment: Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to the Coronavirus?

By John Fund & Joel Hay April 6, 2020 6:30 AM

The successful experiment in Sweden of developing herd immunity by refusing to panic resulted in less than even .0.01 percent in deaths (401 deaths/10,100,000 population) so far.

Nature’s got this one, folks. We’ve been coping with new viruses for untold generations. The best way is to allow the young and healthy — those for whom the virus is rarely fatal — to develop antibodies and herd immunity to protect the frail and sick. As time passes, it will become clearer that social-isolation measures like those in Switzerland and Norway accomplish very little in terms of reducing fatalities or disease, though they crater local and national economies — increasing misery, pain, death, and disease from other causes as people’s lives are upended and futures are destroyed.

Why Die Just Healthy?

The above is very important and necessary but why die healthy in an accident or die of old age and be dead spiritually to our Creator. We should all get right in tune and in harmony with Him by getting on His team, rather than on the team of lovers of themselves, liars, the globalists, and the destroyers of Earth (Revelation 11:18). The Creator had his holy followers from Moses to the Apostle John give us His instructions for planet Earth as found in the Holy Bible. Please read it and find out how He provided a way to forgive you and I of our sins that keeps us from God, the Supreme One. Read The Good News of John 3:16-19 for the answer.

What is the Truth?

Does not the Bible say? Isa 59:14 “Justice is turned away backward, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and uprightness can't enter.” (WEB) Also see Daniel 8:12. In other words, our government is tackling this problem backwards and they do not know what the truth is. The result is our economy is being screwed up because of disinformation by the super-rich globalists and Communists, who mostly control our false news networks, some political parties, and Hollywood. For example, what does China know that our misinformed governments and medical doctors do not know? The Chinese are sending their people back to work. Why cannot we do the same?

A Book on How the Chinese Handled their Problem

For those who would like to know how the Chinese really handled their crisis and treated their patients, see this 68-page book, Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment.pdf from China, which I just downloaded for myself for free and it can be obtained from this address: Sarah Westall or from

You are Not the Only One

In case you are afraid to be the only sane person to want to tackle this special Covid-19 problem in a similar manner as we usually do with the regular yearly flu, I am trying to send this or a similar article to all political leaders of our country and to some Departments of Health. I also plan to put this on the Internet and on Facebook. If you do not speak up and our economy gets ruined, you will be blamed.

Any Prophecies on the Internet about Covid-19?

On checking the Internet to see if the Creator, Jēh-wah, the God of the Holy Bible may have given any special message about this Covid-19 pestilence, here is what I found: Pastor Kenneth Copeland was told on Friday, March 13, 2020, at 9:24 p. m.

This disease called Covid-19 will be over much sooner than you think. Christian people all over this country, praying have overwhelmed it. Give Me all glory saith the Spirit of Grace and many people will come to know me through it. I am still LORD over this nation. I am on the throne and faith in Me changes things.” ( [Another message is mentioned below:]

By John Blake, CNN Updated 3:38 AM ET, Mon March 23, 2020

(CNN) In the summer of 2008, an elderly psychic who claimed she started receiving premonitions at age 5 published a book that contained an ominous prediction.

"In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments," it said. "Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely."

The prediction faded from public memory and the book's author, Sylvia Browne, died in 2013. But the coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention to Browne's book, "End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World." (

Ancient Key to Coronavirus

Great insights from God was found also on, the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. His guest, Dr. Candice Smithyman gave this message on the Passover (which is from the evening of Wednesday April 8 to the evening of April 16 in 2020) and the Coronavirus, called the Ancient Key to Coronavirus. The Jewish month of Nissen is the beginning of the Jewish year. In Moses’ day, God told him to tell the people to quarantine themselves, to stay in doors on the night of the Passover that they might live and not die, because of the plague of death that was to come upon all the first born in Egypt (Exodus 12:22, 23).

Instructions from Above

The people were instructed to smear blood from their Passover lamb on the side posts and on the top of the doorway (making the sign of the Hebrew letter Cheth, the eight letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which refers to fence or barrier). That said blood was to protect them from the Destroyer, who was to come around the homes of Egypt after the evening of the fourteenth day, on the night of the fifteenth day of Nissen (a day to the Hebrews was from the evening to the next evening). The other homes, without the blood, were entered and the first born of every family died. That same angel though, would pass over those homes that were protected by the smeared blood, sparing the families in the homes from the curse of death.

The First Passover was a Portend or Foreshadow

Sins bring about sicknesses, curses, and death to us. We need some way to make things right between God and ourselves. That first Passover was a portend of what was going to happen to Jesus as the Messiah, as the Lamb of God, who was to be slain as a Passover lamb, to redeem us from the curse of our sins by his shed blood. Upon repentance of our sins and trusting in this Jesus as our Passover Lamb from the love of God, we can find our curses are gone, we are forgiven and have a new chance in life, as if born again from above. So, it will be with this Coronavirus Covid-19 this Passover time in April 2020, the curse of that virus will be gone.

Coronavirus and the End Times

On Sid Roth’s next program, called Coronavirus and the End Times ( his guests, Emma Stark of Ireland and Tracy Cooke also said that the plague of this virus will also be over at Passover time. Tracy Cooke was also given a two-hour dream of seeing the virus being made in a Chinese lab while Nancy Polosi and her Democrat party was outside the door trying to find another way to get rid of President Trump.

Tracy also saw the Chinese using machines to spray the virus into the air, as well as rubbing it on clothes, and using needles as in vaccinations, to spread the disease rapidly. An antidote for the virus will also be discovered by the Israelis. Tracy was also shown corruption that has been going on in China, in the U. S. A., and in Russia and that President Trump would be re-elected but assassinated sometime later. Tracy Cooke then told us there is no more need to be quarantined as the blood of Jesus has [or will shortly] remove the plague. The guests also mentioned that without repentance and holiness no one can see God.

My Remarks From reading many of the above and below reports and other news, it appears

(1) that Communist China sent thousands of their people who were potential carriers of Covid-19 to spread the disease into America,

(2) the Covid-19 crisis is being used to bring about a world government,

(3) It is insane to allow people to be suffering and dying of Covid-19 when an agricultural drug can possibly stop the disease within 48 hours,

(4) there is a move to forget about nutrition and possible cures when a vaccine could possibly prevent it but how long will it take to come up with one that can prevent one but what about the numerous mutations. In the meantime, people are suffering and dying;

(5) If malaria drugs can help why not use them?

(6) Is this not medical tyranny to see the head ones of the medical profession, prohibiting the use of unapproved but perhaps very beneficial treatments on Covid-19? Why? Just because their friends have not been able to spend months checking out whether the remedy is any good and hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

(7) Why cannot the regular doctors find that out themselves while they are practicing their drug types of medicine. It appears some of those dictators of the medical profession are also in payoffs from the pharmaceutical industry.

(8) They have shoved themselves into the health departments of all governments, as if they are the only health care professionals qualified to have a say on the health of the nation, the running of hospitals, and of health clinics.

(9) They also act and think that they are the only ones, worthy of medical care payments from the government and from insurance plans.

(10) What about chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, herbalists, and others, such as doctors in nutrition? These professionals should be consulted whenever there are any difficult cases, as with so-called incurable diseases.

(11) If these professionals were on equal footing with the medical doctors, then when people would find out that the government health care plans would pay these bills too, then thousands would go to these alternative health care professionals instead. Why? Because they often have better results than the medical doctors. This would therefore free up thousands of beds in the hospitals and millions of dollars towards medical doctor treatments that heal nobody. Often their treatments only coverup or hide the symptoms. Just go to health food stores and look at selections of books on healing diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, autism, etc. Hardly any of them are by medical doctors but by the alternative care professional.

(12) Homeopathy and Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry should be considered greatly by the medical profession. Since about the summer of 1968, I have been a student of a branch of homeopathy called the Biochemic System of Medicine as originated by Dr. Med. W. H. Schuessler (see of Oldenburg, Germany. He first wrote his article Shortened Therapeutics in 1873 on using just twelve body-tissue-cell salts, which are found in the different tissues of humans and animals. He used these remedies to correct imbalances in the cells of body tissues in relations to other nutrients in them or to the nutrients in the intercellular fluid. Since then his followers have published works like Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry, A Medical Book for the Home, by J. B. Chapman M. D. (see Years later, another dozen or so other salts in body tissues have also been found to be very useful to heal illnesses.

(13) I experimented with Dr. Schuessler’s cell-salt remedies over fifty years ago, while doing a salt-free diet versus a regular salt diet guinea pig experiment. This was with six guinea pigs for over three years while attending the University of Winnipeg. When a guinea pig got sick, I would try to heal them with one or another of the cell salts, according to the symptoms of ailments in humans and animals, according to the above textbook. I got remarkable results at improving the health of the animals.

(14) Since then I have been able to help dozens of my friends to heal their numerous ailments without costly drugs, at no charge of course, for my services. These cell salt remedies are in homeopathic dosages (such as 1 part of an active ingredient to a millionth of a gram or microgram of lactose or another medium) that sometimes work in seconds to hours or days to noticeably heal some symptoms of illness.

(15) When my mother had been sick for about five months with diarrhea and vomiting and the medical doctors in St. Boniface, Manitoba were not able to help her, the salts did. As my parents did not believe in these minute type of medicines (sometimes just one part per million parts of lactose in a small tablet), I secretly put a sampling dosage of all the twelve remedies (possibly of this ratio of 0.07 mg. of each remedy in each of 7 or 8 tablets of 73.5 mg of lactose) into the tea pot while my parents were out of the kitchen (my dad was sick too but with a different ailment). We all drank from the same pot of tea. Two days later, my mother noticed she was getting better. She then went on to regain her thirty or so pounds she lost without any more of the medicine. My father got well as well.

(16) If our health departments would pay the health care bills of patients of naturopaths and homeopaths, who use this above mentioned system of medicine, as they do for bills of patients in hospitals and of medical doctors, it would save our health systems tens of billions of dollars every year. There should be a small deterrent fee though of perhaps $10 or $20 for the alternative health care professionals and for the medical doctors

(17) The way things are going now, the cure for this crisis is worse than the disease.

(18) In nature, the vitamins and minerals and other health nutrients are all packaged together as God’s remedies for our good health. So, it is when a doctor is going to treat a patient, he should be not only giving one or two drugs to treat the sick for Covid-19, he should be also including other nutrient factors such as vitamin C, D3, zinc, iodine, etc. for the improving of the health of the patient. Something like this was suggested by Dr. Sherry Rogers on show last week.

(19) It is everyone’s own responsibility to keep themselves healthy, not the government. It appears that everyone that has been getting sick and dying with Covid-19 were in poor health conditions already, so it was their fault not taking care of themselves. So why should all the rest of us suffer quarantine conditions and social distancing, when only about 1 % of us, or less, will ever get sick and die of this coronavirus disease? I know this will sound cruel, but we all must die sometime. But why should our whole society as we know it, die, just because a very few people, whose health has been compromised could die from this Covid-19?

(20) Sirach 38:4 The Lord created medicines out of the earth; And a prudent man will have no disgust at them. 7 With them does he heal a man, And takes away his pain. 9 My son, in your sickness be not negligent; But pray to the Lord, and he shall heal you. 10 Put away wrong doing, and order your hands aright, And cleanse your heart from all manner of sin. 12 Then give place to the physician, for truly the Lord has created him; And let him not go from you, for you have need of him. 13 There is a time when in their very hands is the issue for good. 14 For they also shall beseech the Lord, That he may prosper them in giving relief and in healing for the maintenance of life. 15 He that sins before his Maker, Let him fall into the hands of the physician. (WEBA) [2]

(21) When one considers the coldness of the heart of our nation towards the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pre-born humans every year, then this Covid-19 disease is permitted as a judgement from God against us. So, we must stop this abortion thing and care for each other, right from the pre-born to the elderly. We must also care for our economy of all of us who want to work, from the smallest business or job to the largest companies and the most important professions. Otherwise our whole country and lives will be ruined.

(22) A Deficiency Disease of Not Enough Zinc Talk show host of, Alex Jones, mentioned during the yesterday and today programs that the sickness classified as Covid-19 virus illness is really a deficiency disease of not enough zinc [and of other underlying health problems and deficiencies mentioned above] for once people take Hydroxychloroquine or Tonic Water with quinine, the ill symptoms go away within about twenty-four hours. See LA Doc link above and other links. [This is also very likely the cause of people getting this same illness back again later. People should supplement their diet with zinc.]

(23) The 10 Best Foods That Are High in Zinc – Healthline ... Summary: Some seeds like hemp, pumpkin, squash and sesame seeds contain significant amounts of zinc. They are also a good source of fiber, ...[meat (especially red), Shell fish, legumes, nuts, dairy (such as cheese), eggs, nuts, whole grains, potatoes, and dark chocolate].

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Anonymous View 26 Mar 2020 ... “We think tomorrow, pretty early, the hydroxychloroquine and the Z-Pak I think is a combination is looking very, very good and it's going to be ... [But the above should be in combination with a zinc supplement as found out by some other doctors, otherwise just the above combo takes days rather than hours.]

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Please copy and share this essay with others as soon as possible. Please do your part on sharing this with your politicians, mayors, and other leaders in your community and church. So that thousands of us will put pressure on our government to stop this nonsense of shutting down almost our whole society over a greatly exaggerated sickness problem.

Let us Get Back to Work and Worship in our Churches

So, government leaders, please stop this nonsense of shutting down our society and ruining our economy. Get our society back into circulation and back to work as soon as possible, before more people have nervous breakdowns and more commit suicide because of no jobs and bills pilling up.

Respectfully yours,

Clifford Besson,


April 14, 2020

[1] from (on 22 March 2020)

Inyorear 22 March 2020

But if you actually look at the stats, the virus was a significant or primary part of less than 20% of the deaths... and 88% of the deaths were people over 70 who were already ill. Let us try to have a little perspective, here, please?

Philosopher639 22 March 2020

According to Professor Walter Ricciardi, Adviser to Italy's Minister of Health, the mortality rate is extremely high due to the manner hospitals record deaths. “On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity - many had two or three,” he stated. Based on the latest number of deaths (5476) the actual DIRECT number of deaths from the Corona virus is 657.

Last updated: April 11, 2020, Italy Coronavirus Cases:152271 while Deaths:19,468 so this means it is =12.8% but on considering the above then it would be 20% of this for 2.55% as definitely due to Covid-19. But on considering the second comments then it would be just 19468 x 12% = 2489 deaths directly due to coronavirus. This then brings it down to 2489/152271= 0.0163 or 1.63%. The number of so called coronavirus cases and the number of deaths is from about 3 p. m. Central Daylight Savings time on April 11, 2020.

[2] Sirach is an ancient wise literature from the Apocrypha part of the Holy Bible and this translation is from the World English Bible with Apocrypha. From the words of wisdom here, no wonder the devil does not want anyone to read it.


Common Sense Needed About

Sunshine, Covid-19, and Alternative News

Revised and updated on 18 May 2020

 Researcher and Editor Clifford Besson


Please read and forward this petition to your friends and neighbours, for common sense needs to be used on treating this assault on our economy and on the good mental health of our citizens. Many people and other countries are looking to us as to what they should do with their own society, for thousands are starving in other countries because of no work and nothing to buy, because of businesses have been shut down. Do not just follow the crowd. Think for yourself and please try to understand what is really going on and who might be doing it to us. If you check out the Alternative News throughout this appeal but also at the end of it, you will find that some people had been planning on doing this very attack on our society for years, in order to make us accept their agenda to reduce the population of the world and to make us think we have to get vaccinated with their poisonous concoctions, as has already been done in Africa and India and to the military at times. What good is a vaccination if the so-called novel corona viruses keep breaking down or modifying themselves from one month to the next? Some businesses have already closed and some have gone bankrupt, which then could be bought by the rich. Who is going to benefit by our dilemma, Communism and the super-rich I guess? On this note, please check out this as a possible answer to our financial troubles: The facts below indicate that there is not much difference between the deaths of the regular seasonal flu and this Corona virus Covid-19 flu. Please see below.

