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4 Second Street, Ethelbert, Manitoba, Canada R0L 0T0 is at the junction of Second Street and River Avenue, across the street from the village office, in Ethelbert, Manitoba, Canada. Our Village of Ethelbert only has about 370 people and is about 174 miles (278.4 kilometers) north of North Dakota (N. D.), United States of America and almost straight north of Bottineau, N.D., at the junction of Route 10 Highway and Provincial Roads 274 and 269.  Highway 10 takes one to Swan River, MB, which is about 75 miles north. Ethelbert is also at 51 degrees 31' 0" North Latitude and 100 degrees 24' 0"  West Longitude and is about 1129 feet above sea level at the site where once stood the old Canadian National train station on Railway Avenue.

Who are We?

We are long time lovers of God the Father; the Messiah Jesus, God's son; the Holy Spirit, and their beloved Holy Bible and anything else that is of our Holy God.

Clifford Besson is the director, Reverend Wilhelm Janzen of Winnipeg is the assistant director, and sister Anne  is our treasurer.

We have practiced fasting and praying at times. One of us even fasted forty days in order to get closer to God, to get greater answers to prayers, and to get more help from God for the ministry of Truth and Light.

New Members are Welcome
What is required to be a member?  Just be born again and be a lover of truth. You do not have to agree to 100% of what we have on our website because we are only human and we may make a mistake now and then. We would appreciate any comments or criticisms in case we slipped up on anything or misunderstood anything. So please help us if you can, especially if you are good at translation work, at typing, and at website design and set up.
We have had requests for Bibles from a student at the Polytechnic school in Eruwa, Ibadan, Nigeria. The young lady, Stella John, the spokes person for a supposed group of 220 students that "completely surrendered our whole lives to Christ" after the deaths of 8 of their friends and having read from our "website about salvation, eternal life, and that Jesus is the way, the truth and life there is no any other way . . . ." They requested Bibles for all of their 220 friends. We are humbly impressed that so many have come to Christ through our website but because of many scams that have been perpetuated from people from Nigeria and some other countries we find it hard to believe that this request and motives is completely true. If anyone can verify any facts from perhaps newspaper clippings of the deaths of those students or of hearing about the conversion of so many students of that school, please get in touch with us.
We have read from a website on Nigerian scammers that the average daily wage of people in their country is only two dollars ($2.00) U. S. A. a day. So the motive of requesting those Bibles may be to exchange them or barter them for other things but then again, if anyone, even a thief who may get a Bible may read it, get saved, and be blessed. We therefore did send as much as we could in cash to a person claiming to be the pastor of Stella John, a Pastor Ambrose Osuoha. Does anyone know this person? Is he really her pastor? How can we contact him?
We would like to give requests like above, the benefit of our doubts that they are very likely honest and genuinely intending to buy Bibles with the money we have sent and then read and study them. We would like to send more money for Bibles but we do not want to be taken advantage of by children of the Devil. That is why we are putting out this request for help.
Unfortunately, because we are hardly known by anyone or because we are not believing exactly the same as main stream Christianity, we hardly have any support financially and materially. We pray that you can see by our efforts of this website that we are true believers and lovers of God, like the Bereans, who "searched the scriptures [any ancient or other writings they may have had on history, God, and religion] daily, whether those things were so." (Acts 17:11) We do not believe everything we read, see, or hear but we pray about things and try to check things out, to prove all things, whether things are so, looking for two or three witnesses of evidence as to whether what we have learned through the Roman Catholic Church and from Jewish people are really true or not.
So please pray about whether God would like you to help us with your comments, knowledge, website help, and financial help for our expenses and for purchasing more Bibles for those young people in Nigeria. So far, all we could afford was enough money for Stella John to only buy five Bibles. Please help us get Bibles into their hands and to verify, if you can, their story. God bless you as you give to our Truth and Light Ministries as unto our Lord God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.
If anyone sends any money through our website form, please send us an email notice of this donation to us at truthandlight@mts.net in case we are having trouble with Paypal.
Clifford Besson

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