Property in Ashille Manitoba

with a former house and outhouse for sale.


The building was used as a home for an elderly man for several years until he moved out for some months, but as building codes have changed over the years, no one is allowed to live there anymore. The main reason is that there is no plumbing for running water or for sewage disposal and the windows need to be replaced or modified so they can open and close. The building is therefore being sold as a large shed. It could be fairly easily modified as a garage by cutting out part of the back wall with the windows and where there are no electrical wiring. Then one can put in a garage door. There are regular doors at the front and back.

The outside dimensions of the building are 12.5 feet wide and 16 feet 7 inches long. There is a good chimney, as there used to be a space heater in the building.

The whole building has been renovated for warmth by fitting it inside and out with chip board. The previous owner said it cost him about three thousand dollars some years ago.

The inside of the building is about three times the size of regular sheds. It is therefore large enough as a garage for a vehicle like my 2006 Buick Rendezvous SUV, with a foot to spare at the front or rear of the vehicle.

This building and property was donated to our Truth and Light Ministries Inc., in order to provide money for our ministry of providing Bibles for overseas, as well as for food, blankets, mosquito netting, and roofing material for native churches. We also have a ministry of correspondence and of visiting inmates in prisons in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

There is also this ministry's website to correct errors and misunderstandings on the Holy Bible and to show the way of salvation to all those who are lost and provide ways of healing for the sick.

The buildings can be sold separately but must be moved elsewhere. As the large shed is only 12.5 feet wide, it should be fairly easy to lift up and placed on a sturdy trailer for moving purposes. As can be seen from below, the lot is large enough to make a nice low cost property for a regular trailer home with very low taxes.

Asking Prices

As these items are for a Christian charity and missionary purposes, we would like about two thousand five hundred dollars for the large shed or potential garage and two thousand five hundred for the property. The outhouse is for free, as well as a pile of fire wood at the back of the building. In total: $5,000 OBO for property and dwellings. If the building is not wanted we will move the building elsewhere.

The building of course could also be modified with plumbing for use as a cottage at a lake. The building is wired for a kitchen electric range, wall outlets, and ceiling fixtures.

This property is at Lot 18 in Ashville. The frontage is 30 feet and the south side of the lot is 108.14 feet while the north side is 97.22 feet long. It is on the east side of Highway 10 going through Ashville.

Please phone us at 204-742-3770 or write to with your offers. God bless you as you pray and consider helping us and our God inspired ministry.


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