So read the facts and advice from numerous experts in this controversial field found below please, for your own sake, your family, and your country. Plus check this out: White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic "Take Off the Masks...It's a HOAX!" White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic "Take Off the Masks...It's a HOAX!" Watch

Common Sense Needed

        I have been doing research for weeks on the problems of this novel coronavirus and have found some amazing things: like a doctor who treated 350 bad cases of the disease of Covid-19 and within 8 to 12 hours, all his patients lost all the symptoms of their disease. So therefore, there is no need for any to die because of this sickness. It all depends on whether the patients are treated soon enough and in the correct way, as in my previous essay which can be seen at and as indicated below. Also, according to a Swedish Experiment, it would be more advantageous for all of us to be back at work with only the very sick and the ones who recently contacted them to be under quarantine, provided the doctors properly care for their patients to have good immune systems to defeat the disease and keep it from coming back.

A Need for Alternative Opinions and Therapies

        It has also been found that vitamin D3 and zinc are necessary to keep the Covid-19 from replicating itself in the mitochondria of the cells. It is also important to be out in the Sun and eating well balanced diets to get other good nutrients like vitamin C to be healthy. One other thing, we have been putting too much trust in the advice from the pharmaceutical drug medical doctors. They cannot even cure the common cold, nor diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, cancer, hydrocephalus, autism, and numerous other diseases or disorders that other healing professionals or other therapies are successful with, but their successes are being suppressed by the news media. What medical doctors are really at their best, is with surgeries and drug therapeutics and crisis situations from accidents. Therefore, we should get alternative opinions from other health professionals on when we should be getting back to work and stop the quarantining of most of the whole population.

A New Treatment for Pneumonia Found

As many patients with Covid-19 have pneumonia, this is very important. This new remedy may even be one of the best answers for Covid-19 as well. I would like to see some doctors trying out this new remedy for pneumonia, as well as with all their patients with the novel corona virus symptoms, as they apparently do not know anything about this new remedy, which was discovered about fifty or more years ago.

Guinea Pig Nutritional Experiment   

      I was surprised to see that doctors are still having trouble treating Covid-19 cases with pneumonia. So I believe I should share what I discovered about fifty to sixty years ago, while doing a three year guinea pig nutritional experiment, while I was a student at the University of Winnipeg.

        I wondered why my subjects were not getting respiratory or pneumonia symptoms. While seeking God’s help, I therefore realized that perhaps it was the cedar chips that was keeping them healthy. I therefore made a tea of some of the clean cedar chips that I was using for their bedding when I was perhaps having a cold. I then found out it helped very nicely. On another day though when I experimented again when I did not have a cold or pneumonia, I tried the tea again but this time I got pneumonia and cold symptoms. I therefore realized I must have simply got too much of a good thing.

        Within the next few years, I was on a missionary trip to Sandy Lake Ontario at the First-nations community there. I was given room and board at the home of Kenny and Margaret Kakegamic. I soon found out that Mrs. Kakegamic had pneumonia and had gone to the nursing station. They gave her a large bottle of pills to take.


        They were not working at all it seemed, so I thought I should get her my pneumonia medicine. I went outside and cut off the last five or so inches of a branch of their cedar tree that was in their yard. I washed it off and put it in a pot and added water to it. I therefore boiled the water for several minutes and made a tea out of the mixture. I then gave it to the lady and suggested that she just sip it for a while until she felt better. This happened in about an hour or less.


        The next day when Margaret was feeling good and healthy she drank some more of the tea which was now cold. An hour or so later she came down with the pneumonia symptoms again so I told her to stop taking the tea for it was a medicine only for the sick. She was now getting too much of a good medicine. Within a few hours, she was feeling better again.


        Surely this is a very good remedy. Since this experience I made up another multipurpose remedy for a family that a baby with hydrocephalus. At one and half year old, the baby could not talk, walk or run. Within two weeks the baby was able to talk, walk, and run. I am trying to get this medicine registered. You can read more about it down below and possibly in my first petition at 

What is missing in the Diet or One’s Health?

        Note that people are sick from Covid-19, not because they never got a vaccination for it or they are lacking certain pharmaceutical drugs but because their immune system was not healthy enough from lack of certain nutrients or from poor elimination of waste products, poor eating habits and lifestyles, or lack of exercise. Great improvements of the immune system can be done with food nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements as found in sea food such as fish, kelp and dulse, fresh air, sunshine, a better diet for healthy good digestive system, and extra oxygen if necessary for healthy respiration. See below and at my previous essay at for more suggestions and details.

Share with Others Please

        Please pass this on to your health professionals, politicians, or city council, to help speed up the process of getting back to work and back to a better normal. Please see our original report and petition at as and our newest report below.

A Real Clincher

 “Banned Content: Ex-Fauci Employee Who Was Jailed Speaks Out In Viral InterviewsAn exposé on the false arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph. D. and what she has to say now about the present pandemic. See at

Please Note

I am not a licensed health professional, only a student of health, nutrition, and the Holy Bible for over sixty years. So before you make big changes in your lifestyle or diet, by following the advice here, which very likely will make you much healthier, check with a licensed health professional, preferably a naturopath because they learn more on healing the body through nutrition than the medical profession. What I am mentioning below is mostly from others plus over sixty years of research and experimenting.

A Possible Good Treatment for Covid-19 Patients

        Trump's promotion of the drug hydroxychloroquine to fight ... – Vox

        Anonymous View [on this]: 26 Mar 2020 ... “We think tomorrow, pretty early, the hydroxychloroquine and the Z-Pak, I think is a combination [which] is looking very, very good and it's going to be ... [But the above should be in combination with a zinc supplement as found out by some other doctors, otherwise just the above combo takes days rather than hours. Also consider the notes below concerning Dr. Sherry Rogers, the author of fifteen books. See Note too that if a doctor prescribes the drug hydroxychloroquine or quinine (from soda water with it, in it) and nutrients such as zinc, selenium, iodine, magnesium, along with vitamins C, D3, omega 3 and 6 acids, then one should be able to recover quickly from one’s illness, like those 350 patients mentioned earlier. They will likely be so healthy they will not be even able to get Covid-19 according to Dr. Sherry Rogers and other experts like Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Criticism of President Donald Trump

        I heard during the last few days on CTV Canadian news, about the regular news media making fun of President Donald Trump, when he raised a question about whether it was possible to somehow use a typical disinfectant inside the body to kill the Covid-19 in the lungs or other parts of the body. The following is my comment [with some editing] to President Trump:

        President Trump there was nothing wrong with you asking if it was possible to somehow get a disinfectant into the lungs intravenously. For you are not a doctor and the doctors also do not know everything, especially the medical profession doctors. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (a Ph. D.) and naturopathic doctors are the best [at eliminating symptoms and for curing illnesses in people] as far as I am concerned but there are also some MDs that are very good, such as Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Sherri Tennpenny, Dr. Cass Ingram, and Dr. Scott Kish.

Doctor Cass Ingram[1], the Oregano Expert

This past week on April 28, 2020, on the radio program, Cass Ingram, M. D. talked of treating three hundred Covid-19 patients with Oregano, its derivatives, cinnamon and other herbs. Apparently all recovered from their illnesses. See and 

Herbal Formulas

Dr. Marilyn Walkey of Functional Medicine 7875 SW Alden Street Portland, OR 97223
503-608-8155 and of says: “There are wonderful complex herbal formulas which totally heal COVID-19.”  

“The Weed that Heals”

Another good remedy according to the book Purslane, “the weed that heals,” is this purslane. The book is written and published by Clarence Eady, Box 36, Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada V0H 1R0. It mentions that it is good for immune system support, inflammation, cardiovascular problems, blood disorders, detoxification, edema, heart disease, swellings, bacterial conditions, cancer, circulation, diabetes, fever, fungal infections, mononucleosis, parasites, pulmonary hypertension, stress, and viral conditions. Why? It contains oxalic acid and the numerous nutrients listed below. It has also been used for as a potherb and for salads for over 2,000 years. So it is safe to use.

Many studies have shown that purslane is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients.” (p. 5). It has easily absorbed vitamin C and E, which is known to increase immunity to disease. Dried purslane has about five times more vitamin E than spinach. It is also a good source of coenzyme Q10.”. . . . Minerals found in purslane include phosphorus, zinc, silicon, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron and abnormally high levels of potassium. (p. 2).

Is this Backwardness or What?

        A new coagulant was discovered in 1938 as mentioned in,9171,761233,00.html.  But I am sure the Medical Doctors still do not acknowledge that. Furthermore, about this new coagulant, oxalic acid, or oxalate [which is found in rhubarb, strawberries, and many other foods], Col. Joe Hart, a man sick with cancer, found that was the very thing he was lacking in his diet. When he added that to his diet and cut out the blockers of oxalic acid, his cancer soon went away. He published a book about it: Hart Dietary Procedure Plan and I used this book to cure my eighty-six (86) year-old friend, Fred McClellan of prostate cancer, while I was providing him with board and room. A year later he no longer had cancer, and he lived till he was ninety-four (94) years old without cancer.

Oxalic Acid Diet Treatment

Col. Joe Hart claimed this oxalic acid kills viruses and he has patents [No. 6,133,317, 6,133,318, and 6,407,141] about it. [He also has testimonies of people in his book that were cured of their viral diseases upon following the suggestions and treatments in his book]. The chemists listed in [the above] Time magazine [article] injected [or gave them intravenously] this same acid into rabbits and then after some minutes he demonstrated to his audience of doctors how much more quickly the blood of the rabbits coagulated and stopped bleeding. I used this same principal on another gentleman friend of mine in Health Science [Center] of Winnipeg. He was in hospitals in Manitoba for about seven or eight months because his wound [on one of his legs and hip] kept bleeding. I therefore told my friend to quit eating and drinking food that kills oxalic acid. When he did, the blood coagulated in about a day or two and he was released from the hospital.

Calcium Bentonite Clay

According to the guest Perry A., an expert on healing with calcium bentonite clay, this particular clay has a negative charge while most viruses have a positive charge. Therefore this clay grabs on to the viruses and makes them ineffective to do any more harm. She was on the https://powerhournationg THE CLAY BOOK: Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature’s Pathway to Healing Balance, Detox, Stimulate, Alkalize

To purchase Living Clay please call The Power Mall at 877-817-9829 or order online at May 06, 2020 (hour 1): News + Guest Perry A. 

Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph D.

Depleted Uranium expert Doug Rokke joined The Power Hour to share his response to the Coronavirus. His military career has spanned 4 decades to include combat duty during the Vietnam War and Gulf War 1. Doug has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both civilian and military personnel. Dr. Rokke was one of the original authors of the 1982 EDRAT (Emergency Disaster Response Assistance Team) proposal which formed the foundation for today’s National Guard CSD teams and the Illinois CERT Teams. May 06, 2020 (hour 2): Guest Dr. Doug Rokke. See what he has to say about the foolishness of depending on masks to stop the escape of the super small viruses and of protection for oneself. Hear his recommendations of what to do when a patient with covid-19 is present.

Good Advice from Ancient Literature

1Th 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 1Jo 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Job 4:18 Behold, he put no trust in his servants; and his angels he charged with folly: {and his...: or, nor in his angels, in whom he put light} Job 15:15 Behold, he putteth no trust in his saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight. Ps 146:3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. {help: or, salvation} Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. {honest: or, venerable}

What is Going On?

        The doctors did not know what was going on in this case and neither does the [general] public or the CDC know about curing Covid-19 and healing the lungs, unless they do know but they want to prolong the pandemic to ruin your society. Do not trust Dr. Anthony Fauci. [He, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (W. H. O.) appear to be working for the pharmaceutical industry, the Chinese Communists, and the New World Order (N.W. O.)].

The Training of Medical Doctors

        The CDC and most medical doctors are also for pushing vaccinations. From my point of view, as the pharmaceutical industry has greatly influenced the training of medical doctors and belittles nutrition so much, the medical profession amounts to being drug pushers for the pharmaceutical drug and vaccination industry. This means, we all are paying too much for our medical expenses and good health. When medical doctors are prevented by their bias medical directors from using good alternative methods or wise nutritional knowledge to treat and heal their patients with agents that fortify the body’s natural defences, rather than poisoning the body’s warning signs of poor nutrition or injuries with drugs, this is criminal and increase costs of health care. Seeing many people may be afraid to complain about this practice, less the MDs will not treat them properly when needed, this amounts to medical tyranny.

Medical Oaths or Declarations

There is a good website on this at Making a declaration, rather than swearing an oath, is important. We are not swearing allegiance to an introverted, self serving club but declaring our intentions to help those who place themselves in our care and the community at large. [Is this not what it should be and with the authority to use even unorthodox untried methods when all else fails to cure a patient?]

An Acne Experiment that Worked

        Here is another example of poor training in the medical profession: there was a teenager who came down with a bad case of acne from head to his toes. His mother sent him to a skin specialist who gave him a special diet and one or more drugs to take. Within two weeks or three, the drugs did not seem to work anymore. His mother then sent her son to another skin specialist who treated him similarly and the boy got the same results.

Having been brought up in a Christian family, he therefore sought God’s help and wisdom and thought he should experiment on the diet that the medical profession gave him, by testing the prohibited foods mentioned by the two doctors. The first one he tried, was that of drinking soda pop, specifically Pepsi Cola. He bought a six pack of twelve-ounce bottles. Upon drinking his first bottle, he noticed the pressure of the pustules easing up beautifully. He carried on with a second bottle and the other four and saw big improvements. He therefore realized the medical profession, at least those two, did not know what they were talking about. It appears that their schooling was not teaching them much about how the body works but how drugs can work at hiding symptoms of the real problem.

How Did the Soda Pop Work?

        This same teenager then prayed for more wisdom from God and tried to figure out how the soda pop was working at remedying his acne problem. He then realized that the caffeine in that drink and in many other drinks, like regular teas and coffees are diuretics, which increases the beating of the heart, which sends more blood through the kidneys for elimination of body waste and poisons. Sun light and exercise, especially outside, also eliminates body waste through the largest organ of our bodies, the skin. Much of that waste is salty so this teenager cut out salty foods in his diet. That improved things even better. He also took note of sodium content in foods and found that by even drinking a glass of milk, which has a certain amount of sodium in it, his acne would get worse.

Toothache Problem and a Special Biochemistry Book

        This same young man had been going to a dentist about a toothache, but the dentist did not know what was really causing the problem. Before getting an appointment to have his tooth removed, he had noticed that staying off milk and other dairy products, except for butter, the toothaches would go away, as well as cramps in his legs, arms, face, and fingers. The regular medical profession did not seem to have proper answers for these problems either.

Some years later in the summer of 1968, the young man came across the book, Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry, A Medical Book for the Home, by J. B. Chapman M. D. while spending part of his summer in Nanaimo, BC. This gave the young man great clues as to why his acne was so bad and the causes of his toothaches and cramps. Later, it revealed to him how his mother died with a massive blot clot while in a hospital for anemia. The doctors gave her too much of the potassium chloride salt intravenously, which caused the blood to clot because the salt was in excessive amounts. They of course never admitted that but his books on biochemistry by MDs showed him this was the cause. If the doctors studied the above book, that man’s mother most likely would not have gotten that blood clot at all and would have regained her health very quickly.

More than Just Biochemistry

        What is that above book about? Biochemistry? Yes, but it is also using the wonders of homeopathy to treat and cure many so-called incurable diseases. It is about homeopathic biochemistry. In this type of therapy, often small tablets are used with miniscule amounts of mineral salt medicines that are the constituents in body tissues of humans and in animals. Each tablet of the Hyland brand is of just 73.5 mg of lactose, milk sugar and the active ingredient is often just one millionth of that, for just 0.07 mcg. Often four tablets are prescribed two or three hours apart a day till the symptoms are gone but sometimes one is cured of their symptoms after one dosage.

Alternative Health Care Systems

        Our government health care departments should be funding this branch of health and healing, as well as naturopathy, homeopathy, treatments with herbs, vitamins and minerals, acupuncture, massage therapy, acupressure, family therapy, chiropractic, and some other methods of healing, like holistic medicine. If any of these professions or therapies seem to be of no interest to you or not good to you, or some of their professional people are not so good or no better than the medical profession what is the problem? They have probably been found very well to some other people, otherwise they would not be around now.

Too Much Specialization

        Dr. Sherry Rogers pointed out that the main problem with the medical profession is that there is too much specialization ( means they are treating only one area of the body, when the real cause of the problem may be in an altogether different area, which when treated would cure their specialty area. If you are concerned about the government supporting other health care professionals who are not so good, they will soon be found out and the sick will simply go to another one, who may be able to solve their health problems much better.

 The main thing is people should have a free choice as to where their tax dollars go for medical services or health care. A good example of an all-round or general medical doctor was Dr. D. C. Jarvis who wrote Folk Medicine (Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett Publications, 1958) and treated any and all sicknesses with next to no pharmaceutical drugs, yet he got great results.

Before Medicare

        Before Medicare came to Manitoba, I was told there were twenty-two naturopaths working in the province but when people found out they could get free health care treatment from the pharmaceutical drug medical profession, thousands went to them instead, not realizing they were getting much better treatments from the naturopaths and other health professionals. After some years, they got bewitched, believing that since their government gives the big okay to the pharmaceutical drug medical system with their prestigious white robes, they believed them more than their past experiences before the monopolization of the health care business by the medical doctors. Most of these doctors are mainly only treating patients with drugs which only hide the symptoms of what is wrong with a person, rather than determining what is missing nutritionally or what is hindering the waste elimination system of the body.

Why These Terrible Problems?

WHO IS KILLING THE HEALERS AND WHY? | "Global Possibilities" Anonymous View  It seems that most of the doctors who recently died mysterious deaths were connected to treatment practices that employed GcMAF to defeat the effects of ...

Doctors & Hospitals Third Leading Cause of Death | Kelowna ... Anonymous View Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic logo ... Doctors & Hospitals Third Leading Cause of Death ... Most doctors work hard and in the best interests of their patients.

Cancer and Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors ...  Anonymous View 21 Feb 2018 ... Cancer and Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA ... He was reported to be in good health. [6, 7] ... Many believe that substance exists and is called GcMAF.

Freedom of Choice

        On considering the above issues when the general public get sick, they should be able to get government help to remedy their ailments with whatever health profession or therapies they would like to choose. This would most likely have to be by word of mouth because it is considered unethical to brag about how good one is at relieving symptoms or of curing ailments. Another way the public can find out is by asking their friends, going to health food stores for books about their ailments and treatments for them, plus the Internet for help. Sure, some of these professionals and treatments may not be of much good to you but maybe to someone else. Consider the situation now with the medical profession, they claim arthritis, diabetes, cancer, hydrocephalus, autism, and many other diseases cannot be cured but only treated. They also claim they do not know what causes these ailments as well. This therefore causes a very heavy burden on medical insurance, Medicare, personal health costs, loss of wages and loss of jobs, when alternative medicine has often cured thousands of patients that the pharmaceutical drug medical system does not or cannot.

A Family with Health Issues

        Here is another example of what an alternative medicine has done for one family with health issues. Their one-and-a-half-year-old baby could not talk, walk, or run because of hydrocephalus, when a Christian missionary preacher prayed for God’s help for the baby. Rather than seeing the child being suddenly healed, the thought came to the preacher that he surely must have some medicine at home that could help heal the child. He searched his health books and could not find anything, so with prayer in Jesus’ name, he put together a special formula of mineral salts and vital food elements that should help the baby and the needs of the rest of the family. The mother then gave one eyedropper drop of the formula twice a day in the baby’s milk formula. In two weeks, the baby was talking, walking, and running. To be on the safe side, the mother kept on giving the medicine until the bottle ran out, which was about six months later. Shortly after that, Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg told her that the baby’s head was swelling out again. The preacher then gave her a second bottle. The child then grew up like many of the average children in his neighbourhood. The staff at the Children’s Hospital were so amazed with his good health, they sent two of their staff to examine the boy’s reactions at play with his siblings and other children.

Leg Pains

        That was just one child, another one had been suffering from leg pains for about four years but after twenty minutes of drinking a half glass of water with one tiny drop of the same above formula, he was healed. His auntie told the Bible believing preacher that the nine-year-old child was run over by his grandpa’s pick-up truck one day when it was parked on the lawn. The grandfather did not notice that the child was behind one of the back wheels. The child was rushed to the nearest hospital, but they could not find any broken bones.


        Another healing by this same unregistered and unauthorized medicine then healed the mother suffering from Lupus within one hour of drinking a bottle of water with two drops of the medicine in it. On another occasion her husband’s broken foot also got better faster when he took a drop of the medicine as well. Since all these above treatments were all free of charge, there were no laws broken. The bottles of medicine were also freely given.

God Inspired Medicine

        Now what kind of medicine was that? It was a God inspired medicine of biochemic homeopathy, which medical doctors are probably not allowed to prescribe to anyone, even if it gets registered with the government. Just think how much money this kind of medicine could be saving the government in health costs.

What about the Seasons and Weather?

        It has been known for years that fall, winter, and spring seasons are the times for the flu (influenza), so it seems to be for Covid-19. Why that time of the year? Could it be because of less sunshine and less Vitamin D3 being created in our skin? Dr. Sherry Rogers says that Vitamin D3 plus the whole spectrum of Vitamin E (a complex of eight types), Vitamin C, along with zinc, selenium, [iodine], magnesium, and other trace minerals are necessary to build up the immune system of our bodies along with the right ratio of omega 3 to 6 acids. Why? It is to protect the mitochondria from invasions of things like corona viruses and Covid-19. This is where the SARS-CoV-2 virus replicates itself and causes Covid-19. But if the viruses cannot get into the mitochondria because of good nutritional health, the viruses will eventually die through the immune system of the body.

From the experiments that Colonel Joe Hart was doing with trying to kill cancer, he found that oxalic acid in the blood and body serum seemed to be part of that immune system that God put into us.

Where is It Better? Indoors or Outdoors?

If this is so, then the very necessary role of Vitamin D (and other nutrients like zinc mentioned above) at keeping the body so healthy it does not succumb to Covid-19 is very important. Therefore, is it not dumb to tell almost everyone to stay indoors, rather than being out in the sunshine with their children in their own yards or in parks, golf courses, or on the streets? This is especially so, for the Sun light kills viruses and germs while creating Vitamin D3 in the cells of the skin. So, if people are outside with others, there should be no fear of catching Covid-19, provided they do not hold on to people who are sick with it and avoid them when they are coughing or sneezing or had been with others who were infected with Covid-19. It therefore appears then that all that is needed is only quarantining the sick and those who were with them for two to four weeks.

Proofs of the Need for Vitamin D3

         Dr. John Campbell of Scotland in the following video shows lots of evidence from journals on the necessity of Vitamin D3 to keep the lungs, bones, muscles, and the whole body healthy. As it helps prevent colds, flu, chest infections and inflammations. See Of course, fresh air is also important.

What Difference between SARS and COVID-19?

SARS cases were more severe, in general. It’s estimated that 20 to 30 percentTrusted Source of people with SARS required mechanical ventilation.

Estimates of the mortality rate of COVID-19 vary greatly depending on factors like location and the characteristics of a population. Generally speaking, mortality rates for COVID-19 have been estimated to range between 0.25 and 3 percent.

SARS is much more deadly than COVID-19. The estimated mortality rate is about 10 percentTrusted Source.

COVID-19 appears to transmit more easilyTrusted Source than SARS. One possible explanation is that the amount of virus, or viral load, appears to be highest in the nose and throat of people with COVID-19 shortly after symptoms develop.

This is in contrast to SARS, in which viral loads peaked much later in the illness. This indicates that people with COVID-19 may be transmitting the virus earlier in the course of the infection, just as their symptoms are developing, but before they begin to worsen.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, some research suggests that COVID-19 can be spread by people who aren’t showing symptoms.

Another difference between the two illnesses is the fact that there haven’t beenTrusted Source any reported cases of SARS transmission before symptom development.

Molecular factors

A recent studyTrusted Source of the complete genetic information (genome) of SARS-CoV-2 samples found that the virus was more closely related to bat coronaviruses than the SARS virus. The new coronavirus has a 79 percent genetic similarity to the SARS virus.

[Since the two are so similar, then very likely the same amount of sun shine or UV that kills one should kill the other.]

White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic "Take Off the Masks...It's a HOAX!" Watch CNN Goes Full *....(I Can't Finish the Title) Watch This is about the tests are not accurate at all. People are being given a Positive when it was really negative and vice versa. Why those kind of tests at all? According to Dr. Doug Rokke you have to go by symptoms of the sickness and whether someone was with someone who was really sick with Covid-19.

        This'll Blow Your Mind! Watch

Government Report Says OUTSIDE is BETTER

        The observation is backed up by this: White House Reveals Solar Light, Humidity Hugely Detrimental to Coronavirus Trump administration urges 'More activities outside' as 'sunlight impedes virus transmission' Adan Salazar | - April 23, 2020 NOTE one or more friends of the Communist Chinese, of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and of the pharmaceutical industry, must have complained about the above scientific findings and also of the opinion of people expressing their opinions about our health and freedom, for the links for these two items have been cancelled from by the censorship people of free speech of

        For the moment you can go to the page to see the article there but I will quote some of it right here.

Hot temperatures and high humidity are extremely detrimental to coronavirus molecules, according to details released at a White House press briefing.

During the Thursday press conference, attended by President Trump, DHS Undersecretary for Science and Technology William Bryan presented recent findings by the Coronavirus task force showing how high temperatures and humidity adversely affect the half life of COVID-19 “in saliva droplets on surfaces and in the air.”

“Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus both surfaces and in the air,” Bryan said.

“We’ve seen a similar effect with both temperature and humidity as well where increasing the temperature or humidity, or both, is generally less favorable to the virus.”

“As the temperature increases, as the humidity increases with no sun involved you can see how drastically the half life goes down on that virus so the virus is dying at a much more rapid pace just from exposure to higher temperatures, and just from exposure to humidity,” Bryan said, explaining some of the items on the chart.

Once solar light is introduced to a high humidity/high temperature environment on a surface, the half life is cut down to two minutes, Bryan stated.

“You inject sunlight into that, you inject UV rays into that – the same effects on line two: that’s 70-75 degrees with 80 percent humidity on the surface – and look at line four, but now you inject the sun the half life goes from 6 hours to two minutes.”

With aerosol droplet tests, high temperature and high humidity with added sunlight brought the virus’s half life to close to 1.5 minutes, the chart shows.

“So in summary, within the conditions we’ve tested today the virus in droplets of saliva survive best in indoors and dry conditions. The virus does not survive as well in droplets of saliva – and that’s important because a lot of testing that’s being done is not necessarily being done #1 with the COVID-19 virus, #2 with saliva or respiratory fluids. And thirdly, the virus dies the quickest in the presence of direct sunlight under these conditions.”

Bryan went on to urge the president to use the data when addressing “practical decision making to lower the risks associated with the virus.”

Another slide presented by Bryan recommended “Best Practices for every American,” including “More activities outside” as “sunlight impedes virus transmission.”

Following Bryan’s presentation, President Trump sparred with a reporter who referred to the latest findings present as “rumors.”

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Pallas Athena 2 days ago commented:

Regarding disinfectants, President Trump could have been right if he expressed it differently. I have actually been diluting a water sanitization product into water and drink it at precise dosage. Have done it for 10 years , got rid with no side effects of flu, bronchitis, gastroenteritis and other [I] Have now been taking a small dose preventively to fend off Covid . I don't think I caught the virus despite having been in close contact with 4 people infected and subsequently ill. I am using it very cautiously as it is potent and can be dangerous, But for me it has been a life saviour even when I had a very high fever that would not go down, then this solution worked. It is called Chlorine Dioxide, it is not chlorine, it is activated Sodium Chloride. The US army is using it for sanitization. It was used against Malaria. My own experience with it is very positive. But I don't peddle it to anyone, as it can be toxic if wrongly used. 

2 days ago another person commented:

President Trump was right. The body can be internally disinfected. You would do this using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Quite effective! There are a number of books available on using this therapy.

See  for more interesting comments.

        Years ago, especially in Europe, some health clinics opened with solariums to help the sick recover much quicker, along with special diets, and pools with special salts that imitate the benefits found by being in sea water.

Fluorescent Lighting

        Another thing of importance, if Vitamin D3 is that important to help keep us from getting sick with Covid-19, then if the government is really concerned with keeping the elderly healthy in nursing homes, why do they not require them to use fluorescent lighting with the same or similar light spectrum of sunlight? There are lamps like that and they are called Daylight or Sunlight. That way they will be better protected against getting the regular flu, colds, rickets, other diseases, and Covid-19.

        A study should be done on the effectiveness of these special lights at providing the necessary UV frequencies as Sun light does, to kill viruses and to provide people with adequate vitamin D for their good health inside homes, institutions, like prisons, businesses, and restaurants. The health of everyone should improve. As Sun light kills germs outside in the open air, it should do so inside buildings as well through those special lights. Would people get sunburns from those same lights as well though, if they were on, all day long? This would have to be taken into consideration too though.

        There is a problem though for the government, if the elderly live longer, then the government will have to spend much more money on pensions and for care in nursing homes. But if the pensioners get much better in health, they will not need those nursing homes until the last few weeks or days of their lives.

        The important thing is to keep all of ourselves healthy by getting the above nutrients and lots of sunshine, especially if you are of dark skin, as dark skin does not produce as much Vitamin D as white skin. .

How to Keep from Getting Covid-19

        In order to keep oneself from getting Covid-19 from others, according to a video of Dr. David Price (How to Avoid Coronavirus – Covid-19 Protecting Your Family: is to avoid prolong contact with people who have the sickness, like for about 15 to 20 minutes and to avoid people coughing or sneezing. Keeping “social distancing away from each other” will help but the problems this causes are worse than the benefits. According to the above doctor this social distancing is not really needed, provided one is not actually touching or breathing in the same air as the sick. So, let us get outside in the open air and sunshine, and quarantine those who are sick with Covid-19 and those who just had contact with them.

More Information on Killing Viruses like Covid-19

As sunshine and its ultraviolet (UV) light in it kills viruses, so, anyone outside in the sunshine and heat of the summer in a park, playground, one’s own yard, country side or beach should have no fear of getting the sickness from other people, who also have been outside for about a half hour or more for Sun light kills the viruses and germs. See this and following information on UV:

The technology behind Sterilize-X ensures that the virus DNA is completely destroyed. In other words - microorganisms are dead! It can even neutralize “superbugs” that have developed a resistance to antibiotics! UVC light is used for air and surface disinfection even in hospitals, care homes, laboratories (no more words needed here!). (

Another brand is from

Another is from this site: which has the following information:

Ultraviolet Light holds many positive health benefits, such as boosting our immune system, healing deep tissue wounds, and even sterilizing bacteria, viruses and so much more!

Find exactly what you need in our UV LIGHTS Collection selected for you by hand

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Ultraviolet UV light sterilize?

A: Yes! UV light works the best in 200-400nm spectrums to disinfect and sanitize your water, surfaces and with infrared UV light you can even boost your immune system.

Q: What UV light spectrum is the safest to use?

A: UV-A Light with 400nm wavelengths and below are the safest to use. Please do not let any human or live animal look directly into the UV light.

Q: Which UV light spectrum is the most effective to use?

A: UV-C light uses 253.7nm wavelength to irradiate microorganisms and has the added benefit of sterilizing the reproduction capability of bacteria and viruses by breaking up the cell

Q: Do UV sanitizing wands and flashlights work?

A: If applied correctly, every UV A to C level spectrum can sanitize objects, water, food, surfaces and more. You can use it at a 8ft distance for UV-C about 5-20 minutes and UV-A about 15-40 minutes.

Q: What is the best UV light?

A: If you are looking for the best household UV sanitizer you can pick the UV LED Torch. For more aggressive and thorough sanitizing as well as sterilizing you can pick the UV Sanitizing Wands or the stationary UV-C Lamp [see their website].

Good Recommendations for Hospitals and their article on Aerosol Susceptibility of Influenza Virus to UV-C Light,

This appears to be their recommendations to quickly and thoroughly kill virtually every microbes and viruses in the air and “the prevention of influenza virus infection transmitted from person to person via an airborne route.” 

UV-C light has been used to sanitize air using UV-C light emitted by lamps located in the upper portions of rooms (8). High-intensity light restricted to the upper part of the room by special louvered fixtures inactivates microorganisms as they circulate through the room via air currents. Due to the louvered fixtures, the UV levels in the lower, occupied part of the room remain at safe levels.

Trump, UV light and COVID-19

Ultraviolet light has long been used as a disinfectant in wastewater treatment, hospital rooms and other settings. It also has some medical treatment applications, such as the use of fluorescent lamps to administer controlled doses of UV light to skin lymphoma patients.  

UV light works as a disinfectant because it can stop cells from reproducing. No microorganisms have shown immunity to UV exposure at certain levels, according to the International Ultraviolet Association.

But UV light can be dangerous to humans. For example, UV light found in sunlight causes sunburns and can eventually cause melanoma.

More:Fact check: UV light injections are not a common medical treatment — or a COVID-19 cure

During the April 23 White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, Bill Bryan, undersecretary for science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, discussed a study regarding shortening the coronavirus's lifespan through exposure to sunlight and humidity.

Trump then floated the idea that ultraviolet light could be used in the body as a treatment.

“So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light — and, I think you said that that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it,” he said. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that, too. It sounds interesting.”

More: Walmart expanding Express Delivery to 1,000 stores to meet demand amid coronavirus crisis

Medical experts were quick to caution against the use of disinfectant injections or UV light as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Among the experts were the International Ultraviolet Association and RadTech North America, two industry groups made up of equipment vendors, scientists, engineers and medical professionals who deal with ultraviolet light.

“We would like to inform the public that there are no protocols to advise or permit the safe use of UV light directly on the human body at the wavelengths and exposures proven to efficiently kill viruses such as SARS-CoV-2,” a joint news release from the groups said.

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, said in a video published April 24 in that UV radiation is dangerous and should be taken seriously.

"There is no evidence whatsoever that ultraviolet radiation ... has any impact in any way on preventing or treating COVID-19," he said. "And we have to understand that we rely on evidence. There is no evidence."

On April 24, Trump said he was being sarcastic.The White House issued a statement that day blaming media for quoting him out of context. 

More: Coronavirus spares one neighborhood but ravages the next. Race and class spell the difference.

Los Angeles hospital studies UV technology

 for COVID-19

On April 20, three days before Trump made his remarks, pharmaceutical company Aytu Bioscience announced that it had signed an exclusive license for worldwide rights to the Healight Platform Technology under research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Trump did not specifically mention Healight Platform Technology in his remarks nor did he refer to the company during his clarification of the remarks on April 24.

Fact Checks

Fact check: Are governors' stay-at-home orders bad for your health?

The Healight technology is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and has not been cleared for use. According to the Aytu Bioscience website, the company is working with the FDA on developing an "expedited regulatory process" that would allow it to be used in the near-term for critically ill COVID-19 patients. 

The company claims a study conducted last year shows UV-A therapy can "potentially provide a safe and effective novel approach to antimicrobial treatment via phototherapy on internal organs." 

The technology would work by inserting a catheter with LED lights that emit UV-A light — one of the categories of ultraviolet light that's also found in sunlight — in a controlled way, according to the company’s website. 

"Our team has shown that administering a specific spectrum of UV-A light can eradicate viruses in infected human cells (including coronavirus) and bacteria in the area while preserving healthy cells," Dr. Mark Pimentel, executive director of the Medically Associated Science and Technology Program at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, said in a news release. 

Fact check: What's true and what's false about coronavirus?

This week, Aytu Bioscience announced an agreement with Sterling Medical Devices to finalize the development of the technology.    

Aytu Bioscience did not return an email requesting comment. A media representative at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center said the hospital could not accommodate a USA TODAY request for an interview but pointed to a statement on the hospital's website that said the company is in the preclinical stages of developing the technology, which could eventually be used to treat viruses and bacteria. 

"The technology has not been tested or used on patients," the statement said. "Cedars-Sinai has filed for patents related to the technology and has signed a licensing agreement with Aytu Bioscience with the aim of potentially enabling near-term use as a COVID-19 intervention for critically ill, intubated patients." 

Some medical and UV light experts interviewed by USA TODAY said researchers would need to continue to show that the ultraviolet light could be used in a way that would damage the human body. 

Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilatorsFact check: Is the economy still in a better place than when Obama left office?

Fact check: Conspiracy theorists claim Nancy Pelosi visited Wuhan in November. She did not.

Fact check: Was second wave of Spanish flu worse? Did it kill at least 20 million people?

“I think very few professional experts would say that UV isn’t effective,” said Jim Malley, an ultraviolet light expert and professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of New Hampshire. “But, again, it’s a quantum leap to putting a UV robot in a surgical suite or a classroom — you know, locking the door and putting warnings up and just dosing that room for hours — to then take it and use it on the skin or in a body.”  

More fact-check sources:

Then from

Columbia researcher David Brenner believes far-UVC light—safe for humans, but lethal for viruses—could be a ‘game changer.’

By Carla Cantor April 21, 2020

A technique that zaps airborne viruses with a narrow-wavelength band of UV light shows promise for curtailing the person-to-person spread of COVID-19 in indoor public places.

The technology, developed by Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research, uses lamps that emit continuous, low doses of a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light, known as far-UVC, which can kill viruses and bacteria without harming human skin, eyes and other tissues, as is the problem with conventional UV light.

“Far-UVC light has the potential to be a ‘game changer,’” said David Brenner, professor of radiation biophysics and director of the center. “It can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.”

The research team's experiments have shown far-UVC effective in eradicating two types of airborne seasonal coronaviruses (the ones that cause coughs and colds). The researchers are now testing the light against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in collaboration with Thomas Briese and W. Ian Lipkin of the Center for Infection and Immunity in a biosafety laboratory on Columbia's medical center campus, with encouraging results, Brenner said. 

“Far-UVC takes a fundamentally different tactic in the war against COVID-19,” Brenner said. “Most approaches focus on fighting the virus once it has gotten into the body. Far-UVC is one of the very few approaches that has the potential to prevent the spread of viruses before they enter the body.”

UV treatments in Israel

Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center installed a new system to destroy the COVID-19 virus in hospital wards where patients infected with the virus are treated. This includes the intensive care unit and the hospital’s outpatient unit.

The system is built on ultraviolet light which gives off a specific wavelength that has been found to be deadly to the coronavirus, not cancerous and safe for use in close proximity to patients, including those suffering from pulmonary problems.

According to the inventors, the system destroys the coronavirus in a room in up to half an hour and without causing harm to any of the patients 

"UV lights have been used for years to purify and disinfect operating rooms in Israel and around the world, however in 2009 the American Health Authorities issued a warning that some of the lights which were being used created ozone molecules that could be extremely dangerous, especially for pulmonary patients,” Orkin said. “Because of this, they were not used in the fight against the coronavirus, for fear of harming the patient.”

Orkin said that the group’s research found that “there are ultraviolet lights, with a specific wavelength that do not create ozone, but are efficient in purifying buildings and rooms and therefore are extremely suitable in treating the virus. Furthermore, these same specific lights do not create harmful radiation for the skin and eyes. Using the physical algorithm, it is possible to install the light system and products with the wavelength and different outputs to conform to any size room or building. This type of system can destroy the Corona virus in a time frame of up to 30 minutes without harming any individuals".

Prof. Moti Ravid, Head of Mayanei Hayashua Medical Center, said that the system uses specific bulbs which emit light on a frequency that does not create ozone in the air, and, as a result, are safe for use in pulmonary patient's rooms. has this comment:

 As a technology, ultraviolet light disinfection has been around for a while. And while practical, large-scale efficacy against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 has yet to be shown. UV light shows a lot of promise: SSLEEC member company Seoul Semiconductor in early April reported a "99.9% sterilization of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 seconds" with their UV LED products. Their technology currently is being adopted for automotive use, in UV LED lamps that sterilize the interior of unoccupied vehicles.

Meat Handling and Packing Plants

Other good sites on UV disinfection methods such as below suggest that all meat handling and packing plants should employ safe recommended UV lighting and treatments of their plants to kill any germs and viruses in the animal carcasses and cut meats and to protect their workers. and

What about the Remdesivir Recommendation?

Remdesivir recommended by Fausi sickens or kills the testicles and reduces sperm mobility and possibility of reproduction.

"Our findings suggest that a high dosage of GS-5734 may induce testicular toxicity and result in deterioration of sperm parameters in mice.” and

With a couple of tweets about their findings

Mary @TeaPartyforUSA @gatewaypundit - Fauci's drug of choice. Depopulation drug,

[Why? Because it will reduce the treatment from 15 days to 12 days, but using Plaquenil, which is hydroxychloroquine and zinc, the timing to reduce all symptoms is from 8 – 12 hours but that is too fast for Fauci and the N. W. O. people who want to destabilize our economies. Besides that the patent has run out on Plaquenil and their use of hydroxychloroquine, as a generic drug can now be used by anyone without a prescription. That means a loss of business for the pharmaceutical industry and for their medical doctor followers. Have you got the pictures?]

01 May 2020    231FOLLOWERS Mary @TeaPartyforUSA

High dosage of GS-5734 {#Remdesivir) may induce testicular toxicity and result in deterioration of sperm parameters in mice. 01 May 2020 [repeating the finding made above].

A Prophecy on Covid-19

        On, it was mentioned on their last Sunday program of April 19, 2020 that God told prophet T. B. Joshua that there would be a wipe out of that Covid-19 disease in the very epicenter of it, before the end of March. It then happened just as God said it would. It appears, he used acid rain to do it. I heard that in Wuhan, China it had no more outbreaks after March 27 until in April when they let outsiders come in. Before that day in March, there were about three to four days of rain. Because of the bad air pollution and great industrialization over there in China (after our leftist socialist politions gave away many of our jobs to them) that rain was very likely ACID RAIN that most likely killed all the viruses and sanitized the area and the air.     

     Why Still the Panic?

So, what am I trying to say in this petition? It is that whereas there are hundreds of people being cured of the sickness of Covid-19 through proper treatment of combing the old malaria drug of Plaquenil, with the generic name of hydroxychloroquine, along with Z-Pak (Zithromax or Azithromycin), which “is an antibiotic approved for treatment of respiratory, skin and other bacterial infections.” ( or being supplemented with zinc, vitamin C, and extra oxygen rather than respirators, then why be so terrified of thousands of people dying.

        Why the disdain of treatment with the hydroxychloroquine drug? The patent on it ran out so any manufacturer can make and sell it at much cheaper prices than the regular Plaquenil drug. It appears that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci or his friends want to be able to sell a new drug with a big price on it to treat Covid-19 instead. For now all they have is this Remdesivir, which appears to be a depopulation drug as previously just shown. I wonder how much money or company stocks Dr. Fauci is getting, from pushing this Remdesivir drug as the best promising drug to treat Covid-19?

Suppression of Good Treatments

Some doctors have been treating patients more successfully by simply giving injections of high doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C in turn, changes or breaks down into oxalic acid, a killer for cancer cells and viruses according to Col. Joe, as previously mentioned and to this article at on THE METABOLISM OF ASCORBIC ACID-l-C” AND OXALIC ACID-Cl4 IN THE RAT* BY CONSTANCE O’H. CURTINt AND C. G. KING (From tlse Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, New York, New York).

If any keep on dying, it is because information like this is being suppressed, denied or hidden from the public and the health departments and the medical doctors. Another reason for the high number of people dying, supposedly from Covid-19, is because of their health being compromised with other debilitating diseases or conditions. Some examples are people being over seventy-five years of age and are living in personal care or nursing homes with limited or no exposure to sunshine and fresh air. No wonder so many people of that age group have been dying.

Foolish and Despicable Trials

        It appears some doctors have been trying out the anti-malaria drug of hydroxychloroquine in trials, treating Covid-19 cases but they have left out the supplementing of their treatments with zinc, perhaps even on purpose. They then tell the public that this anti-malaria drug hardly does any good. Dr. Sherry Rogers says that this is foolish and despicable, as the body is very complex and needs an orchestra of nutrients to operate properly.

Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease

        Now it appears obvious that the cure is worse than the disease, for the economy is suffering badly, shortages of food is developing, businesses closing, and the mental health of hundreds of people are being hurt. Fights have been breaking out in stores, when employees ask customers to wear masks or do better social distancing. People are losing their patience and purpose and meaning in life, because of lack of close face-to-face contact with close friends. Alex Jones breaks down the casualties of those suffering from starvation due to the coronavirus lockdown of society.

        Sure, some may still die if all the restrictions are cancelled tomorrow but people are always dying either from the common flu, old age, or other illnesses as mentioned in some of the comments above. It has been said that it is mainly those who are already suffering from other illnesses and those over sixty that are getting sick from this Covid-19 disease.

Why the Over-all Poor Health?

        Many deaths are because many people eat junk food and hardly get any fresh fruit, vegetables, and unprocessed meat, such as poultry, beef, lamb, and fish. Some get over weight because of chemical imbalances of potassium phosphate, which can cause the appetite to not be satisfied.[2] Some of the reasons why people do not buy healthy foods is because of spending their money on cigarettes, other tobacco products, liquor, soft drinks, gambling, pornography, or other unnecessary things of entertainment. So, if these are the type of people who will be dying first or from Covid-19 let them be. Why should we be suffering so much in being quarantined and live in such distress of social distancing, when they are really at fault for the compromising of their own health that then makes their immune system so weak that they will likely get sick either from the common flu or Covid-19. So, it is their fault if they die, not ours.

 If we want to eat good and carry on our life as if Covid-19 did not exist that should be up to us. It should not be governments forcing the rest of us to be quarantined because of being worried about a small minority of people who mostly are in compromised health conditions any ways. They all will die as the rest of us do, but we at different times. We hopefully will live longer because of taking better care of ourselves and we are not living beyond the expected life expectancy of those of us in Canada and the United States of America. In 2009 it was 81.2 years for Canada and 78 years for the Americans. ( Our past vaccinations also work against us by making our natural immunity system weaker.

Hardships of Staying at Home

        I have attended worship services over the phone, using the Chinese Zoom program[3] and via the Internet, but this is the pits compared to being right there with one’s friends, singing, praying, and worshipping God together in our regular places of worship. In those services we can pray with and for each other like in football huddles, supporting each other. After the service we can hang around, chat, have pot luck lunch, or go off to a restaurant together. This we cannot do over the phone or through the Internet.

There is also the good fellowship one has at work and at play with our friends, so let us get back to work and inform the medical doctors of proven treatments that some doctors have had, like with intravenous injections of high doses of vitamin C and of hydrogen peroxide therapy if that would help, whether the bias CDC and their medical superiors agree to it or not. Most likely because of their compromised interests in pharmaceutical drug companies and/or other entities who want to destroy our economies and decrease the population of the world.

More Good Insight from Ancient Sacred Literature

The Book of Hosea 4:1 Hear the word of [Jeh-wah], you children of Israel; for [Jeh-wah] has a charge against the inhabitants of the land: "Indeed there is no truth, nor goodness, nor knowledge of God in the land. 2 There is cursing, lying, murder, stealing, and committing adultery; they break boundaries, and bloodshed causes bloodshed. 3 Therefore the land will mourn, and everyone who dwells therein will waste away, all living things in her, even the animals of the field and the birds of the sky; yes, the fish of the sea also die. 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God's law, I will also forget your children.

When Can We Get Back to Regular Work and Play?

        I want to get back to the old normal, like when we did not have to stop everything because of the ravages of the common flu, where hundreds or thousands die every year. See my previous petition at As many have been saying, the common flu kills more people than what this Covid-19 has been doing. The numbers of deaths from supposedly Covid-19 have been blown out of proportions because of doctors in the U. S. A. and in some other countries being told to regard any deaths not from accidents, as being from Covid-19 if there is just a trace of signs of the disease or even no trace of it. See the articles listed above and below.


Know the Flu Facts

 THE FLU CAN BE A SERIOUS DISEASE. The flu is very contagious and can spread quickly and easily. [But did we quarantine almost everyone for the flu? No.]

                        In Canada, an average of 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths related to the flu occur each year*.


                        What’s more likely to kill you in Canada?



Nearly 80,000 people died from cancer in 2018, according to Statistics Canada. One of the main causes? Smoking. ……

Cardiovascular disease

In 2018, more than 53,000 Canadians died from heart disease, according to Statistics Canada. It is the second leading cause of death, and 12 Canadian adults who have been diagnosed with heart disease die every hour, according to surveillance data the Public Health Agency of Canada gathered in 2012 and 2013.

Accidents, including a car crash

Nearly 13,300 people died from unintentional injuries in 2018, according to Statistics Canada. And while the number of car accident fatalities has dropped from nearly 3,000 20 years ago, people in Canada are still more likely to die in a car crash than from coronavirus. More than 1,800 people died in a collision in 2017, per figures from Transport Canada.

The flu

Influenza and pneumonia killed 8,511 people in 2018, per Statistics Canada figures. When you narrow the scope to just the common flu, the death toll is around 1,000 per year, says Rosenthal. Once he crunches the numbers, he says this: the odds of a random Canadian dying from the common flu this year is about one in 300,000.


Every year thousands of people in Canada die by suicide — a figure experts say is conservative at best. In 2018, 3,811 people died by suicide. And yet, it is preventable, experts say, if we keep fighting stigma, connecting the data, and working to ensure everyone has access to the treatment they need.

Coronavirus news: Coronavirus in Canada

Canadian Cases of Covid-19 This Year

As of April 27, 2020, at 4:37 p. m. CDST

Confirmed 49,534, Deaths 2,676, Recovered, 18,884, Tested 768,595

        So, from the above, putting things in a better perspective, we should have no more fear of getting sick and dying from Covid-19 than from the regular seasonal flu or from Cancer, than getting any of the above problems or sicknesses. The above number of deaths from the confirmed number amounts to 5.4% but 0.348% of all the ones tested. So, let us get back to work.

May 16, 2020 - Ottawa, ON - Public Health Agency of Canada

In lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, issued the following statement today:

"As of Saturday, May 16, there are 75,004 COVID-19 cases, including 5,595 deaths. More than 37,274 or 50 per cent of cases are now recovered. Labs across Canada have tested over 1,265,000 people for COVID-19 to date, with about 6 per cent of these testing positive. We are now testing an average of 26,000 to 28,000 people daily. These numbers represent what we know at this moment, and change quickly. I encourage Canadians to consult for the latest information.

        The figures above show that so far 5,595 deaths/1,265,000 tested = 0.44 % of that number that were tested. Now were all those deaths caused by Covid-19 or did the people die from the use of respirators that have been proven to not work with Covid-19 lung problems or did the people really die from something else while testing positive for Covid-19, as has been happening in the U. S. A., indicated in some of the reports below?

        But are the doctors using the W. H. O. recommendations or that of President Donald Trump and of doctors who have been using hydroxychloroquine and zinc therapy. I am sure they have mostly been using the W. H. O. or the CDC recommendations and that of Dr. Anthony Fauci. That is why there are more deaths so far than the regular Flu in Canada.

                                         COVID-19 QUESTIONS               

A philosopher named Mencius once remarked, “To act without clear understanding, to form habits without investigation, to travel a path all one's life without knowing where it really leads; such is the behavior of the multitude.” Most don't ask questions and so, are easily deceived. Are you one of the unthinking “multitude?” Here are some pertinent question concerning COVID-19. See if you can find the answers.

1.) Hospitals are incentivized to receive a $13,297 Medicare reimbursement for every registered COVID patient; additionally they receive $40,218 for putting a patient on a ventilator. Do you see a “MONEY MOTIVE” conflict ofinterest in this “rewards program?” Is it possible that hospitals would say a person has COVID when he doesn't, thereby resulting in FRAUDULENT total COVID-19 cases & deaths

2.) Medicare reimbursement for COVID-19 tests will be $36 for EVERY CDC test and $51 for ALL those created in house or by other entities. Follow the money. Who benefits from all these tests being marketed by Corporate mediaand sold?

3.) Koch's postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease.No top medical research paper (Zhou, Kim, Poutanen, Drosten, Ksiazek, Peiris) has met Koch's criteria. NOT ONE! This alone places COVID-19 as the cause of a pandemic WITHOUT MEDICAL PROOF. Why do you think this is?

4.) These major Research papers indicate that CV-19 has never been ISOLATED, PURIFIED or VISUALIZED. How then, can anyone say who does or doesn't have the virus?

5.) Because COVID-19 has not been ISOLATED, PURIFIED OR VISUALIZED what's the point of taking a RT-PCR test oran antibody test?

6.) The RT-PCR test can't look for a virus that's never been ISOLATED. It can only look for something that is associated with what people consider "viral activity." Why isn't Mainstream Media reporting on this?

7.) Medical professionals as well as corporate media admit that the PCR test is HIGHLY INACCURATE, even apart from the fact that the virus hasn't been visualized. Does that sound like a test you still want to take? - Who benefits from the creation of all these tests? Could harm come to you if you take such a test?

 8.) According to the CDC, regular seasonal influenza afflicts, hospitalizes and kills FAR MORE people than CV-19. Why, then, would we shut everything down when we deal with MUCH WORSE every year?

9.) Consider Chicago Health Official Dr. Ngozi Ezike's statement: “If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it's still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who's listed as a COVID death doesn't mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.

10.) Forced closures are destroying lives, leading to bankruptcy and homelessness. The “stimulus” will devalue our dollar and lead us into hyper-inflation and a cashless society. If we let that happen America is done! Go to to find out how you can change your community and take your country back!

Please Save our Economy and

Treat This Covid-19 Virus like the Regular Flu

Let us get back to work, back to play, and back to church please. As you can see by the above and below alternative news, this pandemic is a hoax. Sure some people are dying, mostly because their health is compromised and they would likely die from the regular flu or some other ailment. But notice the successes that some doctors and others have come up with, in treating their patients with possible Covid-19 diseases. There is the old malaria drug mentioned above along with zinc and other vitamins and minerals plus herbal treatments, vitamin C and D3, Sun shine, special salt spring or sea water baths, oxalic acid, and calcium bentonite clay that have all worked on viral diseases according to experts in these fields. Respirators are not advised with this covid-19 symptoms though. A number of patients have died during this type of treatment instead of simply giving supplemental oxygen.

In order to save face, why not just mention that the UN department of W. H. O., the CDC, and many news media have over stated the severity of this novel corona virus flu as far worse than our regular yearly flu. The truth is that it is not, we therefore must get back to work and run our society as if it is just like the regular flu. Sure take precautions but sensible ones of getting lots of Sun shine, eat healthy, exercise, but stay home if you are sick until you get better.

Some Alternative News Reports on Covid-19

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

Follow Dr. Rashid A. Buttar:


AG Barr Says Stay-At-Home Orders ‘Disturbingly Close to House Arrest’ 'It's very onerous, as is shutting down your livelihood,' he says

Watch: Mother Arrested at Playground, Bundy & Neighbors Protest Outside Arresting Officer’s Home 'The people will not allow you guys to do this for very long'

The Shutdown is The REAL Chinese Virus – Watch American Countdown Live! - April 23, 2020 - Tune in as Robert Barnes looks at the constitutional issues with the coronavirus shutdown.

The Destructive Effects of the Coronavirus Relief Package Thorsten Polleit | - April 23, 2020 - Central banks are at the heart of government mega–bailout packages. Their ongoing expansion of the money supply won’t end well.

Eight Meatpacking Plants Close In Weeks Across America Stoking Food Shortage Fears

Zero Hedge - April 23, 2020 - Food inflation could be imminent as coronavirus is leading to the shutdown of food manufacturing plants across the country

Infowars Announces CantCloseAmerica.Com - April 23, 2020 -Spread the word about this website and don’t forget to sign the petition!

Professor Warns Cancer Deaths Due to COVID Disruption Will Be Greater Than Deaths from Coronavirus. Paul Joseph Watson - April 23, 2020 - Cancer victims not able to access treatment due to coronavirus pandemic.

Why We Protest Savanah Hernandez | - April 23, 2020 - Civil liberties under attack as livelihoods suspended, jobs lost, society locked down.

Criminal Freed from Jail Early Due to Coronavirus Steals Car within 40 Minutes of Release Adan Salazar - April 23, 2020 - Convicted criminals are taking a cue from the chaos caused by coronavirus orders.

China Triggers Global Starvation Jon Bowne - April 23, 2020 - Famine is the real coronavirus threat.

Regions don’t decide, retailers open all at once: France to unveil nationwide plan to lift Covid-19 lockdown next week  RT - April 23, 2020 - Starting from May 11, France’s schools and businesses will be gradually reopened

America On The Verge Of Bankruptcy Warns Mitch McConnell Alex Jones | - April 23, 2020 - Learn about the real threat to the American people.

Business Owners Understand Why the Economy Can’t Just Be “Reopened” Christopher E. Baecker | - April 23, 2020 - Business owners and entrepreneurs are our “meal ticket,” our “golden goose.” The sort of thinking that shuts them down on the whims of politicians poses grave economic threats to us all.

U.S. Intel Officials Believe Chinese Diplomats May Have Spread Fake Texts To Cause Social Unrest Steve Watson | - April 23, 2020 - State Dept. says China, Russia, and Iran are spreading conspiracy theories that US released coronavirus as a bio-weapon.

White House Trade Adviser: ‘China Spawned the Virus in a Lab’ Steve Watson | - April 23, 2020 -“Then they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization.”

Bill Gates Continues to Push ‘Immunity Passports,’ Tech-Enabled Surveillance State  Zero Hedge - April 23, 2020 - Globalist technocrat driving nefarious agenda amid coronavirus crisis

The Facts That Prove That Almost Everyone Is Wrong About This Coronavirus Pandemic by Michael Snyder | End of The American Dream - April 23, 2020

(One Reader of the above article said😊

I totally disagree with this article.  First, let's ASSUME NOTHING!  Yes, there is a virus, it is REPORTED to be killing people, mutating rapidly, nasty way to die, etc.  There is also the fact, yes fact, that we are endangering lives from potential starvation, economic collapse, mental stress, denied access to non-emergency treatment such as cancer testing, and all other messes that have already probably cost us three times what the toll of the COVID-19 beasty has. 

That's what we get for NOT protecting our God given rights of self-determination against reactionary government idiots and cowardly chicken little MSM / Social media.  Got a news flash, the mortality rate on this planet is a constant 100%, EVERYONE DIES!  Grow up, get your big boy / big girl pants on and go live the best life you can until other eventualities make that a canceled check.

Teen Hit With Large Fine For Playing Basketball Alone Dan Lyman - April 22, 2020 - Father slams officers for ‘disgusting bullying’

Houston, Texas Police Union Refuses To Enforce Judge’s Mandatory Mask Law Kelen McBreen - April 22, 2020 - ‘This idiotic order is possibly an unconstitutional one.’

Central Banks and the Next Crisis: From Deflation to Stagflation Daniel Lacalle | - April 22, 2020 - When governments and central banks announce massive stimulus packages at the very beginning of a crisis, they bet on a speedy recovery and a return to normal as if nothing had happened. This is far from the case

Live Shows 4/22/20: Democrats Come Out As Chinese Communist Agents and Blame Trump For Coronavirus - April 22, 2020 - Dems aim to sow division, rather than unite behind president in time of crisis.

Hotel Used as UN Asylum Center Quarantined After 150 Test Positive For Coronavirus Dan Lyman - April 22, 2020 - Entire town hit with strict lockdown after coronavirus spreads among African migrants

[This is partly due to black Africans not getting enough Vitamin D3 in comparison to white people and especially so if they are malnourished.]

This Kills Covid-19 Hysteria! LA Confirms Death Rate of 0.16574999 The Alex Jones Show - April 22, 2020 - As testing increases, the world discovers the virus less harmful than the common flu. Tune in live!

Texas Salon Reopening Despite Lockdown, Owner Cites ‘Constitutional Right’ to Survive Dan Lyman - April 23, 2020 - Dallas business owner risks jail to provide for family

FBI Raids Detroit-Area Medical Facility ‘For Using Intravenous Vitamin C to Treat COVID-19 Patients’ Vitamin C being used widely as a treatment for coronavirus in hospitals throughout the world

BOMBSHELL! CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19

YouTube Censors Video About UV Light Treatment Use Against Coronavirus

Watch: Infowars Leads ‘You Can’t Close America Rally 2’ In Downtown Austin Texas

California Bans ‘Gatherings’ On State Properties After Protests Surge Against Newsom’s ‘Stay-At-Home’ Orders "We are going to do the right thing, not judge by politics, not judge by protests, but by science."

Sweden sees record number of coronavirus infections for second day in a row Government warns it may close bars and restaurants if people keep ignoring social distancing

[Note that Sweden is in a northern area of the world and gets much less sunshine than in southern Canada and the United States of America. They also have probably been going by the bad advice of WHO, a communist run organization and may not know of the facts revealed here or in the report at http://tlm79/health0.aspx on the nutrients needed to keep one healthy and to be healed quickly, like within 8 to 12 hours when on hydroxychloroquine and zinc therapy.]

EU Leaders Rewrite Document on Government Coronavirus Disinfo after China’s Government Freaks Out "China has continued to run a global disinformation campaign to deflect blame for the outbreak of the pandemic and improve its international image."

Voters: Virus briefings show ‘bias and disrespect’ of Trump by media A majority of those who watch the daily briefings said the media are disrespectful of the president

Britain’s deserted hospitals: Cancer victims forgotten, vital operations cancelled and ghost town A&Es ‘A tragedy is unfolding because people are scared of catching the coronavirus if they set foot in a hospital.’

Emergency Report! The Coronavirus Hoax Ends Human Civilization The choreographed pandemic scare is meant to destroy populist uprisings and establish the NWO.

Watch: Trump Touts America’s Reopening, Decreasing Infection Rates — April 24

Andrew Cuomo: Coronavirus Came to NY from Europe, Not China, Based on Flight Records Cuomo’s remarks come as Republicans on Capitol Hill are calling for China to be held responsible

Teen Shot Dead by Stepfather after Refusing to Stay Home & Shelter-In-Place — Police Atlanta man charged with felony murder after deadly altercation

Bosnian Security Minister Calls For Mass Deportations Amid Coronavirus Crisis Top official urges removal of thousands of illegal migrants from Balkan nation.

‘Shelter in Place’ Is Weakening The Immune Systems Of Everyone Who Complies Greg Reese - April 25, 2020 - Long periods of isolation causing negative physical and mental effects on society.

Espionage Unmasked – Reality Hackers Revealed! Millie Weaver - April 25, 2020 - Watch and share this exclusive report with real whistleblower information from military officers.

Who Does Dr. Fauci Think He Is? Brian Wilson | - April 25, 2020 - NIH director making declarations only the president can make.

Rockefeller Foundation Paper “Predicted” Coronavirus A Decade Ago.  Harrison Smith - April 25, 2020 - Envisions scenario where virus pandemic ushers in global government.

UK: Man Claims He Was Arrested & Fined for Buying Wine  Paul Joseph Watson - April 24, 2020 - Lockdown cops swoop again.

Watch Live – Veteran Call-In Special: America Ready To Fight for Its Freedom - April 24, 2020 - Tyranny is a more dangerous disease than COVID-19.

Futures Rebound From Earlier Losses As Corona Optimism Returns  Zero Hedge - April 24, 2020 - Europe did not share US enthusiasm, however.

Police Break Up 100-Person Amish Party for Violating Stay-at-home Order Adan Salazar - April 24, 2020 - Police were tipped off by a caller who reported the large gathering.

Petition Demanding Resignation of W.H.O. Chief Passes 1M Signatures  Breitbart - April 24, 2020 - ‘We strongly think Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not fit for his role as WHO director general.’

Amazon Soon Fined Over $100,000 for EVERY ‘Non-Essential’ Delivery in France  RT - April 24, 2020 - Court says safety conditions must be improved.

Driver Wearing N95 Mask Passes Out From Lack Of Oxygen, Crashes Into Pole Kelen McBreen - April 24, 2020 - Police say ‘driver had been wearing an N95 mask inside the vehicle for several hours.’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Slams Bill Gates, W.H.O. Over Vaccine That Killed More Children in Africa Than the Diseases it Targeted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Children's Health Defense - April 24, 2020 - Mainstream media repeatedly avoiding honest debate on many damning studies

Murder, Burglary Soars in New York City During Coronavirus Lockdown Between April 13 to April 19, murders increased 100 percent compared to the same week last year. From year-to-date, murders are up by 5.7 percent

“The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking” And We Are Being Warned That “Meat Shortages” Are Imminent Even the mainstream media is beginning to use the phrase “meat shortages”, and we are being told to brace for supply chain disruptions all over America.

Live Sunday Coronavirus News Briefing: Doctors Across U.S. Come Forward To Defend Trump Every Infowars broadcast is important, but this one has so much critical key information you won't find anywhere else -- tune in and share this link!

We Are Being Set Up For The Biggest October Surprise In American History California physicians blow the whistle on the COVID-19 pandemic hoax

China tried to patent potential coronavirus drug Remsvidir the DAY AFTER Beijing confirmed virus was transmissible between humans China’s understanding of the virus was far advanced from the impression given by its public stance

Popular Heartburn Drug Studied as Potential COVID-19 Treatment  Sputnik - April 27, 2020 - Active ingredient also known to treat ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease

Officials Back Down from Enforcing Coronavirus Orders Against Defiant Texas Restaurant Owner  Breitbart - April 27, 2020 - In contrast, law enforcement officials in Dallas ticketed the owner of a hair salon.

Ending the Lockdowns Isn’t about Saving Money. It’s about Saving Lives Gary Galles | - April 27, 2020 - “Saving lives versus saving money” comparisons confuse ends with means. The end of saving the economy is not to have more money. The end is to have resources necessary to preserve the lives and health of countless human beings

The Fed Has Gone Nuts. And It Can Get Worse  Peter St. Onge | - April 27, 2020 The new Fed policy proposals being floated carry significant political risk, because they enjoy support not just from the redistributionist left, but also “business conservatives” happy to raid our future to make their pain stop

Coronavirus, Phase Two: Arbitrarily Expand the Definition of the Disease Jon Rappoport | - April 27, 2020 - The authorities must somehow convince the dumbed-down public that the ‘epidemic’ is alive and spreading.

Did Communist China and the World Health Organization Conspire to Commit Crimes Against Humanity? Christopher Monckton | - April 27, 2020 - It is time for the free West to stand up and look Communism in the eye and say, firmly, ‘Enough is enough.’

“I Want My Life Back” – German Anti-Lockdown Protests Worsen  Zero Hedge - April 27, 2020 - Saturday’s protest saw mainly leftist activists but also a mix of right-wing folks.

“The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking” And We Are Being Warned That “Meat Shortages” Are Imminent Michael Synder | Economic Collapse - April 27, 2020 - Even the mainstream media is beginning to use the phrase “meat shortages”, and we are being told to brace for supply chain disruptions all over America.

Emergency Report! The Coronavirus Hoax Ends Human Civilization Alex Jones | - April 24, 2020 - The choreographed pandemic scare is meant to destroy populist uprisings and establish the NWO.

Rockefeller Foundation Paper “Predicted” Coronavirus A Decade Ago Envisions scenario where virus pandemic ushers in global government Special Reports

The Hydroxychloroquine Shuffle! Dr. Trump to the Rescue? Remember, if the Orange Man says it's good... it must be bad!

Confirmed: China Launched COVID-19 to Take Down the Western World Get this exclusive report out fight back against the communist operation

5G, Q and the Three Days of Darkness Alex Jones reveals the truth behind the mysterious online persona

Watch: #FilmYourHospital Call-In Special – Coronavirus Panic-Demic Exposed Americans resist martial law lockdown - Tune in to find out more!

Media Lies: Coronavirus Edition Pt. 2 Fake News doing its best to drum up hysteria amid pandemic

How Easy Is It To Get A Coronavirus Test? Medical workers reveal process behind COVID-19 diagnosis

Mainstream Media Hoax Exposed: Hospitals in America: Not What They Are Saying Is the coronavirus scare a false flag, or is this the calm before the storm?

Read It Here: The NIH Zinc Fact Sheet National Institutes of Health describes the essential mineral's role in immune function

Watch Live: The Coronavirus Story Mainstream News Still Won’t Touch Plus massive news on coronavirus, global markets, martial law & other developments!

Watch – Democrat Coronavirus Response: Fake News, Suppresses Treatments, Hides Medical Supplies Are the elite making their final move before implementing full-scale world government?

Coronavirus Hoaxers Caught In The Act Health centers turning away people seeking coronavirus tests

Tucker Carlson: “The Virus Isn’t Nearly as Deadly as We Thought It Was” Fox News host calls for lockdowns to end.

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ For Vaccine Refusniks "Public health powers can quarantine people in mandatory settings."

Professor Warns Cancer Deaths Due to COVID Disruption Will Be Greater Than Deaths from Coronavirus 400 cancers a week being missed because people are not getting hospital treatment. See The Video YouTube Banned Of California Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax


COVID-19 Is Teaching Us Decentralization Is Needed More Now Than Ever We need to move beyond the stale platitudes of trying to fix politics in DC. The chattering class’s lamentation about the divisiveness of politics is frankly silly. In some ways, polarization is our friend

CBC Instructs Kids on How to Shut Down Their Parents’ “Conspiracy Theories” Despite the "conspiracy theory" in question literally being true.

Coronavirus Has Wiped Out A Decade Of Oil Demand Growth Market-induced contraction will make output declines even larger

Official Raises Alarm on Inflated COVID-19 Deaths Alleged document says it’s ‘appropriate’ to link cause of death to coronavirus despite victim never being tested

Shocking Parallels Between V For Vendetta and Coronavirus Pandemic Tyrannical technocrats release virus to put humanity under the boot.

Watch: Trump, Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing Watch & share this link!

American Farmers Being Ordered To Depopulate Livestock and Destroy Crops

Bakersfield Doctors Are Right about Shutdown, Critics Are Wrong - April 28, 2020 - Your host Robert Barnes will deliver the latest coronavirus updates on this live transmission.

American Revolution 2.0: Citizens Organize Lockdown Protests Nationwide - April 28, 2020 - March for freedom in all 50 states commences on May 1.

UN Chief Says Pandemic Must Be Used To Deindustrialize West, Transition To Green Energy Jamie White - April 28, 2020 - ‘We have a rare and short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better,’ he says.

Canadian Man Has Quarantine Fine Increased to $1255 For Walking His Dog Paul Joseph Watson - April 28, 2020 - Ticket increased from $880 after media coverage.

Bronx ER Doctor Explains Why Reopening The Economy Now Might Actually Save Lives ZeroHedge - April 28, 2020 - It is precisely what I have witnessed that now tells me that it’s time to ease the lockdown.

Bill Gates Worked to Decrease Livestock Production, Boost Lab-Grown Meat Daniel Taylor | Old-Thinker News - April 28, 2020 - Top globalists hope COVID-19 outbreak could increase public acceptance of fake meat

UK: 18,000 Extra Cancer Deaths Could Happen Within a Year Because of Focus on COVID-19
California Man Thrown In PSYCHIATRIC HOLD for Expressing Concern about Bill Gates’ Vaccines


“Give People Their Freedom Back!” Elon Musk Calls For Re-Opening America

Greg Reese:  An urgent message from American farmers
More news on farming problems at


Video: Another Dr. Speaks Out Against Quarantining Healthy Americans 'What if quarantining the healthy doesn’t actually save lives?'

Sen. Hawley Leading Calls For US to Leave World Trade Organization Coronavirus crisis highlights failures of globalism

Scientific Research Finds That Closing Borders Is Most Effective Way Of Combating Coronavirus Air travel is "the main explanation for the growth rate of COVID-19"

“There is something happening”: Tanzanian President Blasts COVID-19 Tests After Goat, Fruit Test Positive President launches investigation into faulty test kits

Professor: Economic Impact of Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths than Coronavirus "A bad economy will hurt and kill people in the future."

Tucker Carlson Calls For ‘Sociopath’ Adam Schiff To Resign For Knowingly Lying To Americans For Years Also blames Republicans for not exposing Schiff's 'Russian collusion' lies years earlier U.S. News

China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-To-Human Transmission: German Intelligence Xi reportedly asked Tedros not to reveal that the virus was in fact transmissible between humans World News

Wuhan Biolab Where Coronavirus Was Studied Mysteriously Shut Down In October, Report Claims The document asserts that if the virus truly did spread in November and December, then there is reason to suspect that it might have leaked from a lab, or been intentionally released.

Johnson & Johnson Says It Hopes To Deliver 1 BILLION Coronavirus Vaccines Next Year

Economic fallout from COVID-19 is not due to a scarcity of money, but a scarcity of goods and services Congress and the Federal Reserve have responded to the shutdown by making several attempts at economic relief. They have also rung up quite the tab for the American public in the process Economy

Wuhan Biolab Where Coronavirus Was Studied Mysteriously Shut Down In October, Report Claims Zero Hedge - May 10, 2020 - The document asserts that if the virus truly did spread in November and December, then there is reason to suspect that it might have leaked from a lab, or been intentionally released.

Why Does The Mainstream Media Seem So Desperate To Keep The Coronavirus Lockdowns Going? We cannot allow them to use this crisis to take away our essential freedoms and liberties

Michigan Sheriff Won’t Enforce Whitmer’s Stay-at-Home Order “The legality of that is a judicial branch determination”

Livestream: Alex Jones Teaches San Antonio About The Origins Of COVID-1984 Watch & share this link to defeat globalist censors!

Video: Dr. Fauci Admits Face Masks Ineffective Against Coronavirus Medical 'experts' have been issuing contradictory statements, confusing the public

Gov. Cuomo Calls Coronavirus The ‘European Virus’ During Presser New York governor running cover for communist China

Defiance: Customers Flock to Colorado Restaurant Open for Mother’s Day 'ATTENTION! Our freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins,' reads sign posted at restaurant

TX Salon Owner Shelley Luther Squares Off With The View in Hostile Interview Defiant beautician attributes rise in COVID cases to increased testing

Rand Paul Blasts Lockdown, Tells Fauci ‘You’re Not The End-All’ Kentucky Senator confronts face of coronavirus response during Senate hearing to reopen America

David Icke Destroys COVID-19 Hoax in Powerful New Interview

Viruses vs Lockdowns: It’s Not About Tradeoffs Michel Accad | - May 12, 2020 -

Presenting “saving lives” as a more or less equal alternative to commerce and community presents a misguided view of what the lockdown debate is really all about

Coronavirus Researchers Caught In The Crosshairs Doctors working on coronavirus treatments and cures dying mysteriously

Watch Live: Democrat Agenda to End America Exposed as They Sabotage Reopening of Economy Tune into War Room for the latest developments as our country battles to free itself from the grip of the globalist crime syndicate Special Reports

The Pseudoscience Of Vaccines – Big Pharma’s Final Solution The de-evolution of healthcare in the western world

Hollywood/Globalists Publicly Admit Lockdown Designed to Depopulate Planet, Collapse Capitalist Countries Tune in to learn about the next phase of their planetary takeover - and how to stop it!

Shutdown Is Killing More Lives Than It Saves Tune into American Countdown now & share this link! Special Reports

EXCLUSIVE! Trump To Expose Coronavirus Hoax! The system is panicking Special Reports

MUST SEE! UN Insider Exposes Covid-19 as ChiCom/Globalist Plot to Destroy America Alan Keyes delivers exclusive details only on The Alex Jones Show. Share this link!

Restaurant Owner Speaks Out Against Stay-At-Home Order

Small American business owners are suffering while large chains like China-owned Walmart profit big!

American Countdown: Food Shortages! Oil Collapse! Prepare for Societal and Economic Meltdown! Share this banned link to get prepared for what's coming in the post-pandemic economy!

Live Shows 4/29/20: Debunking the Media Statistics that Led to America’s Shutdown The entire coronavirus narrative has been misleadingly reported and overblown - tune in to find out how! Special Reports  

For the Truth about Covid-19 from Dr. Ivette Lozano see below:


The truth about Antibody Testing: see below:

 In the wake of pandemics like COVID-19, fears of getting infected with the virus, and preventive measures like disinfection, decontamination is often heightened. The newly published FSG article on UV lights wants people from across the globe to be aware that UV lights play an essential role in disinfection and decontamination of air and surfaces to prevent us from infection with any viruses including the one responsible for COVID-19.

To name a few the piece highlights helpful information on how UV light can inactivate bacteria and viruses, the effectiveness of using UV-C to inactivate COVID-19, and why Far-UVC is effective to decontaminate while there are people present. See the following:

See more interesting news at



[1] A number of years ago, Dr. Cass Ingram got accidently pricked by a needle in a hospital with HIV disease on it. He soon got the disease and was dying from it. At that time, medical science did not have much of an answer to help him. So before he was about to die from the disease, he sought help from God. He soon discovered the healing power of Oregano and that helped him regain his health. Since then he has made discoveries of other herbs that are also very beneficial for one’s health. He often shares his discoveries on

[2] J. B. Chapman, M. D., Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry (London, UK: New Era Laboratories Ltd. 1965), p. 166.


3. Why So Much Nonsense About Covid-19?

Clifford Besson of Truth and Light Ministries Inc. and TL Research

See  and


The below mentioned articles show that most of us have been deceived by exaggerated reports from the W. H. O. and other agencies to destroy our economies, President Trump’s efforts to be re-elected, and prepare the world for a mass vaccination plan to diminish our health and to control the masses. Follow the money and the desire for power and control by evil minded people like Communists and the New World Order. See the above website for more information on this.

Novel coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says

Head of a Milan hospital tells RAI TV that recent swab tests show less viral load compared with previous findings.

Al Jazeera – The new coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, a senior Italian doctor said on Sunday.

“In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” said Alberto Zangrillo, head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in the northern region of Lombardy, which has borne the brunt of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak.

“The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago,” he told RAI television.

Italy has the third-highest death toll in the world fromCOVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, with 33,415 people dying since the outbreak came to light on February 21.

It has the sixth-highest global number of cases at 233,019.  

Eli Lilly starts human study of potential COVID-19 antibody treatment.

Reuters – Eli Lilly and Co said on Monday it had started an early-stage trial to test its potential treatment for COVID-19, in the world’s first study of an antibody treatment against the disease.

Lilly is one of the several drug makers and research institutions that are working on vaccines, antivirals and other treatments to help those infected with the fast-spreading novel coronavirus, which has already killed over 370,000 worldwide.

An antiviral drug from Gilead Sciences called remdesivir has shown some promise against COVID-19 and is being given to patients by some countries under compassionate or emergency use rule.

Lilly said its early stage study will assess safety and tolerability in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and results are anticipated by the end of June.

Man “Sickest in His Life” After Taking Experimental Vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Children's Health Defense - June 3, 2020 - Guinea pig now an embarrassment to Fauci, Gates, and their CNN cheerleaders



More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.  WORLD NEWS


Some of the report key passages are:


The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.

The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).

Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.

The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.

A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

So far, so bad. But it gets worse.

The report focuses on the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warns that these are “grave.”

More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

The reason is a scandal in the making:

A Corona-focused German healthcare system is postponing life-saving surgery and delaying or reducing treatment for non-Corona patients.

( )

Riots Expose Virus Lockdown Hoax, Governors Pivot on Mass Gatherings

Globalists launching time-tested battle plan to topple America


The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Is a Reminder That Prescription Laws Are a Government Racket

In a free country, doctors would be free to prescribe whatever drugs they wish to anyone for any reason. In fact, individuals should be free to buy drugs without a special government-required doctor's note.


Video: Nurse Exposes Coronavirus Face Masks Using Common Sense

'You're doing your body a disservice'


The above articles confirm what was originally written in the essays at Why did not the politicians and the medical profession believe those essays that were sent to them in Canada and the U. S. A. and to other nations of the world? Was it because the writer does not have an M. D. after his name or because he had not written a famous book on the subject? Whatever the reason, they are responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of people who could have been symptom free within a day or two if they only followed the advice that was discovered in the writer’s research and which was shared in those essays. Those same individuals are to blame for the devastation of our economy and livelihood and the increase in our debt to the banks.

Some officials in Germany and Italy may have read similar things as found in those essays  because they checked out the facts and realized that they were deceived by the initial purported seriousness of the latest novel corona virus, called Covid-19.

Please check the facts and those above mentioned essays on understanding and treating the symptoms of Covid-19 better and with common sense at .


Coronavirus:FactsYou Might Not Know

More here: 
Face Masks Ineffective and Harmful

A former  neurosurgeon wrote  an op-ed published warning that face masks are not only ineffective against the novel coronavirus  that  causes COVID-19, but they can be potentially dangerous in some circumstances.

“By  wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” —Russell Blaylock, MD

•Researchers found that about a third of the workers developed headaches with use of the mask, most had preexisting headaches that were worsened by the mask wearing, and 60% required pain medications for relief. [the] bulk of the evidence points toward hypoxia and/or hypercapnia as the cause
•It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness...
•The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels  (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment  in  immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This sets the stage for contracting any infection ... making the consequences of that infection much graver.

Coronavirus Death Rates Very Low, Same as Normal Flu.

On March 26, 2020 in an article written for the New England Journal of Medicine by Anthony S.  Fauci, M.D., H. Clifford  Lane, M.D.,  and Robert R.  Redfield,  M.D. concluding that:

“... the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza  (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)”

Leading Harvard doctor says coronavirus is NOT as deadly as feared. Dr. Jeremy Samuel  Faust said people should not be anxious about the outbreak and stop hoarding food and masks. He claimed that the coronavirus death rate is less than 1 percent -far lower than the World Health Organization’s alarming figures of 3.4 percent. The  doctor  slammed  the ‘frightening numbers’, which  overstate the risk

Deaths from Many Causes Are Being Deliberately Attributed as Coronavirus Deaths.

Minnesota State Senator  Dr. Scott Jensen disclosed  that the state’s health department has suggested  attributing deaths to COVID-19 even without a confirmed diagnosis. According to Dr. Scott Jensen (family physician)

•I received an email last week from the department of health coaching me how to fill out death certificates. And I’ve never received coaching from the vital statistics agency in terms of how to do a death certificate.
•Basically, I felt like they were saying you know, you don’t have to have a confirmed laboratory test for COVID 19 in order to make the death certificate COVID-19.
•Jensen received a seven-page letter from the state health agency [...] that linked to a document from Centers for Disease Control, “Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19).”

Doctors and Hospitals getting extra money for admitting patients diagnosed with Covid-19

Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen disclosed on Fox News that:

“Right now Medicare has determined that if  you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If  that  COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much.”

Coronavirus Deaths are being Over Reported: Overall deaths as of May 2020 26.3%  LOWER  Compared To Same Period In 2018

“All Deaths” through May 2, 2020, was 787,181 according to the CDC. “All Deaths” for 2018 through May 05, 2018, results in 1,066,832 deaths.” (2019 data not available)
Through the same period,  the CDC  “All Death”  total numbers are 279,651  less  (or  26.3% less) in 2020 than in 2018. So where are all the deaths the mainstream news continuously talks about?

“Coronavirus Hoax”-Dr. Ron Paul

Vaccines Are Not Based on Science

“A daily scan through the newspapers and TV news gives the impression that the entire world is constantly invaded by new and horrible virus epidemics. The latest headlines feature the human papillomavirus (HPV) alleged to cause cervical cancer and the avian flu virus, HSNl. The public is also continually terrorized by reports about SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Ebola, and Polio. However, this virus mayhem ignores very basic scientific facts:  the existence, the pathogenicity and the deadly effects of these agents have never been proven.”** Must Read: Virus Mania Claus Kohnlein, Torsten Engelbrecht

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says his research shows: (1) You are more apt to contract a disease from a vaccinated person than one who is not vaccinated! (2) Vaccines kill more people than the diseases do! (3) Vaccines are insanely profitable to the companies that make them, but that is peanuts compared to the profit from selling drugs and devices to treat illnesses the vaccines create! The business model of the pharmaceutical industry is, not to make people well, but to treat their symptoms and keep them sick so they will be customers for life!

Women and children are the sheep being led off the ledge. I have written about a known 4250% increase in fetal demise during the 2009/10 flu season, about evidence-based inefficacy and risks of the pertussis vaccine pushed on pregnant women, about Gardasil killing healthy girls across the globe,  fear mongering about SIDS that is actually caused by a visit to the pediatrician, and of the corruption of an infant’s birthday by the Hepatitis B vaccine. In rejecting the paradigm of vaccination, it is important to grasp the nature of the political beast that is pushing vaccines into the arms (legs and buttocks) of every American.–Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

This above section on Coronavirus  Facts are from

Leaked Report from the German Interior Ministry

Recently, a report on the COVID-19 crisis was leaked from the German Interior Ministry.

The report states quite definitely that the whole threat has been overblown.  It was a "false alarm."

World media have taken very little notice.

As sott[dot]net reveals, the report, "Analysis of the Crisis Management," was authored by "a scientific panel appointed by the interior ministry and composed by external medical experts from several German universities."

"The report was the initiative of a department of the interior ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge [of] the 'Protection of critical infrastructures'."

"Some of the [leaked] report key passages are:
* The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
* The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
* Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
* The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
* A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News."

The above from


4. We Can't Breathe Expose and Fudged Case Numbers

See and for more up to date news on greatly exagerated case numbers

 More Nonsense About the Masks and Covid-19
by Clifford Besson, Health Researcher

Please check out the following topics from the website and other sites listed below:

Watch: Air Quality Device Proves Masks Unsafe For Work

National Movement Started To Oppose Mandatory Mask Enslavement

Total Proof Wearing A Mask Is Dangerous To Your Health!!

More Amazing Insight of what is really going on, see  Http:// and http

Texas Health Task Force Doctor Claims He Found The Cure For COVID-19

The mainstream media is trying to suppress this information! Share this link!

My Letter to KFC Canada on 2020-08-24


I was annoyed that the government of Manitoba has demanded that we could not sit down to eat in your restaurant and that we have to wear masks over our noses and mouths when they are ignorant that masks make the moisture coming out of the masks smaller in size and therefore those droplets with the covid-19 viruses float farther about in the air than if we did not have masks. I have not read of any proof that people catch the sickness from just momentary casual meetings when there are no actual touching of each other. The government is ignorant of what is really going on. Please see my article on the facts about the covid-19 and the hazards of wearing masks at

I was annoyed that the government of Manitoba has demanded that we could not sit down to eat in your restaurant and that we have to wear masks over our noses and mouths when they are ignorant that masks make the moisture coming out of the masks smaller in size and therefore those droplets with the covid-19 viruses float farther about in the air than if we did not have masks. I have not read of any proof that people catch the sickness from just momentary casual meetings when there are no actual touching of each other. The government is ignorant of what is really going on. Please see my article on the facts about the covid-19 and the hazards of wearing masks at

Comments to Leaders About the Real Dangers

of Covid-19 and the Wearing of Masks

The most critical issue of this year. What is it? Is it not the Covid-19 fraud? We were told by Dr. Fauci and others of WHO that this particular coronavirus was about thirty times worse than the regular flu. This was a huge overstatement. Then after our economy and that of most countries of the world were suffering badly, lies were being told about how best to treat victims of this new form of a corona-virus and how to protect the rest of us. Am I the ignorant one as to what is really going on concerning this Covid-19 plan-demic or are you and your staff. See below on the real facts:

I was told years ago to test things out, get second opinions, have you checked for another side to the story. Are the authorities to whom you have been listening, are they really true authorities on that subject, such as on the true nature of the disease when there are no 5G towers and how it is when there are 5G transmitting towers? Has there been any true scientific tests on the effectiveness of masks versus without?

One of the things are the masks:

  1. Sweden’s Senior Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous” "Having face masks and then think[ing] you can crowd your buses or your shopping malls — that’s definitely a mistake"

  2. Most UK Coronavirus Transmissions Happen in Homes, Health Secretary Admits Admission destroys arguments for lockdowns, stay-at-home orders Health

  3. How Long Are You Willing To Wear A Face Mask? Patience of American people reaching its breaking point as authoritarian bureaucrats double down on mask mandates

  4. Occupy America Covid Lockdown Hoax Continues: Livestream Bill Gates has publicly an­nounced the lockdown will never end and forced inoculations on the way - spread this link to alert others on how to stop the COVID hoax Special Reports


  6. Democrats Mandate Masks at Home in Car and Outside: Livestream

  7. Virologist Confirms: China Created COVID-19 In A Lab And Fauci And UN Are Involved In Cover Up Doctor fled China to expose one of the biggest scandals the world has ever seen Special Reports

  8. Mainstream Media & Science Expose COVID-19 As A Hoax The American people are waking up Special Reports

  9. The 3 Phases of Lies in Development of COVID-19 Vaccines Systematically at every level the public has been blatantly lied to about the shocking test results of 'Operation Warp Speed' Special Reports

    (10) Frontline Doctors Speak Out ON COVID Cures and Misinformation Please share this censored video! Special Reports

Did you not read or hear that Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands are doing great without lock down?

(a) In Sweden, Where There Was No Lockdown, COVID Cases & Deaths Have Slowed to a Trickle Death rate lower than Spain, the UK and Italy - economy in better shape.

(b) How Denmark got ahead of the COVID-19 economic crisis – Maclean's Anonymous View 26 Mar 2020 ... Q: When did Denmark first see signs of COVID-19 and how did the country ... benefits for em­ployers and self-employed as a result of COVID-19.

(c) The New Reality: What can Canada learn from Denmark's return to ...

Anonymous View

29 May 2020 ... Denmark was the first country to reopen classrooms in Europe. ... new reality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Maritimes. ... same results as Denmark and that in the midst of a global pandemic, patience is a virtue.

(d) Denmark: Coronavirus Pandemic - Our World in Data Anonymous View Denmark: What has been the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)?


(f) (re: Sweden and Switzer­land)

In closing, why does not your health department recommend suggestions to our people to make them Covid-19 resistant to the disease? Dr. Sherry Rogers : Guest Dr. Sherry Rogers mentioned about the necessity of getting supplements vitamins D3 (or sunshine), A, C, & zinc. Listen to the above mentioned program you can hear all of her recommendations or see her tremendous books listed at prestige publishing web­site mentioned above.

Also please see for more information

Here is a sample from the above website: A former  neurosurgeon wrote  an op-ed published warning that face masks are not only ineffective against the novel coronavirus  that  causes COVID-19, but they can be potentially dangerous in some circumstances.

“By  wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” —Russell Blaylock, MD

•Researchers found that about a third of the workers developed headaches with use of the mask, most had preexisting headaches that were worsened by the mask wearing, and 60% required pain medica­tions for relief. [the] bulk of the evidence points toward hypoxia and/or hypercapnia as the cause
•It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness...
•The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels  (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment  in  immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This sets the stage for contracting any in­fection ... making the consequences of that infection much graver.

Coronavirus Death Rates Very Low, Same as Normal Flu.

On March 26, 2020 in an article written for the New England Journal of Medicine by Anthony S.  Fauci, M.D., H. Clifford  Lane, M.D.,  and Robert R.  Redfield,  M.D. concluding that:

“... the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza  (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)”

Leading Harvard doctor says coronavirus is NOT as deadly as feared. Dr. Jeremy Samuel  Faust said people should not be anxious about the outbreak and stop hoarding food and masks. He claimed that the coronavirus death rate is less than 1 percent -far lower than the World Health Organization’s alarming figures of 3.4 percent. The  doctor  slammed  the ‘frightening numbers’, which  overstate the risk

Deaths from Many Causes Are Being Deliberately Attributed as Coronavirus Deaths.

Minnesota State Senator  Dr. Scott Jensen disclosed  that the state’s health department has suggested  attributing deaths to COVID-19 even without a confirmed diagnosis. According to Dr. Scott Jensen (family physician)

•I received an email last week from the department of health coaching me how to fill out death certificates. And I’ve never received coaching from the vital statistics agency in terms of how to do a death certificate.
•Basically, I felt like they were saying you know, you don’t have to have a confirmed laboratory test for COVID 19 in order to make the death certificate COVID-19.
•Jensen received a seven-page letter from the state health agency [...] that linked to a document from Centers for Disease Control, “Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19).”

Doctors and Hospitals getting extra money for admitting patients diagnosed with Covid-19

Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen disclosed on Fox News that:

“Right now Medicare has determined that if  you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If  that  COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much.”

Coronavirus Deaths are being Over Reported: Overall deaths as of May 2020 26.3%  LOWER  Compared To Same Period In 2018

“All Deaths” through May 2, 2020, was 787,181 according to the CDC. “All Deaths” for 2018 through May 05, 2018, results in 1,066,832 deaths.” (2019 data not available)
Through the same period,  the CDC  “All Death”  total numbers are 279,651  less  (or  26.3% less) in 2020 than in 2018. So where are all the deaths the mainstream news continuously talks about?

“Coronavirus Hoax”-Dr. Ron Paul

hydroxychloroquine issue:

Vaccines Are Not Based on Science

Respectfully yours,

Clifford Besson

Covid-19 Update 20-09-2020

by Clifford Besson of

This is being written to politicians, business owners and managers, church leaders and all those suffering from the political response to the present corona virus outbreak on our nation. From my research, it appears our politicians are very ignorant of what has been going on about this disease outbreak. They have also been deceived by false science assumptions that masks are the answer to the spread of this sickness and of our good health. Should we not prove all things as to whether what we have been told from authorities is true or not? Would it not be best to get alternative opinions of other authorities to determine what is fact and what is not?

At the moment it seems that our leaders are behind the times. They are acting like flat Earth people, accepting what the public believe and what liars tell them without testing out the theories they have been told is the truth, when it is far from the truth.

Note too that we should follow the money trail to see who would really benefit from the actions the government has been persuaded to do.

Note too, the destruction that has been going on in the United States of America. Business owners and others will have to borrow money from the bankers in order to rebuild. The government has also had to borrow money in order to support people who have lost their jobs or businesses in order to please the people to get their votes. The bankers are the ones who really gain from these troubles, even from sicknesses. So they may be behind this outbreak of this plandemic.

Furthermore, note that the Medical Profession is really the Pharmaceutical Medical Profession, acting on the best interest of the pharmaceutical industry. The best healing professions are those who stress natural healing methods through food, nutrition, and other alternative methods of treatment. The World Health Organization (W. H. O.) appears to also be run by the pharmaceutical industry and their friends.

Please also see for more information and and where hopefully you will find the Internet version of this paper with the in bedded links at each topic.

Masks Can Harm Your Health!

9 ways that wearing a mask can harm your health:

  1. Wearing a mask reduces blood oxygenation, especially in people over 35. Indeed, a team of researchers from the Department of Neurosurgery at Ufuk University in Ankara, Turkey reported that the longer a mask is worn the more the blood is desaturated. These researchers also assert that: “Surgeons in the operating room frequently experience physical discomfort, fatigue, and possibly even deterioration of surgical judgment and performance. Although considerable information exists about the effects of ambient environment on both mental and physical performance, the final “personal” environment for the surgeon beneath the surgical mask is often very inadequately conditioned…it is known that heat and moisture trapping occur beneath surgical masks…” (source).

  2. Wearing a mask increases blood carbon dioxide levels. Citing four different scientific studies, Dr. Zheng Zhaoshi, PH.D. M.D. at the Department of Neurology, The Third Hospital of Jilin University, “Oxygen concentration inhaled by healthy subjects wearing a surgical mask covering an N95 respirator decreases to about 17%, and the concentration of carbon dioxide increases to about 1.2% – 3% in a short period of light work (2-3). Although participants did not show any obvious changes in physical function and did not have any discomfort ratings, the average carbon dioxide concentration inhaled was far higher than the limit of 0.1% of indoor carbon dioxide concentration in many countries. With prolonged mask wearing, untoward reactions may gradually appear. In another long-term study, after wearing an N95 mask for 12 hours the CO2 concentration of subjects increased to 41.0 mmHg, far higher than the baseline value of 32.4mm Hg at the beginning of the test (4). The subjects mainly reported headache, dizziness, feeling tired and communication obstacles. In real life, the situations and time of wearing masks are much longer than the above experimental research settings” (source).

  3. Wearing a mask increases risk of headaches (source).

  4. It also increases risk of brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and exhaustion, most likely due to insufficient oxygen and increased exposure to carbon dioxide.

  5. Masks made overseas have been found to be faulty and inadequate. Nearly all of them contain known carcinogens. This is why there is a warning label on the carton. Breathing in carcinogens during the day and having them in contact with your skin may increase your risk of cancer.

  6. Masks may increase your risk of infection, mostly because they are worn inappropriately, and also because mask-wearers fiddle with them, frequently touching their face. There is no scientific evidence that shows that cloth masks will help reduce the spread of COVID-19, according to Lisa Brousseau, ScD, and Margaret Sietsema, Ph.D. (source).

  7. Wearing a mask concentrates the exhaled viruses in the nasal passages. Our bodies have several effective detoxifications pathways. One of the ways we rid ourselves of a viral infection is by exhaling. If you are sick with COVID-19 or any other viral infection, the last thing you want to do is impede your ability to breathe (source).

  8. Wearing a mask causes problems for people with special needs. Deaf people who rely on lip reading, people with autism who have trouble understanding verbal cues and need visual cues to help them, and anyone who is hard of hearing suffer the most when people are wearing masks (source).

  9. Wearing a mask can cause severe and painful contact dermatitis, painful rashes, and other skin damage on your face (source).

Russell Blaylock, M.D., a retired neurosurgeon, does not mince words about how wearing a mask can harm your health. Especially if worn for extended periods, while exercising, or in hot weather, face masks can be deadly.

“In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased risk of infections, and if so, having a much worse outcome,” Blaylock writes (my emphasis.)

Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician with over 30 years of medical experience, agrees. Wearing a mask “promotes fear, which we know is bad for the immune system,” Thomas, who is also my colleague and co-author, says. “It reduces breathing in fresh air, which is also bad for the immune system, and it does little to nothing to prevent spread of a virus.”

Yesterday at the grocery store where about a third of the shoppers were wearing masks, one customer abruptly pulled up his mask to sneeze, spreading aerosolized mucus everywhere. He then put his mask back on. He probably just had seasonal allergies but perhaps he was sick. In either case, sneezing violently outside the mask without using a tissue certainly looked like an unhygienic and surefire way to potentially spread infection. The man, seeming uncomfortable and embarrassed, then put what one can only imagine was a now mucus-laden mask back on his face.

98% Fake Covid Cases Exposed in Texas County Audit


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Sheriff Shows How to Stop Globalist Fear & Mandates


Do we really need to wear masks? From the New York Times Bestselling authors of Plague of Corruption comes the must-read guide on masks and re-opening following the COVID-19 pandemic.

THE CASE AGAINST MASKS is the book all America needs to be reading as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stream the show live: on Dr. Judy Mikovits

BREAKING: CDC Quietly Reports 6% Actually Died from COVID - That's 9,210 Deaths!

“Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidities…”

 Thanks to Maryam Hennen for catching this on the CDC site. It is very important to

Contact – tell him “Sarah Sent You” and you will receive the lowest prices on silver in the country, GUARANTEED! 

document what is posted by the CDC ongoing because tomorrow (or soon), this information may no longer be available. As many know, I recently did an article and video, CDC Fatality Data Appears to be Manipulated: Lets See by Analyzing the Data, that shows how the CDC has been changing numbers significantly ongoing, even after 100% of the reporting had been completed. I have come to the conclusion that the only real way to really know what is going on is to capture the numbers daily that have actually been reported to the CDC and compare ongoing. 

This time may be different though as more journalists are covering the story. Here is the Gateway Pundits version: SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Even though this report SHOULD change the game, it likely will not. Continue to expect (but not accept) lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and more nonsense that does not correlate to the actual situation. 

COVID Lies: How a False Narrative Was Created & Sustained for Six Months

Dr. Meryl Nass has compiled a damning checklist that keeps increasing; it currently lists 47 fully documented facts that constitute a case against government officials’ collusion to demonize an effective existing medicine. They even designed clinical trials that required high doses of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine that were known – to the medical profession –

C60Complete Black Seed Oil & Curcumin Gel Capsules – Build up Your Immunities & Protect Yourself!

to be toxic and potentially lethal. These officials bear responsibility for causing preventable deaths of possibly hundreds of thousands of patients.

Following publication by The Lancet of a demonstrably FRAUDULENT study, the World Health Organization suspended its hydroxychloroquine studies and urged countries around the world to suspend both their clinical trials, and prevent doctors from using the drug for Covid. Several governments did ban the use of the drug. Some, like Switzerland, lifted the ban after the Lancet study was retracted two weeks after publication.

Switzerland, which had been using the drug for months, banned Hydroxychloroquine from May 27th until June 11th. Here is the Johns Hopkins graph documenting the precipitous increase in the case fatality rate (CFR) – i.e., preventable deaths that occurred in Switzerland during the 13-day period during which patients were denied this life-saving treatment.

Latest news: soap kills Covid-19 (Owen Schroyer on on 2020-08-30).

DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021 Microchipping and tracking the population was always part of the New World Order agenda

THIRD of UK Covid victims in July and August ‘died from OTHER causes’ – including cancer or being hit by a car – Oxford University scientists reveal This means that 7.8 per cent (3,877) of those listed as Covid-19 deaths by the Government did not die due to the virus being the primary cause

Dr. Francis Boyle, The Man Who First Exposed COVID-19 As Lab-Made, Drops New Bombshells Coronavirus exposed as chimera concocted in Communist Chinese laboratory

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23 November 2020 Letter

Dear Doctors of the Departments of Health:

   1. Why so much concern about masks? Did you see this lecture on the "Masks: The Science with Dr. Lee Merritt?" Apparently not?  It can be seen at This was apparently given at one of the White Coat Summits that the regular news media did not want the medical profession and the public to know. Here is another report on masks:

   2. Have you heard of or seen this announcement?  Watch Censored WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Announce Lawsuit Against COVID-19 Global Lockdown at, plus see and another good announcement from other doctors:

   3. Have you heard of the Great Reset that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about and has been conspiring about with some other world leaders? He and the other world leaders are using this Covid-19 issue as a scam to ruin our economy to hurry about the grounds for (1) Covid-19 vaccines (see and tracing of recipients and of those who will not participate and (2) a New World Order or Great Reset controlled by the Elite like Bill Gates and financial wizards to buy up  for pennies on the dollar businesses that will fail and bring about communistic controls on our societies. See a report on this at the 20th November show: Host of the program is commentator Harrison Smith and quest Matt Bracken. On this next program Matt speaks on this Great Reset as Modern Feudalism. Here are some more on the Great Reset: Paul Joseph Watson · @PJW 3 days ago ·Impressions 108998 On the same day that the World Economic Forum heralded “The Great Reset” as a positive way to build “future resilience to global risks,” the New York Times declared the entire thing to be a “conspiracy theory.” NY Times Says “Great Reset” is a “Conspiracy Theory” on Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It Lobbies Twitter & Facebook to censor information about elite agenda. Post Comments 209 Post Echoes 776 Post Up votes 1790 See the original article at

    4. Why “STOP ALL Testing” Says Top Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson & COVID Test Manufacturer?  What does he know that you apparently do not know? Another link is Dr. Roger Hodkinson on COVID: “This is the Biggest Hoax ever perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public” November 18, 2020. Dr. Roger Hodkinson is the former Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, he was once CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, and for the past 20 years has held the position as Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company based in North Carolina currently tasked with selling a COVID-19 test. He is a medical specialist in pathology, which includes virology, who trained at Cambridge University in the UK — he is perfectly positioned to speak on this topic.

    5. Why did W. H. O. trash Remdesavir?

    6. When you or your department make the statements that there is another case or more of Covid-19, on what bases have they determined the grounds for such statements? Is it through using the regular P. C. R. ( polymerise chain reaction) test method? I have heard though that that test method checks for the presence at one time or another of any corona viruses, like found in the common cold but the tests are not quantitative? If so, what good are those tests? No wonder there are so many false positives whereby there are no symptoms of any pulmonary or other sicknesses that would demand or suggest hospitalization. One article on this test is at Another site on the PCR test is another interesting site is BUT THE BEST EYE-OPENING SITE IS PROBABLY THIS by Journalist and researcher Jon Rappoport. I have heard his reports several times and he is very well knowledgeable on this topic.

    7. Why the stress on vaccines? Here is a report on the faking of the results of vaccines. Here is another article on vaccines for Covid-19:

    8. Since there have been so many deaths in Manitoba lately that have been said to have been because of Covid-19, what tests were used to determine those cases and what kind of treatments has your department been recommending? Here is an update on ways to treat your patients:, BUT what about using Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine which has been used for malaria, HIV, and Ebola for years. The drugs for treating malaria are cheap antiviral medicines which “forces zinc into your cells, to stop the virus from getting into your mitochondria and that means it protects your DNA. LA Doc Touts Hydroxychloroquine-Zinc Combo: Patients ‘Basically Symptom Free’ In Hours. It means that it protects you against the replication [of the virus].” There is a danger of taking too much though, as it could damage the kidneys [and liver] (YouAreFreeTv, quoted in ). Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the corona virus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C. Identical amounts of the powerful antioxidant are then re-administered three or four times a day, he said. The regimen is based on experimental treatments administered to people with the corona virus in Shanghai, China, Weber said. “The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said. “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.” . . . .The vitamin C is administered in addition to such medicines as the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, the antibiotic azithromycin, various biologics and blood thinners, A clinical trial on the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C on corona virus patients began Feb. 14 at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the pandemic. (New York Post on March 24, 2020).

    Furthermore: Stem cell treatment and treatments with the oil of Oraganol, according to Dr. Cass Ingram ( have also been remarkably effective, as well as antibiotics. Canada Dry Tonic Water that has Quinine in it, should also be effective for malaria. Quinine was effective to keep the British army and navy from getting malaria for hundreds of years. They got the idea from the Dutch. For dangers of too much see Food supplements are also recommended, such as Vitamins D3 (Dr. Mark Stengler reviews a large trial demonstrating that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of acute respiratory tract infections. [Dr. Roger Hodkinson recommends 3-5,000 i. u. of Vitamin D[3].] []), E, and C along with L-lysine (an amino acid), zinc, nitric oxide, Iodine, selenium, and sea food in order to get very important trace minerals, without which we will be sick. That Lysine is (1) essential for collagen production (2) Supports mitochondrial energy production (3) Helps to reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex virus (4) Pure, fermented L-Lysine – nothing else. See for more information.

       By the way, I sent most of the above information to your department weeks or months ago but because I am not an M. D., you or your staff apparently thought I was ignorant on this subject.  As I have been quoting real authorities or experts on this issue of treating Covid-19 patients you have been ignoring and insulting them to your own degradation. I may not be an expert on this subject but my information is much better than what your department has been relying on.

    9. When is your department going to realize that you have been duped? Have you considered the success rate in Sweden at handling their crisis without the lock down you are imposing on us, along with the stupid rules about masks that do not work?,, and

    10. When is your department going to let the restaurant owners and their staff and other small businesses get back to work? Are not their jobs essential to them? PLEASE LET US GET BACK TO living as we would if we just had the common cold and the regular flu to deal with because, from what I have been told, the deaths caused solely because of Covid-19 are much less than that of the regular flu. Is this not correct? Dr. Roger Hodkinson, mentioned above, said that in Alberta, deaths of people under 65 are just one in 300,000. If your doctors used the treatments mentioned in question #8, there would very likely have been less than that. Also there would have been much less deaths in the nursing homes as well. In the United States of America and it might be the case in Canada as well, many people who were dying from almost any sicknesses or even accidents were listed as having died from Covid-19 when they may not have had the disease at all or happened to have it besides the diabetes or other bad health conditions that were the real factors of the deaths. Why was this happening? It appears it was so the doctors or hospitals would get more money from the federal government for a Covid-19 death than for regular deaths and also bring in the fear factor to encourage people to demand or take vaccines for the Covid-19 disease.

    11. Does it not appear that the measures being taken to stop this Covid-19 virus, which is said to have been caused by SARS-CoV-2, is no more working than trying to stop the regular flu or the common cold? If so, why not just let things be and let our regular cycle of birth to death carry on? Before Covid-10 was released and spread to the none Communist worlds, people with compromised health were dying in nursing homes and hospitals all the time from colds, pneumonia, medical and hospital errors, and the common flu. The same thing is happening now except some of the deaths are from Covid-10. In all these deaths there are probably the factors of not enough of sunshine, fresh air, and good diets of fresh fruit, fish, regular unprocessed meat, and raw vegetables? Why should the rest of us, who try to keep ourselves healthy be imprisoned in our own homes or be denied the right to eat in our regular restaurants or go to church without being fearful of there going to be above a certain limit. We are also being forced to wear face diapers around our mouth and noses, hampering the elimination of bacteria from our mouths and lungs and of carbon dioxide and then hampering the breathing in of oxygen from the air about us. With the build up of bacteria comes the problem of people coming down with pneumonia from their stinking masks.

    Is it not true that all the measures your departments have been putting on us has been killing our societies? It is not Covid-19 that is doing that, it is your useless measures to stop something so small it can go through the best of masks and travel around the world in days or weeks, along with different strains. What about the damage to mental health and the discomfort and deaths of people that died because of your stringent measures to fight such an enemy that is so weak and mild that anyone who is healthy and gets sunshine, fresh air, Vitamins D3, C, A, and zinc and other mineral supplements cannot get the disease. Please see for more information on this aspect. See books by Dr. Sherry Rogers of Prestige Publishing on how to keep yourself so healthy you cannot get sick from many regular illnesses as heard many times on the radio program on

    12. Are you doctors in your positions as our top medical advisers in our departments of health in there to further P. M. Justin Trudeau's "new society" or his "great reset plan," programs to bring in world communism to our land or is it to bring more customers to your medical profession from those getting sick from not enough oxygen, too much carbon dioxide, and too much build up of bacteria on our masks. Or is it to produce such fear of getting Covid-19 that the common ignorant people will ask for Covid-19 vaccines against RNA particles that modify or break apart into other strains before the first vaccine has a chance to wipe them all out? Some doctors, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, have a vested interest in the sales of certain drugs like Remdesavir and possibly in the sales of other drugs and vaccines like some of you. Some others may simply want more customers that they can practice on and use them as ATM machines for fancier homes, cars, boats, tools, or extravagant trips. See Dr. Joel D. Wallach BS, DVM, ND of for better treatment methods. There are a number of good doctors such as Dr. Cass Ingram B. S., D. O. of though that really care for the cure of their patients and not treating his patients with drugs that would just shut down the sensors of illnesses as many drugs do.

    13. Upon reading the above remarks about the benefits of good wholesome food, vitamins, minerals, sunshine, fresh air, and cleanliness, how come your departments never ever recommend these measures as preventative measures to keep from getting Covid-19? HOW COME? What is your reason? Is it because of the possibilities mentioned in question 12. If so, you and your staff are going to be dammed to Hell. Please about face and do the loving thing for our society and the sanity of those who can not visit their loved ones and the sanity of those who cannot have their friends visit them, or cannot work because you claim their jobs are none essential. The actions of your department and that of our federal and provincial governments are crazy.

    14. Are you not confronting God when you tell the Church people to not gather together in worship for prayer, fellowship, and praise. See the results of this church's response to the Covid-19 crisis in the U. S. A.: I heard lately that there was a supposed outbreak of C-19 cases when three or four of his audience got the disease or became cases, but this is three or four out of 7,000 people in his audience. They may have though gotten their illnesses from work or from someone apart from the church family. We of the churches should have freedom of assembly where we want and as often as we want or feel we need our gatherings for prayer, worship, or Bible studies.

    Today I could not go to church so I attended a church service over the program but this is the pits compared to being right there in a real church building, being able to see and greet one's friends and church family plus singing, praying, and sharing together. We also used to have pot luck dinners afterwards. That was a great blessing having a choice of all kinds of food and being able to sit and share with friends we have not seen for weeks or more. There is no computer program that can match that experience. It is also like the big difference being at a hockey or ball game in the stands, compared to hearing the game over the radio. What a big difference!

    The Bible has many verses on worshiping God and on the necessity of gathering together: Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Mr 13:33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. Lu 24:53 And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen. Ac 1:14 These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.  Ac 2:1 ¶ And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. Ac 2:42 ¶ And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. Ac 2:46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, {from...: or, at home} Ac 5:42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Ac 20:7 ¶ And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight. Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; Col 4:2 ¶ Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; 1Ti 2:1 ¶ I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; {exhort: or, desire} Jude 1:3 ¶ Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.  Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.   Re 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Re 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. Ho 4:6 ¶ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: . . .

    15. What is the most sensible non intrusive way to handle sicknesses? Would it not be to isolate the ones who are sick or very sick in hospitals or other places of isolation where they can be treated without affecting others. But what have you doctors and the P. M. trying to do? Isolate all of us from each other as if we were under martial law. I did no wrong. I am not sick. So why should I be denied the right and freedom to associate with my friends who I know that are not sick? The Bible says about the lepers, that they are the ones who should be isolated from the rest of the population, not the rest of the population from each other. When one considers how few are actually dying from Covid-19 alone, where is your common sense on treating almost everyone of us as if we were the sick ones.

    Are you not going overboard on your regulations, to being one destroying our society with curfews and limitations of customers in eating places, churches, small shops and stores. No wonder many are being forced to close and go bankrupt. What about their employees, their mortgages, taxes, their own livelihood? Then there are also businesses closing up for two weeks or more because of one or two people being found positive, supposedly for Covid-19, but is it really for Covid-19 or for one of the other hundred or more corona viruses? Things like this, happen to start shutting down the supply chains for food, for parts for machinery, cars, trucks etc.

    You and your government will be remembered forever by your socialistic Communistic rules and actions.

    16. Did you not remember when we were first shown what was (supposedly) happening in Wuhan China, when their problems with their corona viruses, later called Covid-19 and sometimes C-19, first hit them? People were falling down dead or sick to almost death right on the street. Did anything like that ever happen here? No! Why? It is a big scam to ruin our western prosperous Christian society. Here is a link of our Prime Minister talking about using this C-19 problem (scam) as a means to speed about or bring about the great reset for a world government and a prison planet: Then there is the exposure of the Agenda 2030: There is also the Agenda 2025 plan: and then on the point of lock downs there is

Disgruntled student of nutrition and common sense,

Clifford Besson


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